Monday, August 31, 2015

End of the Month

Gosh darn! Another month has gone bye bye. What? Summer is still trying to hang on. Soon, fall will be here and I can't wait. Well, I will have to but you know what I mean. I love the colors that fall brings. I love the smell of the air, the chill, how crisp it can be. The birdsong in the morning has changed. Seasonal summer birdies have left town and new fall ones have replaced them. Or I'm hearing more song of those birdies who don't leave the neighborhood.

First, I will do my Wrap Up.

  • 4 books read, down by four books from last month
  • 9 business quilts longarmed
  • 1 personal quilt top done for Finish It challenge
  • 1 workshop taken to make a wallet, which is also a gift
  • 7 World of Wendy Lu blog posts
  • 13 Wendy B Quilt blog posts
I didn't do any writing or editing. I didn't take a day trip anywhere. My applique and Sashiko have gone by the wayside. Didn't make anything Halloween. Didn't practice my language. And didn't watch anything on Netflix. Well, that will have to change for next month. I will blame not doing anything on the humidity. Because I can. I guess I will always be working on how to utilize my time better. Because now, the holidays are coming up.

Here are the last two quilts I worked on. One I longarmed and the other is a completed top that will get finished to become a holiday gift.

This black and white one is lap size. Maybe a little bigger. I think this will be my last black and white quilt for awhile. This one is my second and I'm kind of done.

So what do I have in store for next month and the rest of the year? Lots. I'm trying not to scare myself into not doing anything at all but there are two really big events I want to happen in the next couple of years. I really need to work on those things and I've got to get back to being the creative mad woman I know I can be. How can I say I miss making dolls and Halloween things when I don't even attempt to make anything. My creative mojo has disappeared again. Taken a vacay. Is hidden away in the back of some pub. I will drag it kicking and screaming into the new month. I shall surprise myself. Life is ever changing and you've got to roll with the waves. So go out and enjoy this last day of August. Make it special because it won't be repeated.

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