Thursday, August 13, 2015

Too Fast!

This month is going by too fast! In a way, I'm glad because Fall is coming. And I love Fall. Cool temps, pumpkin spice everything, turning leaves, everything. The past week and a half has been wrought with running errands, delivering and picking up quilts, being on the longarm, ordering supplies and dealing with the heat and humidity. Not a good combination and on top of that, I haven't been sleeping well at all. So I was uber tired. I got in bed early last night (not as early as I had hoped) and slept in a wee bit. So I'm really working to get back to creating and I got a baby quilt done today.

I have a quilt workshop on Saturday and will be prepping for that. I've got lots of fabric to cut out. 20 different fabrics and I need to cut 3- 1 1/2" by 32" strips of each fabric. It's Thursday, right? So I cut 10 today and 10 tomorrow. I'm also working still on a quilt top for my mom, started my next Sashiko kit all the while my Halloween dollies are glaring at me. I'm hoping next week I won't have to do so much running around.

I really miss making dolls and other Halloween type things. I have got to get back to that. I've kind of come to the conclusion that I may not have any wonderful yay moments but will have to be okay with the little moments that happen everyday. I like working on the longarm, making quilts, and will get back to the other creative things that I do.

It's the International Lefthander's Day and Fall is coming.

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