Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to Make Some Pirates!

Okay, Spring Sprites are done and it's time to get to the sea. I'm feeling pirates right now and will attempt wet felting again. This time I will have access to a good washer with different settings for a hot wash.

Yes, you do see hot pink in that bunch of wool. Why shouldn't there be a hot pink pirate?

I'll also start stuffing mermaid tails. They're calling me too. Not so much a siren sound, more like a bunch of little kids and one big cardboard box. Both Wendys are getting a little impatient because the Spring and Halloween sprites are having a party with Oswin and his pals. They do make a great group. I'll have to take a pic.

Wandi Spring Sprites

For some reason I couldn't upload close-ups. I will try to get more pics later but for right now I wanted to show you that I finished them. After having a sucky weekend, I rallied on Monday and got them done. From left to right, Jani, Yoni, and Moni. They can sit or hang on a wall. I've pulled fabric for more, some will have wings, some will be witches, and some will have those bubble sunbathing shorts.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update Spring Sprites

I'm such a goof. I start a project and get halfway and stop. Why? Fear maybe. Self doubt. Something else. Then the pieces start talking, questioning why I haven't gotten back to them. The hard part is done. I want to get back to enjoying the fun part. The dressing, embellishing part. Yes, I would like more fancy yarns, more fabric, but I'm creative. I'll work with what I've got.

So I put the pants on my little girls. The blue pair looked stunning.
The other two, not so much. They looked so plain. I studied the blue, liking what I saw, looked to see if I had more print fabric to make new pants. The one in blue looks like she's got a shorts jumper on.

So I whipped up two more pairs of pants and they look lots better. So sweet!

Here are the first pairs of pants. I will keep them because other Wandis are on the way. This pattern will make great sailor pants. Maybe I stopped because the design I had in mind wasn't really what I wanted to do or what they wanted to wear. Bad Wendy decided to show up and tried to put a procrastination thought in my head. After all, things weren't working out, so put it away and go watch TV.

But I didn't. I continued on because they needed their pants, and once I worked through the pattern combination, the design took a different turn. Now I'm excited again. These guys were suppose to have a skirt on. Oh the creative process!

Here are the gals with the beads I've selected for them. Not the best lighting, I apologize. I found some cool beads that are striped and work well with all three doll's fabric patterns.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fabric Box

Last night at my applique meeting, we made this little fabric box. I did not make the yo-yo flower, I haven't quite mastered the art of yo-yo making, but I did the embroidery on the leaves and the flower tendrils. I love being able to take home a finished project from a class. I will put my thread in it.

I've also caught up on my Script Frenzy. I'm at 53 pages, the mid-point and will do lots more this week. Will have to upload everything next week.

Besides the job, on today's docket are spring sprites. They need pants. I will not have them hand around for two years like the Halloween Sprites and not get done. So, I'm going to go prep my work area for this evening. Good thing I've got food already prepared.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Halloween Sprites

Halloween Sprites. Finally, they are done after having gestated for two years. Sad, very sad. But they are complete. I still have to work on pics. I'm going to start my Etsy shop with these little ladies if I can get some decent close-up shots. I may have to go begging.
They all have a beaded necklace and a mole. Can't be Halloween like without the mole. Maybe they accompany witches on broom jobs.

Their hair is so wild. some sort of upholstery trim. I've got to get some more before they don't make it anymore.
They each have a string for hanging on the wall. I like the feet and the crazy legs.


Say hello to Marko.Some time ago, I had tried wet felting in a washing machine and it wasn't successful. I didn't throw out the pieces because, well, wool ain't cheap. Slowly but surely, I'm putting those pieces together, and this is my latest critter.
Not the greatest group shot. I've got to try to correspond my pic taking with daylight. Here is the gang so far. Oswin (the other two started out his size until my apartment complex washer beat them up), Beely (in the center) and Marko. They're now getting to know the Halloween Sprites. I may not get any sleep tonight.

Script Frenzy Update

First I would like to welcome Sketching Girl. I thought I had but can't find it in past posts. A bit scattered right now. Gee, I wonder why? I tickle myself.

