Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Oh Life...

Sure. Right when you think things are starting to go a little bit better you trip over a pebble, get a water balloon to the head, and Thor's hammer to the gut. But hey! You get up and keep moving right? So look, no arms!

My latest batch of voodoo doll pins. Some are for an order. The rest will be for sale. They will be done this week. I still have crazy witches staring at me, waiting for their bloomers and dresses. Continuing to rebuild. See ya soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's Spring!

Yep, I think it's finally here. Had the first huge spring storm early this morning. Woke me up. Thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and high winds. Had my window open for a bit and boy did it smell good. Fresh. But then I had to close the window because it was doing a slanting rain thing and I didn't want a sopping wet windowsill. It's overcast this morning but that's okay because it's spring. When I left the other job last night, I couldn't believe I was walking out without a coat on. So here is a pic of the tree in the backyard. I think I will document it through the four seasons. Spring.

I'll be working on some dolls today. That show in October will get here very fast. Have a lovely day everyone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


It's May. A new month. Going into the second quarter of the year. It's finally spring around here. Things are blooming and turning green. The birdsong is quite different and I'm enjoying the frog and toad orchestra at night. I'm hoping that I can keep my windows open for a bit before they are closed and the AC is turned on.

Lots of things going on. Sent payment for the next doll show and got my hotel room booked, continued to purge my things from my mother's house and found a baby shoe. Can't believe I actually wore this. There's still a lot to do, go through, toss, and pack up if I want to keep it. I'm so grateful that my mother is not emotionally attached to anything. Hoarders is always in the back of my mind. But I can say that I made a dent. On the upper level of the house.

 New dolls on the horizon and other artwork. The Christmas gift list is going well and I'm trying to think of things to do my birthday week. Another big bill will be paid off next month. I got a new top pattern to make me some summer things to wear. At some point I will have to think about my Halloween costume. Yikes!

A friend was at a huge garage sale and picked up this coffin shaped wicker basket and two skeletons. Decorations for this coming Halloween or will I be able to do something new with them? Maybe the basket.

I had planned on catching up on things this week but I got more hours. It's the week before Mother's Day, the second busiest week of the year right behind Christmas week. So we'll see what I can accomplish in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hello May

I do hope that spring has finally sprung around here. I don't know about you but everyone is a wee bit cranky and we need more sun. I found a little bit of hope outside.

I've been back in Michigan a little over a year now. I started a new book and now it's time for the next chapter. How am I feeling? Right now, a bit tired after paying bills, house cleaning, putting away food, checking emails, filling out a show application, taking out the trash, and trying to figure out this month in my Bullet Journal. The morning is gone but I do have the afternoon and some of the evening to do something creative.

Do something creative. Yeah... after getting lots of tips from some amazing doll artists, buying some fresh Creative Paper Clay, and printing off a tutorial, I'm ready to start some new dolls. Terrified? Of course, but I just sent in money for a table at a doll show in October so I best to get crackin'. I intend on posting more often too. If the sun is shining where you are, enjoy. I'll see ya in a bit.

Still February

Working hard to get back in the groove of blogging. It's a way to get my feelings, ideas, and dreams out of my head and into the world. ...