Saturday, September 23, 2017


Starting over. I've been sick all week and haven't been able to get to anything. I hate being sick. And it has taken everything out of me. I can breathe better but I'm still coughing and blowing the nose. It's a good thing my nose is on pretty good because at one point I thought it would be blown off. My energy is slowly coming back but can't say the same for my appetite just yet. I will be starting again today. See ya.

Friday, September 15, 2017

It Always Seems Like I'm Starting Over

But that's okay. One big commission out of the way. I cleaned up the work space so I can mess it up again. I really do need to go back through all my supplies and really see what I have and what I don't have. Nothing like running out and buying something you already have but you've put it in such a safe place, you can't find it. Went through my meager fabric stash and picked some fabric out for some Wendland Witches.

I also reorganized my downloaded photos. Nice and neat in files. The house got a new cable/internet provider yesterday. It took all day, so I read a book. My quota for the year is 39. I don't know why I chose that number. Last year I read 27 books. I have read 27 books this year so far and it looks like I'll meet my mark. I think this is pretty good considering just a few years ago I wasn't reading anything at all.

That's the update. Gotta go and finish a hat for a witch. See ya.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Raggedy Ann has new hair and bloomers. I want to get her dress done this week so I can give her back to my niece.

I had a commission to do several doll dresses for another artist. He makes wonderful vintage Halloween items including dolls like the one below. Here is the mockup of the dress.

All of her joints move. Even her head. His name is Patrick James Gill.

I also did four smaller ones and I forgot to take pics but they are similar to the ones above. I got something done y'all! Another thing crossed off my list.

More Pics

I've been busy with a commission and I'm just now back to posting. Sorry about that. I will continue to work on it. But here are some more pics of my mini-vacay up north. Below is one of the inns on Mackinac Island.

St. Anne's is one of the churches on the island. They moved their cemetery to the preserve part of the island because the space on the main strand was needed for tourists.

This is the three horse carriage we took into the preserve part of the island. The whole island is a State Park. The other carriage ride we took had two horses. There are 300 horses on the island and three veterinarians during peak season. Only one doctor for people. So you know where you stand on the island. Horses first.

Circle Rock is a nice draw. In Victorian times they were able to climb onto the top. I can't imagine being a woman in a corset and long skirt doing that. But they did. It's gated off now. Right down in the center is a beach and road that goes all around the island. Eight miles.

I hate taking pics but I had a blast. You can see the top of the rock. It's a good ways down and wouldn't want to give it a try if I could.

Part of the marina looking out to Lake Huron.

There is a fort on the island. Fort Mackinac. Let's see... natives owned it, then French, then American, then British, then Americans again. I think that's the order. Close to it. These guys gave the last rifle demonstration for the year. The man in the front is in everyday regulation uniform and the one in the back is in dress uniform.

This is not on the island but on the coast of Lake Huron. Next to a lighthouse that I can't find where I'd written the name. Very pretty and relaxing.

And here's the lighthouse.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I'm Back- Again

When you go for a vacation, even a little one, you need a day or two to get back into the swing of things. A friend took me up north with her this week. Up north meaning the top part of the lower Michigan peninsula. Her dad has a hunter's cabin, so that's where we stayed for three days and three nights. Really cool. Saw deer and foxes. No otter though. We walked... a lot. We saw several lighthouses in the area, went to a couple of museums (one where we looked for fossils), and she took me to Mackinac Island. I'd never been. My friend has been going since she was a kid and loves the place. And now, so do I. We took a carriage ride around part of the island. Had lunch, saw the beautiful old houses that are now inns, a couple of old churches, the park or nature preserve section (the whole island is a State Park), and the fort. So I'm going to show a few pics at a time. Then it's on to Halloween things.

Back of the cabin.

The skies were threatening all the time. It rained every night so we didn't get a chance to catch the Northern Lights.

On the way up north we stopped to get this shot of Lake Huron.

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse.

The bell. Heavier than the Liberty Bell. I made the mistake and rung it. Boy was it loud. My friend Kristi yelled at me because she said it would summon all bad things. Fog. Zombie pirates.

New Presque Isle Lighthouse.

More tomorrow. Thanks for looking.

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Rambling No Pic Post - September

Eegads! Gazooks! Heck!

It's September y'all. A brand new month. We're in the third quarter of the year. The older I get, time just doesn't seem to like me anymore. But that's okay. I'm tough. Most of the time. I'm in a 'Never give up, never surrender' mode. I think. I did say this was rambling. So many disasters happening around the country right now. I say my prayers, send goddess vibes, and do what I can to make things a little bit brighter. Because right now, that's all I've got. Smile at a total stranger when I'm out and about. Wave greetings to people. Call a friend I haven't spoken to in years to just hear their voice because time goes on.

I am here in Michigan. I've come to the conclusion that I will be here for awhile and things will be okay. My Tribe is a good size and they believe in me. I'm ready to start believing in me... again. And I will continue to do so because life can throw some nasty things at you. Two more months until that wonderful time of the year. Halloween. Already leaves are changing colors overnight. The temps are staying south of 80, way south most days. We'll probably get and Indian summer in October. Or maybe not. But I'm ready for my first northern winter in eleven years.

So what's on the docket for the month? First I'm finishing up some doll dresses for another artist. I'm almost done with a witch doll and Raggedy Ann just needs a new dress. I will be participating in 29 Faces this month and get going on some new witches and Halloween things. I rewrote a draft to a mid-grade story that just wasn't working out. One more short story is ready for another draft. And a friend has invited up north to her dad's cabin. By a lake. Ha! That's so Halloween. I'll let you know how that goes. At first nothing was really going on in my life. Now, I'm out to change that, so expect a few more posts than usual. And I've got to make something for Halloween. I've been invited to a party. Hang in there peeps. I am.

Still February

Working hard to get back in the groove of blogging. It's a way to get my feelings, ideas, and dreams out of my head and into the world. ...