Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Yep, here we are in a new month. I guess I just have to roll with the waves because things are just weird. I did get the front page to my Bullet Journal done. Boris Bigfoot and what may be his camping adventures for the month. Yep, Bigfoot goes camping.

Last week was my birthday week. One friend took me out to breakfast. Another friend took me to Port Austin, MI on my birthday and it was wonderful. Such a unique little village that is pro-artist and musician. The waterfront is beautiful and there's a lighthouse close by. You have to take a boat to get to it but I did see it in the foggy distance.

Public art.

The Bank is a restaurant in an old bank.

Port Austin Lighthouse. This is the type of lens used in the lighthouse and the miniature model that was made of it. It's in the Visitor's Center/Chamber of Commerce.

This was an old barn that has been turned into a living space and studio/gallery for the artist in residency program.

And this is art town. Another program for artists. If you think you want to have a brick and mortar place, instead of spending tons of money to see if it will work, you can rent a shanty for the summer and give it a go.

Even though it was overcast and sprinkled a bit, it was a great birthday day and gift.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Shakes Head

This is still turning into a very strange year. Don't know why or what going on but... I've been getting more hours on the job but it doesn't seem to work out. Pay one bill off and here comes another. So I'm back to looking for more work. Slowly getting back to some sort of creative schedule and I'm doing more hand sewing again. Making hexies and picked up embroidery. I've done embroidery before, many moons ago, and wanted to get back to it because I've seen beautiful work done by various artists. What I want to do and trying to figure it out, was causing me fits. So I didn't do it. But then I found a group out of the UK and they suggested to do a piece with only a few basic stitches. That you don't have to learn how to do thousands of stitches to create unique work. Running stitch, backstitch, seed stitch, French knots, I only need a few to get started.

Right now I'm doing half-inch hexies, a type of English Paper Piecing. I recently found smaller ones that will probably suit my design purposes even more. I'm on the lookout for where to order them.

Seems like every time I have time to be creative and I have a little schedule, something comes up and throws everything out of whack. It's annoying but what are you gonna do? Keep going. Do a little of something on the schedule and list. I do have some time off coming up and will have to dig in and get things done.

Spring has turned into summer, then fall, and back again. I have no idea what season it really is. Again, you just roll with the punches. Have a great day.

Friday, June 7, 2019


Yep, it's June. My birthday month and I got nothing. Last month was a good month for working on creative things but nothing was finished. I guess that's good. It started out slow, then I got more hours at the job, took a live online workshop, got ready for a yard sale, was MC for a relative's funeral, had the yard sale and I was exhausted. So my big bang for the end of May fizzled out.

Plan for this month is to finish pieces for the Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Get back to some sort of schedule, which I was really doing well at at the beginning of May. I'm getting back to being consistent in what I want to do. First, the exercising and then my hand stitching. I've been doing little sketches on the Dry Erase calendar on the refrigerator just about everyday and I'm claiming that as being creative. But I do need to get back to regular sketching and drawing. Still downsizing and tossing out things.

This morning I sauteed some veggies, made up some brown rice, and will bake some chicken when I get back from work. This should last a couple of days. I'm looking at cooking as creative too.

I also made up a front page for June in my Bullet Journal. I haven't done one in months. I made myself just stop and sit in one place and draw. There is no theme, just things I like and like to do. Sewing, art, Halloween, travel, lighthouses... It is making me want to draw more because if you don't use it, you lose it.

I don't know what I'll do for my birthday. Not really feeling anything right now about it. Just another I guess. Gotta go to the job. See ya.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Okay Then...

Yep, I thought I would be doing better at posting but this has also been a weird month. Heck, a weird year. The one thing I have been doing is keeping up in my Bullet Journal but the creative wheels are a turning. Since my last post I've:

  • had 2 panic attacks
  • took 3 days to clear out one room of my mother's house - still not done. Have to go through built in drawers and finish off the closet.
  • got things together for an upcoming yard sale
  • stuffed and put together 5 new dolls
  • got a little knitting in - that kind of calms me down
  • been doing some little sketches
  • started making hexies for upcoming projects
  • went on my first day trip of the spring/summer
  • bought some doll supplies
  • working on designs for a new doll
  • figuring out which doll shows to do at the end of the year
  • worked on a watercolor mermaid painting
  • added my first piece to my wardrobe with a blue jean jacket (not new)
Okay, looking at the list, it hasn't been bad. There is always room for improvement. My blue jean jacket I got at The Michigan Antiques Festival and I love it. My first ever blue jean jacket. It was my first time going and there were also antique cars on display and I love the antique spinning wheels.

