Thursday, April 28, 2016


I did it again. Things have been very strange these past couple of days and now someone has told me that Mercury in going back into retrograde. Well, let's see if I can outwit Mr. Mercury this time. Got another quilt longarmed, finished up 12 mug rugs I started this month. That's a rug for your mug with room for some cookies. I'll get a better pic once I get some cool looking cookies. I started a couple more beach ghouls/zombies, I found an appliqued wall hanging I did last year (I'll finish it next month), I got my sunflower appliqued and it's ready to be machine stitched (on my domestic machine), worked on character bios for my mystery, hooked up my new modem for my internet (for me, that was most definitely a big deal), and worked on making new friends.

Here are 3 new creep heads.

And their bodies.

Here are my first mug rugs.

The 12th one I'm not showing because I don't know if I like it or not. As for the making new friends, I'm involved with Mary's Mavens. It s a group started by women for women entrepreneurs, artists, restaurant owners, caterers, farmers, and those who keep women healthy. We meet and hear a speaker talk about her quest to doing what she wants, opening her business, and being awesome. It's a no catty, drama zone. Men are welcomed but I've only seen one at the meetings I've attended. It's for women who know what they want to do but need a little encouragement, help with getting grants, where to take some inexpensive business workshops, or to just have someone to talk to. It's for women who are doing one job and transitioning into their passion job. The energy amongst them was amazing and I feel so inspired. Invigorated and pumped up. There are enough artists in the group of 400 (and we've only had four meetings), they want to have an offshoot group. Which will be wonderful because working in a studio by yourself all the time gets a little lonely. So it's been a good week and I'm ready for May. At least right now I am.

Have a good weekend.

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