I am bound and determined to get 100 pages. I now have two scripts going at the same time. The first one, a drama, working title 'The Kitchen' has ten pages. The second one, working title 'New Sexy Life' is slightly erotic and has 25 pages. I would like to finish both, that would be the ultimate accomplishment.

I have checked back with Script Frenzy and the rules for those who are compelled to creatively torture themselves by writing two scripts. Since you can only upload one script, you can put the two scripts together (if one doesn't hit the 100 pages) and upload as one. So if one script is 40 pages and the other 75, you're good.

I know I will hit 50 pages by Sunday. It's time to pay a little attention to the drama. This is the easy part. The hard part is editing, rewrites, and correcting format.



April 14-16, four years ago, I made my way from my home state of Michigan to the south for a better opportunity at life. I never thought I would move down south but here I am. Where I am isn't as bad as I had thought, even with my Hollywood movie stereotypes. I knew I needed a change and change is difficult.

I packed my truck to the gills and headed for new territory. I knew one person when I got here and I have many more new friends and I love them. The first year was spent getting use to the place, finding a job. The second year was settling in and developing a plan, remember why I made my move. The third year I claimed as my year to begin my creative journey all over again. Naysayers were slayed like dragons in my head. This fourth year, my work, determination, perseverance, and plain ole' being stubborn is starting to pay off. My new creative career has been launched.

I finally feel empowered. I am finally allowing the real Wendy Luane to come out and play. I like and appreciate every creative idea I have. They may not all work, but I gave them a shot. There are many more waiting in line. I crawled out of my box and like what I'm seeing and doing. If there was a failure, I pulled out the First Aid Kit, then took the next step. Was it scary? Yeah. Sometimes it still is and then I remember why I'm here.

I am a work in progress. I'm not done yet. My new journey has just begun.

Woo hoo!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

I don't think I will ever catch up on pieces for every idea that I have. I'm doing better at pieces being completed and there are more of them, but the ideas.... The cool, sweet, whacky, creepy ideas that keep popping into my head astound me. The amount is just overwhelming.

I can only do so much. I have a big show in October, so making items for that is first and foremost. Hours at the job aren't what they use to be and I've started pieces for sale online. Work needs to be replaced at a gallery and shop in town. Work needs to be created for new shops and galleries.

Does that sound crazy? You know though, I feel great! I just write those ideas down, do little sketches and put them in my project book. This is the most I've been creative in a long time. I can actually say I'm proud of myself for what I've accomplished. I am definitely in kick butt mode, take no prisoners. You're either along for the wild and crazy ride or get off the space jet. Now that I've kinda, sorta figured out this Pay Pal thing, oh boy!

Last week, I worked on three projects, completed one commission, and got 17 new pages of script written. I am so smokin'.

This will be a finish up babies week. Start more of the same and get some new designs going. I will be able to get more pics up this week. Thanks for hanging around.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wandi Spring Faeries/Sprites

I am exhausted. Today was a good day. Went for a walk early this morning with my neighbor. I finished 13 cards for my cousin and got them in the mail. Started (here I go again) three new faeries/sprites. I made a doll a long time ago and she was really cute. She was an easy pattern I had designed and I thought I had brought the pattern with me when I moved out state. I didn't. Of course my mom couldn't find that pattern.

Then I thought that if I had the doll, I could make another pattern from her, so I asked my mom to find the doll. That in itself was a safari. I had her look where I thought the doll was and she couldn't find it. Two days! Then she looked on the sofa where her stash of dolls are and there she was. I asked mom to send it to me. She said that it was hers and she wanted it back. I told her that I wasn't worried because eventually, I'd get all the dolls back that I had given her. We both laughed.

I still have to tweak the pattern but it will do because I need to get something done. I'm fine with the colors and still don't know how I will dress them. Hmmm. I haven't decided if they will be faeries or sprites. Depends on what mood I'm in when the wings need to be applied.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is Seamus. He does have a story but you'll have to keep coming back to get it. Sorry. He's still a bit miffed at me and that's not a smile you see but a smirk as to how much I'm going to have to give up to make him a happy camper. He's needle felted and from neck to crown is about 4". He refused to be any smaller but if he isn't careful, more felt may be added to his girth by the time I'm done with him.
The latest bunners have heads. I've got tomorrow off so I guess I should give them arms. Still haven't pulled fabric for their clothes yet. I am not behind, I am not behind. Yeah, I'm trying to fool you too.

