Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's Been Too Long

Moving just sucks. And I think I have one more big one in my distant future, the last one for this lifetime. Until then, I'm working to get back on the creative wagon. No more excuses, dilly dallying, or whining. Back to work. The past two days have been productive but I usually can't get to all that's on my list. But each day, I do a little more and today, I made myself work on dolls in the morning. Which I did. Started three new doll heads, worked on three heads that I'd started ions ago, added a forehead and chin to Frank's monster, redid a box skellie, worked on my Beach Creep, and continued work on a doll I started from a Deanna Hogan pattern. I drove around the neighborhood and didn't get lost. Had lunch and now I'm doing my posts.

This is the step that always gets me caught up in doubt. I'm working in a new medium, not quite sure of myself or what the heck I'm doing, and I'm fighting not chucking everything. Why? Because nothing looks like anything that I have in my head. So I keep telling myself that it's just the beginning. Cut myself some slack, let the clay dry and do the next step. Let things dry? Yes... I can be impatient and I'm working on that too. I'm trying to remember what a friend told me to think of when I'm working on my projects. Make it Suck! That way if it does suck, I won't be disappointed but if it looks pretty awesome, I'll be surprised.

I also got back to my Redwork. It's a particular type of embroidery that started out using red thread called Turkey Red. The country, not the bird. Seems like they created the first colorfast dye for the color red. Now women could embroider things and launder them too. There are all sorts of designs out there. I took a workshop from Beth Dix of Primrose Lane in Black Mountain, NC. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it again but I really like doing it. Now you can use any color thread you want. My first piece was a leaf using a variegated thread.

The piece that I'm working on now has the Turkey Red and a darker overdyed red. I've gotten a little further but this was the pic I had available at the moment.

And here is one of Beth's pieces. As you can see, she used different colors for each thing and colored in the spaces using crayons. This piece has been set into a quilt.

Hopefully, I can say that I've gotten a good new start to getting back to making things. There's going to be a lot of pushing myself. And spring is coming. The calendar says it's here but the temps say otherwise. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Northern Winters

Are different from Southern Winters and I'm not really having fun. I was born and raised here in Michigan but I got used to North Carolina winters and I like them a lot better. Because usually, the snow melted by noon. Here, it's cold. And when the wind blows, well, you can just forget it. Today it was a balmy 19 degrees. But hey, the days are getting longer and I know that spring is coming. Even if it is in May. I remember one Memorial Day it snowed. I like my new spot and can't wait until it's warm enough to sit out on the deck. For right now, I watch the pond and I got some new boots.

The pond last week.

The pond this week.

Getting Closer

You know how you notify businesses that you're moving? You try to remember everyone but forget those you only deal with every other month, quarterly, or every six months. Yeah, had to deal with those peeps today. Only two more boxes left to unpack. Fixing up the place, supplies, and other stuff will be an ongoing process for the next couple of months while I get back to making things. That should be fun. Find it when I need it. Art table has been cleared for work along with two other tables. One I will set up my sewing machine.

I finally got my books off the concrete floor and onto bookshelves. I still have magazines and other books to deal with but they aren't on the concrete.

Went through two of those boxes today. So happy to see the floor. I'll finish them up tomorrow. Now I can go through things to see if I want to keep them or not. See what supplies I actually have and get more drawers or containers for things. I know I will need another bookshelf.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Almost Ready

I did make it up to Michigan from North Carolina. I got all my things delivered and I'm almost through all my boxes. I have the basement sort of set up for working. Now  I have to clear off my art table so I can start creating again. I am so grateful for my friend from university who has opened her arms, heart, and home to me while I take a side trip on this adventure called my life. I finally got my car insurance taken care of and my car license changed, a new plate and tags, and have registered to vote. I'm still learning my way around my new town but spring is coming. So soon, very soon there will be some cool things coming.

Staging area as I unpacked boxes to find things.

Creating area. My big art table and two smaller white folding tables. I will probably put my sewing machine and serger on them.

Repaired the bookcase on the right and the new bookcase that I got on sale is on the left. Ready to get books loaded.

This area is where most of my boxes were. Now there is floor.

My daybed holds books, dolls, fabric, and quilts. It will take some time to get that situated but I now see all that I have and what can be donated. It will be a nice sitting area once everything is put away.

