Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Again

After two weeks of rain and weird temps, we've had late summer show up once again. Very weird. Yesterday was I think 72 degrees and today in the 50s. It was very pretty out and temps are supposed to dip the next couple of days. I really like fall, autumn. Sometimes it's a very long period of time and sometimes we get a week and then it's winter. I want fall just a little while longer. My new neighbors tried out their fireplace last Saturday and I love the smell of a wood burning fire. That's part of fall for me.

I took this pic this morning. I thought it was pretty. It prepared me for the day that was coming. Boy, did I ever need this pretty picture. Because people were crazy out today. I don't know if it was because it was pretty out, warm, both. Or because the holidays are coming up and they are upping losing their minds. Some were tailgating, not stopping at stop signs, driving 20 in a 35 at the busiest time during the day Go to a park or something. Then there was the young female who hit a mail truck. Really? Not paying attention. I mean, those things are kind of big, white, have flashing lights and she plowed right into it. And the leaf guys. Shutting down roads and not having a clue as to where to direct traffic. Yeah, I love fall.

But I made it. Got another t-shirt quilt on the frame, Ran lots of errands which included the grocery store. I'm grateful I had money to go to the grocery store. But what I needed I can't eat. You know, cleaning supplies. Gah! It's all good.

And fall is coming back.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Pic Post

Catching Up!

What's that?

I have failed at 'Catching Up'. I tried and it's a no go. And that's okay. I tried. And was driving myself nutso. Trying and failing and trying again is how life is. There are times where it gets me down but I continue to try again. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to get back on the spaceship but eventually, I do. And I'm off.

So... I've decided that I will just do. Just move forward with everything. Finish projects, continue to work on big projects, start new projects. Just do it. Because I like to do many things. That's okay. I am made up of many things. I have many interests. And that is okay. I am okay. I took a workshop to make a fancy wallet. I was planning on making a few for gifts. I made that one and that's it. I'm done with that design. It wasn't for me. I moved on to another design. I've cut those pieces out and will put them together this week. If one thing doesn't work out, there's always, always something else that will.

I will continue to work on 'going with my gut feelings' when I am working on large projects or starting new ones. If the feeling has gone, then I will move on. That is so liberating. It's taken me a long time to get here but wow! I will continue to make my lists. New projects, keep working projects, almost done projects, and just finish the darn thing.

Today is a take it easy day. I will try to work on NANO. I have been writing longhand and now I need to type it in to get an updated word count. That's about it. Last week was very trying. Truck went into the shop. No brakes. Helped a friend out who double book shows. I manned her show on Saturday. Yesterday. Got a busy week with three quilts to longarm. And then there are those lists. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Hope it lasts. At least through the week.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Moving Right Along

Today was a good day. I'm getting closer to getting my Bargello quilt done. Got it longarmed today and the first step of putting the binding on.

I'm 5731 words into NANO. I plan on catching up this weekend along with doing a few dozen other things. I hope the sun comes out soon because these grey days are starting to get to me and I have too much to get done.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

So Far This Week

Four days into a new month. A little less than two more months left in this year. I'm still working on having fun. I'm behind with NANO but I will work on that this evening. I finally got a bed. From IKEA and two wonderful friends Deb and Marc V.) helped me put it together. It's been awhile since I last had a good night's sleep. I liked this style because of the drawers. I got an extra bonus when I got home and started to look at the instructions, that the drawers are part of a trundle section. Wow!

I longarmed a huge t-shirt quilt.

I finished one fingerless mitten with a flap. I got the alpaca yarn (two years ago) from a fiber festival that happens in Asheville every year. I've been waiting for this type of glove class to come up and it did. I've just started the second one. Note to self: divide up the yarn so I can do two at the same time.

I finally finished my winter jacket that I started over a year ago. Of course I've grown a little bit so things had to be adjusted, after I figured out what I was trying to do. Well, sort of, I couldn't figure it out exactly and just winged it. I knew that if I didn't get it done, we would get low temps very soon. It's supposed to be in the 70s this weekend. But I'm ready.

And last but not least, last week I went to visit a friend's new baby. Alder. He's so cute and squishy. I was Christened with drool and I got a cute baby smile. He's got dinosaur feet on his onesie.

Off to get something to eat and get some words down.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Welcome November!

Well, October sure did fly by. Once again, I didn't decorate like I wanted to. Things seemed to speed up and I missed everything. I'm sure the move into my studio space didn't help and getting that all set up. I was too tired to venture out for Halloween and well... I guess I'll have to make better plans for next year.

My art table is a mess. I am participating in NANOWRIMO this month and so far I'm on target. But I've got to do something about this table. It's jamming my creative frequencies and I have too much to do this month.

So this is what I accomplished last month.

  • one book read (very bad indeed, so behind)
  • worked on various writing projects three times (again, not good)
  • 6 business quilts longarmed
  • worked on applique once
  • took a day trip to the Catawba Valley Quilters Show and a woodworking show as a bonus in Hickory, NC
  • for entertainment, I went to a bottling party at Sutler's Spirits
  • 10 World of Wendy Lu blog posts
  • 9 Wendy B Quilts blog posts
  • one Halloween drawing
  • started watching a new series (for me) on Netflix
  • started my first pair of mittens
For this month, I will work hard on being nice to me. I seem to forget that. I will do more of what I like to do and learn some new things as well. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yee Haw!

