This I Just...

Too funny. Life is funny. I told myself that I would blog more. And here it is five days into a new month and I'm behind on some things. Didn't sleep well last night, so I'm dragging a bit right now. Even after two cups of coffee. I did receive another quilt this morning, I started a list for the rest of August, figured out a thread order for Wendy B Quilts, invoiced a quilt, straightened up my desk area which is part of the kitchen island. When I see things online that I like, I write down the address for future reference. At first, I just wrote the address, now I write what made me want to keep the address. All on little bits of scrap paper. Now everything is in its place in a notebook. Bought more of those on Monday. I still have a stack of things to go through but it's looking better. And I just got a new quilt catalog that I can't look through just yet. It's at the bottom of today's list.

Here's the quilt I finished yesterday. There are more pics at

For today, and half of it is almost over. Or is it? I will work on a quilt for me using a technique I learned earlier this year. I will stuff a doll body because the rest of its parts wants to be put together. I still have some dolls that need clothes. No point in them streaking on me.  Not doing well on my sketch challenge, I still have time. And my garden isn't doing well either. A bit disappointed and will have to do some research for next year. I am getting tomatoes but my cabbages aren't doing great because of those horrid cabbage moths, butterflies, whatever the heck they are that's eating my stuff. So, I better get going.


Linda said…
Your quilt is lovely!
Thanks Linda. I didn't piece it, I quilted it on my longarm machine.

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