Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Better Than Yesterday

Or last week. Got a quilt longarmed today. It was from a repeat client. I got good news about my taxes, bad news because my shoes fell apart. Yep, not one shoe. Both shoes. I'd had them for over nine years so I guess that's a good run. Still, I wasn't expecting that or had new shoes in the budget. I wanted to cry but just laughed like a mad woman. Lady Macbeth mad. Then people continued to remind me of Easter holiday coming up. Sad because I wasn't home with family, because I got an invitation from someone I sort of knew. I couldn't explain to her that I'm an introvert. I thanked her for the invite but barely knowing her and not knowing anyone else, and not having anything to wear, and the shoe thing, I declined. So I went to the grocery store and started to get things for my own Sunday dinner.

Back to writing. I've got to start typing up one story so I can continue working on it. It's a mystery. I like cozy mysteries. I used to read hard boiled detective novels when I was younger. I guess now I'm mellowing out. I like subtle things. Researched a place for fabric and fabric paints. Still sketching bears and started sketching Kokeshi dolls. Both are for bigger projects. Forgot to take a pic of the dolls.

I've prepped paper for some postcard art and I've two more quilts lined up to longarm. One is on the frame. The other is waiting for batting to arrive. And I will be doing more sketching. Toodles!

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