Wednesday, February 28, 2018


For once I'm ahead of schedule with something. The March front page for my Bullet Journal. Yeah, I had to put bats in.

More downsizing and repacking things I'm not using and tossing things that are old or broken. Rearranged several plastic drawers. And they are labeled.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Keep Moving

Keep Moving.

Yes, it's been a pretty good week and I met my goal to have all doll body parts stuffed and limbs attached. Now for this week, I can start painting faces and figuring out clothing. I'll probably start pulling fabric for outfits too. Then come March, which is in four days, I can start making clothes. Oh boy. Along with dolls for the show, I've been working on some Halloween dolls too. So here are my new witches.

Yes, they have funky feet. Not sure if that was what I was trying to go for but that's what I've got. See ya later.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fixed It!

Oh boy! I was starting to sweat ballistic missiles here. Whew! I think I found the problem. Tech stuff. Eegads! Okay, it isn't the best photo but you can see the body and body parts haul. More stuffing needs to be done and limbs attached.

Now to finish my coffee and get to the other job. Woo hoo! I'm back in business.

Good Grief!

Another no pic post. Took pics of body mother lode and it won't go from my phone camera to my laptop. Ugh! Seriously? And I don't know where the problem is. One stupid little thing after the next. Gonna have breakfast and see if I can figure out what's going on. It went to my Instagram. wendylusimaginarium if you're on that. Ugh!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Update - No Pic Post

I'm still amongst the living.

Been crazy busy at the other job. Getting a few more hours in by covering for co-workers. You know, illness, funerals, doctor's appointments and when that was winding down, others were off on vacations, spring break, and cruises. I am a bit behind on doll making but I'm getting there. There are a lot of bodies and parts hanging around. I was about to beat myself up over not being farther along but I will have what I have when the doll show comes around. I actually feel pretty good right now. Now that I've got a plan. Number 856. Or something like that. I will have pics of progress tonight.

The weather is crazy. It was raining so hard yesterday that it looked like it was just fog. Still raining like crazy today, so much that the snow has melted. The pond out back is over its banks and there are goofy ducks floating around. Um... aren't they kind of early? It isn't even March yet and I do believe we are in for at least one more snow. They're going to get their little duck butts frozen to the pond surface. A friend said that maybe they know something we don't know. I gave it a split second of a thought. Nope, it's Michigan. So I'll see ya later.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I Am A Work In Progress

Yes, I am. I've been busy and finally got something done for this week. I also got back to working on my male bed dolls and continued to work on a free doll pattern from another artist. These things should have been done last month but they are getting done and worked on now. So that's a good thing. I finished ten Cauldron Critters. I will do a better pic later.

I am also a bit behind on my 29 Faces but I will work on that today. Have a good day!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Day 2

This is all I have for right now. Got sidetracked by some family business that needed tending to.

I may have to do 2 versions of her. One in black and white and the other in color.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hello February!

Well... January was a bust but that's okay. Sometimes you need a fake start to get to the real one. I pray that the universe will be kind this month so I can get some things done but who am I kidding? So here's the first bit of art for the month. Oh, I'm also attempting 29 Faces this year.


Now it's November

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