Monday, March 26, 2018

I'm Back!

Grab your favorite beverage and take a seat because this is a long one.

Oh my gosh! It has been awhile since I've last posted. Life is very strange. You really do have to go with the flow, take on the waves, watch for those potholes... I could go on but you know what I mean. I've had my year anniversary being back in Michigan. Yeah... it's starting to come together but then again, the universe has a very strange sense of humor. Lets' see, where to begin.

  1. I am going to be in a doll show next month, which is a week away. At first I was about to panic but then I asked myself why? It's not my first rodeo, I just haven't been on the circuit in awhile. But it's the beginning of some really cool adventures.
  2. For the show I'd been working on some new doll designs. The first one didn't work out and weird wendy told me to just stop. I did for awhile but it wasn't getting me anywhere, so I picked up my sketchbook and worked on a new design. After wasting a couple of weeks. I did beat myself up over that but wonderful wendy talked me off that ledge. And I think I have a better design. I may not have many pieces of this new design for the show but I'm okay with that. There will be more shows.
  3. I have so many creative ideas floating around in my head. Surfing. Snowboarding and they can't wait until the show is done so I can get to them.
  4. While I was going through things I brought from down south (yes, my third or fourth downsizing), I found a notebook where I had written down everything I had created and made. From dolls, to paintings, commissions, everything. In four years, I had created close to 300 pieces of work. I did start to cry. What happened to that creative juggernaut? I wanted her back. Then I saw a video with Lisa Nichols who was having a similar problem of doing what she wanted to do but was still depressed. She didn't want to go on medication so she needed to figure out what her problem was. Everything that she was doing was rote, she had forgotten how she used to be excited by what she wanted to do. At that point a light bulb turned on over my head. My creative juggernaut didn't disappear, it has always been there with me. I'd forgotten about her. I pushed her to the back burner, then the next room, eventually out of the house when other things in life started to happen and get me down. So now, everyday, I work on remembering that really cool and creative lady and I do one thing each day that makes me happy. I've picked up knitting again.
  5. I am relearning that I am good enough. That my ideas matter because they came from me. That I am loved by friends and family and I don't have to do anything to prove that. I like me. I love me and I have some really cool things to say and tons of art I want to do. And I have to remind myself that I don't have to stay around negative Nellies whether they are family or not.
  6. I know what I need to nurture my creative soul. There will be many day trips this spring and summer. More museum visits. I think there's even a bird watching group in this area. I didn't always like birds but we need them in our environment.
  7. I finally renewed my passport. Yee haw! I have no idea when I'll be able to go anywhere but if the opportunity came up, I'm ready. I have started a travel fund. First place on the list is Scotland. Even if that's the only place of great distance I go for the rest of my life. That is the place.
  8. Just when I thought I was getting finances under control. Paid off four new tires and working on my new glasses. I thought, oh yeah, I'll be able to save a bit more money. Ha! That universe, I tell ya, said no. My phone died. It wouldn't hold a charge, I'd get dropped calls, phone conversations would get cut off at 60% battery charge. Could not use any apps, not that I do games or anything like that. Couldn't take a photo or post it on Instagram or send it so I could use them here or on Facebook. A true nightmare. And with the doll show coming up, I wouldn't be able to use my credit card reader. So I got a new phone. A Google Pixel 2 XL. On special, got some money from turning in my old phone, and it's very purty. Still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles but it takes nice pics. And it's not cutting off on me. And it stays charged for the whole day. I am so excited. Yes, I spent more money but in order to conduct future business, I needed a new phone. I also don't fancy being stranded on the highway with no way to contact anyone.
  9. I'm still working on the patience thing. No matter what, I will work on this year to be a good one.
  10. Here's my first pic with my new phone. It's of my new light box I got for me for last Christmas. I love it. 
So that's my long update folks. Just haven't been posting because of phone issues but now that has been solved, expect to hear more from me. Have a great day!

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