New Long Legs dolls.

The what used to be my art room. Knotted pine paneling. Those were the days. I used to pretend I was in a log cabin when I worked in there. I have to go through my books too. I washed the curtains, which I guess hadn't been done in awhile and when I pulled them out of the dryer, they looked like a tiger had gotten some claws on them. So... new curtains will be made. And a window needs to be repaired.

My version of Feegee Mermaids.

I'm making hexies. Using a template, they are made out of fabric. Because I have lots of scraps and some crazy ideas for these little things. I have seen some smaller than this and I'm seeking out those templates. Yes, that's a quarter next to them.

And this will be the second garment I add to my wardrobe. I read of one young lady who had so many different crafts she liked to do (sewing, knitting) that she decided to make one garment a month. I liked that idea and will try it. But the new garment will replace an old one.

So, that's my update. Will work on another post a lot sooner.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

New Thoughts

May hasn't been that good to me. And half the year is almost over. It's been trying. Working in retail during big holidays takes a lot out of a person. But at least, I didn't need bail money. I think that everyone should have to work retail for a year, including holidays. It boggles my mind why people insist on being rude and inconsiderate to others who are truly trying to do their job. I survived Mother's Day. Not really looking forward to Christmas.

And the world continues to turn.

I also had a panic attack yesterday. It wasn't as bad as some I've had in the past but it did scare me. Feeling better now. I've decided that I will forget and forego making things according to what's hot at the moment or what people think I should make that will sell. No more. Life is way too short. Starting today, I will make what makes me happy. Something that might creep me out a little. If others like what I make, great! But I'm making work for me. Work that I was afraid to try. It's time to 'Make It Suck' again.

I have been blessed with a wacky and creative mind. I have the means and know how to pull some things off. If not, I'll learn something new. So if you're still hanging around, thanks. It's time to take some Transformer action. I will be back soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

It's May!

April was okay. I guess pretty good. My first doll show went well and I sold several pieces, including some new pieces. After the show, the adrenaline rush crashed in a pretty bad way and I got a little depressed. Again, it was, now what? I did take a bit of time off to regroup and then life got in the way again. More hours at the job, taxes done, a good friend passed away, and I just continued to work on the new creative habits I started. I finally got my mini witches done three have already sold.

Now it's May and into the second quarter of the year. And got notice of another previous co-worker passed unexpectedly. Married for only about three years and had a six month old son. That kind of throws a whammy on you. Two sweet people have left this world way too soon. And I'm still struggling to get... something... together.

I have two new habits that are still going. After reading 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear, I liked how he said that it's not so much as how many days it takes to create a new habit but being consistent. And if you miss a day, get back to it as quickly as possible. Even if it's just for a short period of time. That way, does take the pressure off of working on something new. So I've been sketching more (it's been on the calendar on the refrigerator) and practicing hand sewing because I would like to make a Regency costume sewn by hand. I'm working out getting more consistent with my writing and I've started making hexies for some upcoming Halloween wall hangings. For my Regency wardrobe, I did find my chemise I made and my short stays that still fit. I will probably make another chemise with a lower cut neckline.

Hexies are a type of English Paper Piecing used to make quilts or appliques. I'm nuts and am doing very small ones. You get all of them made up and then sew them together.

I've also pre-washed fabric for a summer top I'm going to make. That way, I know things will fit.

And I'm ready to make more church lady aprons.

That's my update. I don't know if things will get to normal, whatever that is. I know what I like to do and what I want to do and what I get to do. Because we never know when our number is up. I found this quote from Roald Dahl (read a lot of his work):

"I began to realize how important it was
to be enthusiastic in life.
If you are interested in something, no matter what it is.
Go at it Full Speed.
Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all
Become Passionate about it.
Lukewarm is no good."

Friday, April 5, 2019


Just a wee bit late on a new post. It's April. We got fooled a day early by more snow. A very bad joke.

I'm in the last stages of finishing up some pieces for the Toledo Doll Show on Sunday. I'm excited but I've also sold some pieces before the show. Works for me.

Finally got my Long Legs almost done. Sold. I will take them to the show for orders.

Mini witches are almost done too. Working on hats right now or at least after lunch. They turned out better than expected and I don't know if I will make anymore. I do have one and a half bags of stuffing left, so maybe I'll make more to use it up.

Some new things going on in my weird little life. New habits are being established and I've got lots of planning to do this month. The big girl pants are on and it's time to rock a few things. See ya after the show.


Yep, here we are in a new month. I guess I just have to roll with the waves because things are just weird. I did get the front page to my Bu...