Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Last Month

It's December. The last month of 2015. Time is like the blink of an eye these days. Been busy longarm quilting (gotta pay bills) and almost done with my second mitten. Gotta keep knitting. It is very relaxing and I don't want to forget how to do it and follow patterns. I didn't make my NANO goal but I am still writing which is the point. I've prepped to make some holiday door hangs. Here's the quilt I'm working on now.

I also needle felted more dryer balls. I had two and they did the job okay, but for towels and sheets I needed more static fighting. So more balls. I haven't bought dryer sheets in almost a year now. I toss these into the dryer with wet clothes.

Hey, I've got some kind of a color scheme going.

November Wrap Up:

  • 2 books read
  • started NANO, lots of journal writing
  • 10 business quilts
  • longarmed my Bargello quilt
  • did one Tula Pink quilt block
  • 5 World of Wendy Lu blog posts
  • 7 Wendy B Quilts blog posts
  • viewed movies/series 7 times on Netflix
  • went to the Piedmont Craftsmen Fair
  • took a knitting class and finished one of two mittens, working on the second
Not bad for a work in progress. Me.

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