The area behind the daybed. Not many boxes left to go through.

The wall with another bookcase and shelves for supplies. I will need to rearrange those shelves too once I pull out my paints.

So I'm getting there and I'm itching to get back to making things. Glad the ideas are still running around in my head and I still have many little sketches to go through. Almost there.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Under Construction

Yes. Oh my gosh! It's been a long time since my last post. But I've been packing like crazy to get out of here by the end of the month. I've got 12 more days before I head back to Michigan. Long story. But everything is okay. My new adventure continues up north. I'm good. So many things going on, so many new ideas for projects and I can't wait to get started on them. And finally, I'll be able to sell some things online. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't totally disappeared. No, the Mother Ship hasn't stopped to pick me up. Yet. Have a good one!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Don't Know Where To Start

Things haven't been working out here in good ole North Carolina. Sometimes you lots of bunny hops, sometimes you have to take several giant steps back and sometimes you have to do a sides step to get you to where you want to go. I guess that's what it means to be a work in progress. I haven't posted recently because I'm in the process of moving back to Michigan. It's something that has been on the stove for awhile now and finally it's just time to do it. To take care of old business, regroup, and eventually, make my way back down here. I was sad because I had jobs lined up, and I had made more connections, and I would miss my friends but now I'm empowered because this is just another step to get me to doing what I want to do. At first I thought I was a failure because I had to go back but I'm not. There's so much more to life than just looking at it as only succeeding or failing. I have done so much in the past ten years here. From having my work in galleries; being featured in local papers; being in local shops, seeing places I'd never seen before; and meeting the most wonderful people. I have done a lot that I am proud of. And I continue my journey up north. For a small amount of time.

I am so grateful for the people in my life in this town and state. They have helped me out in so many ways. From job tips, to gallery help, to buying my work, to feeding me, to encouraging me, I am so grateful. At first I was very sad to say goodbye. But a friend said that it isn't goodbye, it's until I see you again. I did not realize how many people were upset that I was leaving. That they liked my artwork, my writing; that they liked me. As the person that I am. My laugh, my smile, my conversation. It makes it easier to be nicer to myself. Not only do I have people who are sad to see me go, I have others waiting for me to get back up north. The northern peeps will say, "Oh, sorry you have to leave North Carolina but I can't wait for you to get back up here." Old partners in crime are plotting day trips and other events. So I'm not just going back to cold weather.

I don't know how many more posts I will make before I hit the road. I will try and post again next week. Packing is... wow... Ten years of stuff. It's a good thing I did a huge purge over two years ago. But I've got books, art supplies, fabric, and my artwork. I tell you, when I move again (and I've got one more left in me) I will have someone pack it up and move it for me. I am planning things so that when I get to my destination, I jump right into working. For me.

So, that's my update. Sorry it took so long. The adventure continues.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More Hands

Seems like the only thing I'm keeping up with so far this year is my hand challenge. I'm getting a little better at them but will have to keep working. I'm also keeping up with my writing and I'm working on editing a short story and adding more to a rough draft to a longer story. Haven't really touched anything else. The saga continues.

I just watched the documentary For The Love of Spock this past weekend and I really liked it. So this is my hand in the Vulcan greeting.

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Monday, January 9, 2017


Working on keeping up with my hand challenge for the month. And I filled up an almost filled sketchbook. Two more scheduled for the rest of the year.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

I Am Ready

Yes, I am ready and hunkered down for the Snowpocalypse. It's when it's supposed to snow very bad in North Carolina and other southern states. The weather models show varying amounts of the white stuff to fall, so we kind of don't know what we'll get. Many have run to the grocery store for provisions and so did I but I already knew I had to go. Snow or not. And one does have to make sure that you have enough of the TP (toilet paper) for any such event. I have no problems with southern snows. I'm originally from Michigan and if someone tells me to stay indoors until the roads have been plowed, that's just what I'm going to do.

I have caught up to my first challenge of the year. I'm sketching hands all month. Because I need to practice on hands. I'm working from Jack Hamm's Cartooning the Head and Figure. It's a very old book. I think I got it when I was in high school. And I found another sketchbook that's almost filled.

And I sketched some doll clothes. I will have to check my fabric to see what will work and then make some final renderings.