Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I've been busy this past weekend and week. At least so far. Saturday and Sunday I took a Regency Spencer making workshop. I've fallen off the costume wagon and will eventually get my Regency wardrobe together. It will take some time but I'm stoked right now. I have made a short stay, chemise,  reticule, and now I almost have a Spencer. A friend had given me some leftover silk from one of her projects and this workshop came up. Voila! I still have to finish some opening seams, my sleeve treatment and the back treatment. Time to look for or make buttons and bows.

Yesterday, I took a needleturn applique workshop through the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild. I got in at the last minute. The workshop was taught by Mary Sorensen and she was a hoot. Learned a lot and will be working on my sampler piece for awhile. I may have to just hand applique my Halloween Cat piece because at this point in time, I'm not feeling machine applique. There's just something about sitting in a chair and hand stitching.

I won't even say what's on my list for the rest of the week. I will do projects and post later. I've got writing to catch up on, more quilting, and maybe sketching. And I've got to do better than four posts for the month. Eegads!

Have a good day!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getting Back to Me

Spring has shown up and there are storms everywhere. Hibernation is over and oh boy, I am in need of some serious moving around. No more winter foods. Back to grazing good things. And I will be planting some things in a garden very soon. For the past two days, I've gotten a morning walk in. It's been rough. Muscles are mushy, tendons are tight. Right now everything aches but it's a start. I didn't cry when I got on the scale this morning. I do know I have a lot of work to do. It will take time, just like it took time to allow the weight to get on.

My creative mojo is coming back. That feels so good. I know that sometimes things happen one right after the other and you just don't know which way to turn. You want to crawl under a rock and go to sleep. But you take a couple of deep breaths, push the rock off your back, get up and stretch, and get going again. Sometimes you just have to go to that space, you just don't want to stay there. It's a brand new season. Working on a new me. That's okay too. If one thing doesn't work out, move onto something else. Keep going. It's all about the process and the journey. It's taken me awhile to understand that. Enjoy the process. Enjoy each day.

I have several things on my docket for the rest of the month. I've been writing again. Yes, I know, again. I just can't seem to give it up. I'm working on a short story. I want to get the rough draft down this month and polished by the end of June. My birthday month. The next Halloween challenge theme is Monsters in My Room. I have an idea for it and will sketch is today. I did a sketch of a Halloween girl with her cat last night. I'll work on her today too. Lots of binding quilts too. We shall see. It's also nice to have a partner in crime.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


I am so grateful that I have a friend who knows his way around computers. My laptop is cooperating right now. Things are being backed up. Back to posting and writing. Still working on my short story and new quilts.

I liked working on my challenge piece that will be for sale. I will post the site information when I get it. It really felt good working with Creative Paper Clay. I'm still new to it and still working it out. I know what to do the next time. And that's coming up because the next theme is 'Monsters in My Room'. I won't say what I'm doing but will post my progress.

The first challenge was 'Cast a Spell'.  It could be a book of spells, a witch, whatever. I decided to do a witch holding a wand and a crystal ball. I had lofty ideas which didn't turn out the way I thought they would but I finished and I like her even more. Lots of mental notes for the next project.

I started with a drawing the size of a shadow box I was going to use.

Once I started building her up, I realized the shadow box was too deep and I would need something different. So I thought of using a frame, which worked in the end. What I learned, for next time, is to make a small flat base to add the clay to, which can then be glued onto a board. I was also going to use a real marble but it didn't look right in the frame. If I had used the shadow box, the real marble would have worked better.

Here she is done. I like her clay hair, her hat, and the ghosts coming out of the ball. She's got a goofy look that I like too. I painted the frame (wood), using a gold metallic opaque marker. Gotta get more of those in different colors. The frame can sit on a desk or be hung on a wall. I like her as my first non-quilt project for the year. See ya!

Yeah, I'm Late

Okay, I was supposed to post this on the 1st but the schedule didn't allow it. So here it is.

The last two days of March were very good. I was productive and actually finished a project for an online challenge. Got pics taken and this morning I couldn't get onto a friend's wireless service. Something in my laptop was being persnickety. Really? Trying to keep this creative streak going and I can't connect to the internet. March wasn't that good. Business for the quilt service was very low. I started to think that it was a bad idea and proceeded to beat myself up. I told myself that the business is still new. Continue to practice on Leonidas and look forward to good things. My creative mojo was coming back. I was ready to get started on a new month and I can't get online. My friend thinks there's a glitch in the connection in my laptop. Which means I may not be able to get online even with a cord connection. Really? Seriously?

I could have spiraled back into my dark hole I just crawled out of. My laptop is getting old. It's almost six years old. Not now.

So I took a deep breath and prepped fabric for another quilt. I will cut out pieces today. The next challenge them is 'Monsters in My Room'. So I'll sketch that. I will make today a productive day. I'm writing this out longhand for when I'm able to get online.

Here's what went on last month:
3 - Books read
1 - Short story worked on
2 - Business quilts longarmed
1 - Wendy quilt top made
1 - Day trip to the grand opening of Trailer Stash Fabrics
4 - World of Wendy Lu blog posts
9 - Wendy B Quilts blog posts
1 - Quilt workshop attended, made two blocks
2 - Practice wall hangings done on the longarm
1 - Challenge piece, 'Cast a Spell'

Not bad. Looking back at things. Not great either. I will work to keep my creative mojo moving in the right direction. And I will work on being nicer to me and cutting myself some slack. I repeat, cut myself some slack.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

That Darn Engine

Still working on getting that creative engine fired up and running consistently. Eegads! March has not been the best month for anything. It isn't over yet. I did get some more down on my short story but I haven't finished the rough draft just yet. Maybe tonight. I have been reading though. Finished another book. I got it from the dollar store believe it or not. So far, it's my second pick from said store and I've enjoyed both books. I got a dollar! Death of a Prankster by MC Beaton and Star Spangled Murder by Leslie Meijer. I like murder mysteries and have started several myself.

