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On My Worktable

Oh my gosh! This month has flown by. Did you get to see the Super Moon? I saw it, but it wasn't way big like in some pics online. It was very bright though and it made me smile. Still working on things. I apologize for not keeping up. I've fallen short on the celebrating this month but there are a few cool plans in the works.

Here's what's on my worktable right now. Still working on my Bless This House borders. I now have the sunflowers in place. One has already been appliqued on.

More Day of Dead doll pins to finish and a large doll for a group swap that needs to be done by the end of the week. Been writing too. And that's always changing. It's going to be a scorcher this week and I'm hoping I don't have to go out much if at all. Have a good one. It's finally summer and the days are getting shorter.


The weather this spring has been so screwy and for the past couple of weeks, it's been messing with my creative frequencies.  I've delivered several commissions and the recipients were thrilled.  Their responses really made a few days, pumped me up, and I was ready to get on with the next project.  But Andrea, the first Tropical Storm of the season was a pain.  My curls had curls, and those curls had siblings.  It was wet. At times like mini monsoon wet.  I've been in Japan during the rainy season and it was like that.  Wet and muggy.  Yuck!  When Andrea hit the road or I should say open sea, we get something else plow through with more rain, flooding, and tornado watches. Had a massive allergy headache yesterday and I just slept.  Feeling better now but it's going to be hot and humid for the next two days.  Thanks.

Seeing that I'm not taking a vacation for my birthday month, there will be fun and new things to do.  Maya got me involved with an online game called I…

What the Heck!

Yep!  What the heck?  Where has this year gone?  My head is spinning and the world is upside down.  In thirteen more days it will be the longest day of the year.  And you know what happens after that... the days start getting shorter.  What?  The past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy.  I'm working on catching up on things, like wrapping up May.  That just totally slid by me.  Two commissions and an art show later, I can come up for air.  A bit.  So grab your favorite beverage, your favorite seat and get comfortable.  This may take awhile.  Where do I begin?

Okay, I'll begin with the end of May.  The last day, the 31st, when I realized that I had been out of work for a year and actually survived.  There were times where I did get help from some wonderful people but I didn't give up on my dream of being an artist.  Not starving but severely struggling and that could be a mind thing in itself.  My emotions were all over the place.  Happy because I took a chance.  How man…

A Gift

I've been making more Day of Dead doll pins.  I'm going to have to make a real doll at some point.  This little gal is a gift and I hope the intended recipient is not a follower of my blog. Got this one done yesterday after a morning and afternoon filled with laundry.  Ugh!  Oh, the mundane things in life sends the creativity flying.  Away.  Far, far away and I'm trying to reel it back in.

I also wanted to show how big this painting was. 24" x 36".  It comes up to the handle of your standard door.
Finished my aliens but they didn't come out the way I'd planned.  I made up the paper mache recipe and it was okay but not the effect that I wanted.  I have another recipe to try but another doll maker told me about something else that might do what I want it to do.  I'll get back with you on that. But here are my guys. Two factions: one the likes Earth and one that wants it totally obliterated.

They are totally goofy and it doesn't seem like the bad one will be taken seriously.  So back to the drawing board.  I like my paint job but I want more detail in the face.  I also like the idea of the placards that show their alliance.  We might be in trouble.  Or not.

Doll Commission

I finished a doll commission this week as a graduation gift.  The person who ordered it didn't want to give it up.

I can't seem to get away from cloth dolls, so I guess I'll stop trying.