Friday, December 15, 2017


Wow! Winter has come. Yep, like so many others in the country, we finally got snow. Lots of snow. About eight inches. That may not seem like a lot for many but for this lady, having lived in North Carolina for the past eleven years, this was a lot of snow. And schools were canceled yesterday. Lucky ducks. School was never canceled when I was a kid. So here are some pics of the backyard and the pond.

Day 3 - Creative Challenge

I know it's Day 4 but yesterday was kind of weird. First, I had to do the work thing and then some errands (grocery store, pick up driving glasses), helped my friend set up for her party for her group. No, I didn't go to the party because I was kind of done being peopley by the end of the day. So I went to the library and did some writing and sketching and I even got a quick nap. No, as my granny used to say, "I'm not sleeping, I'm resting my eyes." It was very soothing there, being surrounded by a bunch of books. Everything was great until some teenager came into the room where I was and decided not to pick up his feet when he walked, and sighed as if he had subbed for Atlas for fifteen minutes. Good grief. Anyway, I got some sketching done. I redid the new doll pattern and sketched some clothes. Either for this doll or the ornament which is also on the docket. I may have to go back to the library in the evening.

I will post Day 4 later on. Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 2- Creative Challenge

Okay then, it snowed all day. I did get out in the afternoon to move snow out of the way but started to come down hard and within an hour or more, it didn't look like I had done anything. Oh well, glad I didn't have to go to the job. I did my bit to clean the place, my friend is having a holiday party tomorrow. I got my paranormal short story typed up and printed off. Now the good stuff starts, editing. I made a simple sketch of a pattern for the new doll and will cut it out tomorrow to see if I like this pattern or not. If not, I'll do a separate head and body.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

30 Days

That's how long it takes to start a new habit. I'm kind of settled on my so-called work schedule and know which days I can do creative stuff and which days I can't. So I am going to start creating things, working on things each day for the next 30 and see what happens. It may be a small thing that I do or something involved. For today, I am showing a doll I did years ago. I sort of liked her, but she wasn't what I was going for. I didn't throw her away because I knew I wanted to try again. I like her size. Not too thrilled with her head or face, the hands most definitely don't work, and her feet are way too big. She's wearing a late 1980s combination and a slip. I'm thinking of making her style a little later, like 1920s and I will toy with a one piece head and body or try another head separate from the body like this little miss has right now. I will work on her design today and show pics tomorrow.

Also on the docket for today is to finish up a paranormal short story. I get halfway through things and quit. I think this 30 day things will keep me on point for a bit. And you can call me on it if I don't produce.

Monday, December 4, 2017

December: First Drawing

I got a new book for my Bullet Journal and here is my December page. I was thinking about starting a new one in January but no, I decided that December needs a month. I'm working on this to be a production month. We'll see how that goes, especially if I get a spot in a doll show this coming spring in 2018. So here is my first drawing for December.

I'm also continuing the straightening of my work area. As you can see, I've had my patterns in two cardboard boxes and I could never flip through them to see what I wanted to use. So I went through them and about five are going to the thrift store for someone else to use. The rest will go into the clear container in order of whether they are doll patterns, regular clothes patterns, or costumes.

The cutting table has been cleared off, I put away some quilting things that I won't be working on for a bit (I'll go through that box later), and cleared off the daybed that had fabric, drawings, and other stuff on it. I'm getting there. Ready to start something new. I also printed off my NaNo writings and they are ready for reworking and/or editing in January.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Here we are. A new month. The last one of 2017. I thought I would be able to leave November on a good note. And pretty much, I did. I finished NaNoWrimo (National Write a Novel in a Month) with 50,411 words. I am very proud of that but then I had to go to the optometrist because I was having problems seeing and it's been awhile since I had my last exam. Yep, got hit with a huge bill. The frames weren't that bad it was the lenses. My prescription had changed a lot and then all the stupid tests they did... well, it added up. But now I will be able to see better. A creative type needs to be able to see.

Okay, so I get used to that bill and then a tire goes flat. November 30, at night. At least I made it back to the house and didn't get stuck on the road. I not only needed one new tire but four. It seems like it's been awhile since I last got some and all were rotted out. Great. Another bill. Thanks universe.

On the plus side, I did do 50,411 words. That feels good. I also got the ending to a short story I'd been working on and came up with another short story, so for 2017, it's been a good year for writing. Now to get back to creating things. I so miss making dolls. That, I will work on this month. Production. Have a good month.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gonna Figure Things Out

Yep... everyday is a new day and you just don't know what you're going to get. Have to remember not to take things personally because most people I won't see again. I'm talking about the latest job. I did get a walk in this morning. Beautiful sunrise. I'm looking at it as a good way to start a new and good day. And to stop overthinking things.

I really do like the neighborhood I'm in. There are two ponds very close to each other and the past two mornings I was able to see a grey heron. The first time I think we scared each other. Yesterday while I was having lunch, I saw a hawk take a bath in one of the ponds. That was a new one. And a few days ago, a coyote pranced across the backyard. This is the part I like about living in a small town. Nature.

I'm behind on my NaNo but I have the weekend off so I will be catching up. My plan is to edit some old pieces while this new piece is percolating in a drawer somewhere. I've started clearing more things out and downsizing yet again. More things will be going to charity by the end of the year. I've got things set aside for the spring subdivision yard sale next year. Working on changing some things; not waiting until the new year. Have a good day.


Wow! Winter has come. Yep, like so many others in the country, we finally got snow. Lots of snow. About eight inches. That may not seem like...