Debating on what yarn to use on my Halloween Sprites. I have to make a decision by tomorrow, they are chattering up a storm. Good Wendy is very happy, Bad Wendy is MIA. Witches are now whispering my name.

I'd also like to say hi Ascension of Mis Miniaturas, http://ascension-misniaturas.blogspot.com/. Welcome to the party.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Progress

Yes, I continue to start new things and finishing them is like dealing with an apparition in fog. I wanted to start my mini men heads and finally opened a pack of air dry clay. I've never used this particular brand before, so I didn't know what to expect. Possibly the cause of my procrastination. I opened the package and started playing around with it. It does not work well with smaller projects, such as miniature heads. It works quite well with larger pieces such as the two above. I've called them Mother Sun/Father Moon. He's chasing her around the world. Get it? These will be for the film and are wall pieces.

This little head (sorry about the pic) is the right size for a miniature male. I was proud of myself for attempting him and he has some potential. But not out of this clay. It was like working with wet marshmallows. For a moment I thought I was cooking. I do have another brand of air dry clay waiting in the wings.

I'm sure you're wondering why air dry clay? Well, you should have a separate oven (convection) for polymer pieces. I don't. Not too fond of the smell, even thought they say it's non-toxic. The one clay that I really like does weird things to my fingers and I'd rather not have my hands look like melted House of Wax creations. I will give the seoncd brand of air dry clay a shot.

On a papier mache site, I saw where an artist uses tissue paper and glue to make his creations. They are awesome and the idea has put many more ideas in my head. I can make the basic head out of this air dry clay and make facial details with, you guessed it, glued and tissue. He also uses paper towel. Pretty cool.

These are arms for Halloween Sprites I started eons ago. Yes, I do look good for my age, holding up quite well. Again, I was having a time trying to figure out how I was going to attach them in a minimal amount of time. My design idea changed mid-stream and I panicked. If I had stitched up the stuffing holes a bit better, I could have just attached the arms with a very nice stitch and called it a day. But no.
I knew I would have to cover the stitches with a sleeve, which would have again, changed the design. Oh how the frustrations continued to mount for these little creatures. I put them away and only recently brought them out because Bad Wendy had started to talk to them. I mean, they were almost done. So I found all their parts and am bound and determined to get them done.

Here are their bodies. See, almost done. Arms, a little trim, faces painted and some hair. I know I think too much. They will be done by tomorrow. I promise. Maybe I shouldn't. Oh, what the heck.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April is Finally Here!

Wow! Finally. April is here. March wasn't great (I am my own worst critic) but I did manage to be creative everyday whether I finished something or not. I did it, like on my profile. Now I don't feel so bad.

I won't jump ahead of myself though. Bad Wendy hung around a good part of yesterday. I think she had Good Wendy tied up somewhere. I did manage to rally late last night and got five pages done for Script Frenzy. Less than the ten I wanted but more than the 3.33 I need per day. I've got to start being nicer to me.

I had to go grocery shopping this morning. I am grateful I had the money to do so and yes, I got something that wasn't on my list but is suppose to be good for me. I got dark chocolate. It was on closeout. They're not going to carry that brand anymore, so I got some. Okay, two for one. That'll put a smile on any one's face. That Harry Potter really had something going with the chocolate.

These guys don't look all that great. But I have three more bunners in the works. Gotta go through my mini stash and see what kind of Asian print fabric I've got. Needle felting like this is a bit different from cloth dolls. Each body has its own personality before I even pick fabric. I never got that with my cloth dolls. I would always pick the clothing fabric first, then make the doll. The outfit determined how I drew and painted the face.

I'm also getting better at moving pics around. I feel so 21st century. I just discovered I have Excel and PowerPoint on my laptop. I've had it for several months now. So terrified of pushing any button. I'm a little braver now (sporting a Wednesday Addams smile).

Now that I know I haven't blown my year. I know, it's just started, I guess I should get busy and stop being a dufus. That probably isn't a word but this is my blog.

Hugs to everyone!

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