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June 2010 Wrap Up

What a month. I really didn't get much done after the funeral, trip home up north, a short illness, and then losing my creative mojo. I was slipping into the pit of poo. So I celebrated my birthday for a week again, like I did last year and I enjoyed myself. I also recharged the creative batteries. I met with friends I hadn't seen in awhile, talked to artist and writer friends and reconnected with creative business contacts.

So, this is what I did accomplish:
Sage, a stump doll with polymer face and hands
finished reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Worked on my bunny wall hanging, started a Double Irish Chain quilt, worked on my pirate story, and started another foil doll for the film.

I'm kind of glad this month is over. There were setbacks and some disappointments but the trip to the mountains saved everything. Onto a brand new month, a new year for me. It's time to turn into a creative juggernaut.

Are you ready?

Celebration June 2010

Here is a pic of the Great Smoky Mountains from the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. Quite spectacular and they just seem to go on and on and on. This was taken yesterday on my birthday. Last year my friend Maya took me to the coast and I said I wanted to live there. This year she kidnapped me to the mountains. I want a place there too.

I did manage to celebrate my birthday for a week this year just like last. Yesterday was day five and we started off a little after eight on the AM. She didn't tell me where we were going. We drove through Blowing Rock, NC which is a picturesque and quaint little town. Gorgeous! It is a tourist town and has people all year round, especially in the winter for skiing. The little shops were wonderful as well as the older homes.

We then headed to Boone, NC which is home to Appalachian State, a college town. But to wake up in the morning and see mountains covered in green in the summer, reds and golds in the fall, and white in the wint…

Sage Welcomes Summer

Here she is. Sage is finally done and on the first day of summer. She came out better than expected and she's been traveling for quite some time now and is in need of a rest, light meal and a cool beverage.
She's got lots of beads and the only thing missing is her medicine pouch. I'm waiting on a mustard seed from a friend tonight in applique group. My friend Rita gave me some old kid gloves that I will use for her pouch. I may have to darken it a little with shoe polish because the gloves are off white. It's all good.

The ball on her staff is actually painted with gold Lumiere paint but it's not showing up well.

She's got a hood on and a shawl over her cloak. I don't know if I'm back in the creative saddle again but I have gotten back to finishing. I worked on my bunny wall hanging this morning to kind of get me into my art groove. Still feeling kind of blah. Maybe it's the heat.

Happy Summer everyone!

Reaper Man

Wow! Isn't it amazing what a good pic can do to some work? You can see his parts. The beads and whatnot. He's a cheeky little fellow isn't he? Someone you'd go partying with and then make you wish you didn't have that last brewski.

You can see the bead work on his hat. I love this guy.
And his silver belt buckle which is on a very thin strip of very soft leather and more beads. The buckle I found in the scrap booking section. I hope you like the updated pics.

Creative Mojo Still Slipping

I'm not trying to freak out about my creative mojo going off and on, hot and cold. A deck of cards not even held together by fly spit. Okay, maybe not. At times I can find thermal air and coast, then I stop myself mid-happy dance, wondering why I'm happy. Nothing's getting done. But I am doing something, it's just not dolls! Maja called me a killjoy.

Any hoo, I've been writing up a storm. Reworking my young adult adventure manuscript and my adult pirate story. I am proud of myself, me still being techno challenged, that I figured out how to resize pics on my laptop so I can post them on other sites. So totally pleased. So I've got better pics of Marlow and Jesserina and my Reaper Man. You can actually see the bead work. I didn't take the pics, Maclain Bryant did. Reaper Man will be in a separate post 'cause I'm still me and the techno stuff still wants to be the boss.

There is Something Going On

Sorry, no new pics just yet. I'm still trying to get over being discombobulated from the trip north. The temps we are having are those fit for August, not June. Sleeping so close to a fan hasn't helped my recovery of being as tired as a beaver making Hoover Dam II and now my sinuses have decided a sneak attack. Lovely summer. I can't do anything about it so I worked, strived to move on.

Yesterday didn't start out well. It was one of those, 'What the heck am I doing?' days. Who am I? What do I want out of life? What makes me think I can do this stuff? Yeah, I was whining and panicking. I quickly grew tired of the Bad Wendy assault and mentally slapped myself. Get a grip!

Am I doing a lot? Yes. Have I taken on too much? Probably. But if I'm not busy, creative busy, I don't feel alive. I've gotten to the point where I have to make things, write things. Creating and writing has finally gotten to the point where it's like breathing. …

Bus Ride, Halfway From Hell

This is a long post, if you are so inclined, grab your favorite drink and enjoy.

Okay, I just had to write about my trip via that grey dog. I've taken the bus a lot. My first excursions were when I was very young and every year my granny would take me and my cousin out west to visit relatives in Arizona and California. It was great, she knew all the landmarks, and she made the best fried chicken that we ate along the way.

It was funny back then 'cause we would get so dark being outside playing that granny would scrub us to death. My aunt would tell her that it wasn't dirt but a tan. I guess we didn't get as dark in Michigan during the summer. Any hoo, those are fond memories where I saw lizards, road runners, sat on a huge tortoise, and wild west shows in Tuscon.

As I got older, I took the bus to and from university on the weekend to go home to raid the fridge and do laundry. Then I took a bus ride to New Brunswick, Canada for an art workshop.

But this time, oh my.....

The …

My Family

I'm back from Michigan. Fran's funeral was nice. She touched many lives in a number of positive ways and my brother did a fine job. I'm so proud of him and his family. My nieces and nephew.

The baby is three months old and just adorable. Loved kissing her cheeks and she's so happy.

Here's my mom and baby.

My brother Damon and his wife Sangria. A very tall Maia, Damon Jr, and Jordyn. I'm so proud of everyone.

I also got to see others I haven't seen in ages. Was able to have dinner with a friend from high school and one from university. I ate so much and had wonderful drinks. Of course the Margarita and Bombay Gimlet. Then I had this dessert called a Spumoni with 3 different ice creams (vanilla, chocolate, pistachio), pistachios, pecans, dried cherries, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. I now have to lose 15 pounds instead of 10.

I'm still beat from the trip and will have to get over that soon. Way too much creative stuff to do and I'm getting excited…


Happy June!
Yes, it's my favorite month of the year after October. A wonderful month to be born in. It wasn't always that way. When I was a kid, I didn't like my birthday month because it never got celebrated during the school year like other kids. No cupcakes for me in a classroom. I'm still a bit traumatized. A bit. I guess by the time I buy the creative spread in the sky, I'll be over it.

I'd like to welcome new follower Debbie. The creative ride has been fun so far this year. I'm going to shift it into the next gear. Hope you have fun too.

Seeing that this is the 2010 midway point, instead of listing what I'd like to do, I think I'll just surprise you guys and gals. Don't worry, I've got my list(s). LOL I'm learning that even with the lists, it's okay to deviate from it. That does keep things interesting when a wrench is thrown into the works. I will still post in progress pics and work to focus on a series this time.