Friday, April 22, 2016

Still Here!

I bet you thought I probably got on a spaceship to another planet. Nope. I wish. I'm still here. It's been a busy week at the longarm studio. Got a couple of quilts done, more mug rugs in the works, continued working on my sunflower and working on my antagonist for my mystery story. She's not very nice. I want her to be sneaky bad.

A nap quilt going to Washington D.C.

Once I got the paper off this project, I worried if I would be able to get a needle through the fabric with the glue from the glue stick on everything. I could. The background is now appliqued and all I have to do are the petals to the flower. I don't know how I will finish this piece. It's a practice piece and I have come up with a way to do the next project that will have more embroidery on it and some beads.

This was a big quilt. I go it done this week.

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