I helped a friend clear out his backyard, in prep for spring and he's going to let me take over his raised garden beds so I can plant some things this year. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bush beans, and herbs. It was good to be outside and smell the dirt but I was way stiff that night and the next day. I do feel the creative juices starting to flow again. Maybe that's what I needed to help me out of this funk, was to get outside and be in some sort of nature. Even though it was only a backyard.

I still haven't finished my two Halloween dolls and maybe I can add a bit to their wardrobe. Also working on being nicer to myself again. I am way to hard on myself. Rarely cut myself any slack. After all, I am human. Not even close to being perfect, I make mistakes, fall down (which hurts) and I always seem to pick myself up and keep going. It seems to take longer to get back to get going but I eventually do. I do have a couple of fun things in the works and I will give myself a little nudge to work on them.

I am okay.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th- No pic post

It's Friday the 13th. I love Friday the 13th. My mom was born on a 13th and I love it when her birthday falls on one. I am not superstitious in that way. It's another day that I've been given. And I'm going to start a new chapter in my life book. I've started a new business that's slowly growing. Please check it out at

The new chapter is to get back to writing. A few years ago, I was writing like gangbusters. The words were flying out of me and onto blank pages. I was getting things done. Kid stories, Sci/Fi stories, mysteries, women's stories, fantasies. It was amazing. Then something happened. I guess it was a gradual thing, or not. Can't remember but I lost my zest for writing. I had begun to read so many negative things about women writers, writers of color, who would read my work, who would buy my work, I'm too old, and it went on and on and I stopped. Instead of finishing what I had started. A great body of work, I turned into a chicken and went back into the coop. I filed everything away. And worried.


I want my 'Eye of The Tiger' back. I thought that the stories would go away if I didn't look at them. The characters I created. They didn't go away. They stayed. They were silent but they were always around. They worried about me. Some cried and wondered about their fate. I ignored them. Others stayed by my side and waited. I neglected them. Then they went away, except one. She hung out. In a corner. While I cooked my meals. She bounced around and tried to make me laugh. She was oh so patient. One by one, the others came back. Talking to each other. Waiting their turn to be born.

Writing is hard work. Editing it to the point so someone else can understand it is even harder. But I have something to say. I have characters to put out there. I may not be a Bestseller, but someone will read my work and I hope that it touches them in a powerful way, make them laugh, cry, think about good things. The way my stories and those that inhabit them have touched me. I have apologized to them. I have apologized to myself for almost giving up. I'm still a bit scared about this whole process but they are all smiling now.

Let's cook!

Friday, March 6, 2015

No Pic Post

Six days in and only two posts. But I have been posting on my Wendy B Quilts blog. So by all means, please hop over and take a peek. I had to take apart the top for one of my Halloween dolls because it just wasn't working for me. I didn't like the print, it was too loud, so I finally took it off the doll and now she's just staring at me. Sorry kiddo. But... but, my creative mojo is coming back. It went away the last part of February and I ended up in a slight slump. Say that fast a couple of times. I am really working on my patience and business is slow. At that time I started listening to all the Bad Wendy voices ad nauseam and I finally told them to shut up.

I am okay. I've decided to live one day at a time. Enjoy my moments of quiet, creativity, just being. I am working towards something to better my life and things will happen. If I give them a chance. There are just some things that I cannot control and I need to stop trying. I am working on eating better because spring is coming and I'm ready. So far, I've lost 3 pounds. Yes, I jumped a little bit for joy. I've been practicing on my longarm machine (Leonidas) and I picked up two gigs today. Been reading on the regular and working on writing on the regular (in my journal and stories).

I have signed up to do an online doll challenge, so expect some pics soon. I have an idea and now I probably should sketch it out. The challenge is witches spells. It's a Halloween group. Get my two Halloween dolls dressed. Now that my slump is leaving me, I know why I was procrastinating with them. They are both going to be wearing hats. Hats are new for me. Nothing like a challenge.

Spring is coming. The days are getting longer. Hibernation is coming to an end. I like that. Getting a little excited. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Merry March

Okay, I don't know how merry this month will be but one can dream. Most of the country is frozen solid and warmer temps are way into the future. But... we do what we've got to do. Keep on keeping on. Last month was a so-so month. At the end, I kind of got into a funk. The kind when you work hard and things don't quite turn out the way you want them to. You shed a few tears, regroup, lick your paws, crawl under a blankie, and prepare for the next day, the next month. I'm still getting out of my slump and looking a back at last month, it wasn't that bad. As far as being creative.

February projects completed
1- Gail Wilson doll kit (I finally got all four of those kits done, yee haw!)
2- Wendy B Quilts jobs
1- Personal quilt top done
1- Book read (out of 3, got to get that number up this month)
1- Day trip to the Fearrington Folk Art Festival
1- Machine applique design
10- World of Wendy Lu blog posts
8- Wendy B Quilts blog posts

For a grand total of 24 projects, goals, things to do. Ten less than in January.

So now what? Continue to get out of this slump. I am so ready for spring and need more sunshine. The days are getting longer. Until then, I will forge ahead. Practice stitching on Leonidas, keep blogging regularly, read more, and make something Halloweeny. Yes, I made that up. Here's to an early spring.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I forgot that Tuesday is Doll Day. I was busy working on a new quilt top. So this week, today will be Doll Day. I have 2 dollies that need to be dressed and I will work on them today. Pics later on.