Getting settled into the new studio. I've been busy quilting and you can go on over to to see those quilts. I'm still thinking about decorating the place but that may have to wait until after the holidays. You know what? I'm feeling lots better. In most areas. One quilt was giving me the blues, so I took off Saturday afternoon and Sunday to not do anything quilt related. I refused to think about quilts. I watched a series from Australia on Netflix, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, worked on my mitten, and read. I went back into the studio yesterday and finished the unruly quilt. It turned out quite well. But... but, I did something else that I hadn't done in years. I did some sketching on some new zombie Christmas ornaments. It didn't stop there. I made a pattern, got fabric, cut out and sewed five of the little buggers. I stuffed them when I got back to the apartment and will attach heads today.

I can't believe I created something else in the studio that wasn't quilt related. It felt really good to go from sketch to actually putting something together. Usually I just sketch and put them away. Into a sketch purgatory. I should rescue them. So I'm still here. Got a busy day today. Lots of running around. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today- No Pic Post

Another post I wrote this morning before the sun came up.

How do I feel today? Okay. Just thinking about today and what needs to be done. Still working on finding my happy again. That will take time. Still battling with not hating. My mitten class last night went well. There were only two students. We laughed. that was a good thing to do. The other two students will join us next week. I'm not far ahead on my mitten but as soon as I get a little more done, I will show some pics. I now know that I can't have years in between knitting projects. My fingers and shoulder are killing me. Now, I really have to finish my jacket. I've been given a reprieve in the temps. It warmed up again but I know more cold is coming.

One good thing today. I get paid for longarming a quilt I finished yesterday. I'm not going to wonder or worry if I'll ever get to a point where I don't have to wonder or worry about paying bills. It is what it is. Also today, I will start my second business venture. I don't know if it will work. But hey, you only live once. Might as well give it a shot.
My NANO piece is coming along or I should say pieces. The last time I succeeded at NANO, I started off with three different stories. If I got stuck on one, I could work on another. I need 50,000 words to make the goal of writing a rough draft of a novel in a month. One story eventually took over and I reached my goal. Surprisingly, that story was supposed to be a short story. Go figure. This time I have two novel ideas (adult), one short story (adult), and one mid-grade kid story. So we'll see which one wins.

One the docket today:
- put borders on Bargello quilt
- put together my next Tula Pink block
- put the collar on my jacket

I only got to the first one today. Will be working on some new stuff this evening. Toodles!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Something New

As if I don't have enough to do. Or maybe not. I bought some alpaca yarn a few years back to make some fingerless gloves with mitten flaps. I waited those years before someone decided to hold a class and I signed up. The instructor is using the Magic Loop method of knitting. I hadn't done that but how difficult could it be? I've been knitting off and on since I was about eight years old. So I taught myself. You Tube is amazing. Watched several different people do it, picked a person, one I could tolerate their voice, and did it.

I made a nice swatch.


I wrote this post yesterday. Got busy once I got to the apartment and wasn't able to post. So here it is today.

Okay, what's going on? I never thought that I would be a longarmer. Seriously. I do like doing it once I get started. Kind of like writing. But life really likes to keep you on your toes. Just when you think you can breathe, some huge troll body slams you, then you get hit by a wagon and tromped on by a stampede of baby goats. You wonder where the heck did that come from? What had I done or hadn't done? Why is there no break? I guess I should stop asking that question because there doesn't seem to be an answer. Or if there is one, I keep missing it. So what is one to do? I've tried many things and it all comes back to me being body slammed by life.

I'm sitting in Hoots Beer Company after a day in the studio. I'm working very hard not to burst into tears. I really couldn't afford this wonderful fall Mild Session Ale but I survived this past week, dug into my purse and truck for funds and I'm having one. I wonder how much longer I'll have to struggle? But that's not the point. You're supposed to enjoy the moment, where you are, each day. So I enjoyed working on the longarm today. Trying to keep my thoughts on the quilt before me. It's a beautiful quilt and the person who put it together is a wonderful person. She makes me laugh and she likes my work and appreciates me quilting for her. She is a cheerful person. I... am not. I'm a brooder, a worrier. I hide it well. I have many masks. I'm always asking why? Maybe I should change that because I won't get any answers. I guess that's what makes this planet go round. The different people and their different tempers. I don't mean anger but their tempers of being. I thought I had a handle on being me. Basically minding my own business. Helping those who want it when I can. But then things happen and even though you're on your guard, you get side swiped. On a regular basis. You feel stupid for falling for it. Again. A different wolf in sheep's clothing. You begin to doubt who you are and what you're doing on this rock.

And there are still no answers. I'm too goofy to give up. I still have time left. Maybe. So what do I do? To keep moving onward? I will have to come up with other income streams. I'm no good in retail, food service, or any type of corporate or government job. I am a creative person and I will work with my assets. My talents. My tenacity and stubborness.

The clouds are lifting. I can take one day at a time. That's all I can do. Don't plan too far into the future. That's a kill joy, especially when life just ants to play April Fool's jokes on you throughout the year. But that's okay. I've been knocked down before and I continue to get up. Getting knocked down will continue to happen because that is life. So I will search for the happy in each moment, during the day and keep treading.