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A New Day

And a new friend. We have a wham bam storm last night and this morning there was a guest when my friend opened the umbrella on the deck. I'll name him Juno.

I also got busy yesterday. That felt good. I hope I can do it again today. I started my next Redwork project, started editing two short stories, watched some art tutorials on You Tube, got back to sketching because I'm working on a new series or doll, and I talked to a good friend, a fellow doll artist who gave me some tips and hints to get going again. I think that's been the best part of the week, talking to someone who knows what I'm going through. That I'm not alone. I feel energized.

I like how more stabilized the fabric is with the woven interfacing on the back. Less puckering on the front and I can do more stitching on this guy.

Trying to figure out a body for a new doll and possibly some paintings I can make prints of. I don't know if I want her to be a little girl or young lady witch who will have …

No Pic Post

I haven't done one of these in awhile. People ask me how I'm settling in in my new local. I look at them and wonder what I'm to say. My move from North Carolina back to Michigan was very fast and something I really didn't want to do. But needed to do. I find myself a bit confused and ask 'Why am I here?' I'm having a hard time getting a grip on everyday things and feel quite at a loss most of the time. Just when I was getting back to creating and feeling good about it down south, I suffered a huge upheaval. And it's taking me time to get back to it. Unpacking is done. I still have to rearrange things and put things away I won't need or use right away. Do I call my new place my home? It's actually a friend's home and it's quite lovely. Will I be comfortable calling her place my home? Right now, I don't know. I feel like I'm just floating around and it's hard to plant a new seed and allow it to take root. My roots are floating,…

Saturday Post

Yep, weird week but I made it. Got back to sketching, prepped my next Redwork piece, painted in the sketchbook. Maybe I can fill it up this year. One can hope. And here are some flowers in the yard. Spring has sprung.

I was supposed to do this Krampus around Christmastime but didn't get to him. So here he is, ready for spring. Maybe I should do a series on Mr. Krampus during the off season when he's not harassing bad children. Maybe this is his end of the school year picture. Ha!

I got my fabric prepped for my next Redwork piece. I used a woven interfacing on the back to see if it's a bit more stable to stitch but not be overly heavy to get the needle through. We shall see.

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Mid-week Already?

Eegads! Time is marching on and I'm working to keep in step. Yesterday, went to the maternal unit's house to start clearing out things. She's getting older (so am I) and I don't want to wait until the last minute to clear out her house. We used to do doll shows together and so I started with that closet. Two trash bags, a pile for a future yard sale, a pile that she needs to go through. Three hours and it's halfway empty. I know there's a Christmas tree in there too. And ornaments that I will eventually go through. She had this really bad hand soap that I used in her bathroom. I couldn't understand what the smell was and she smelled my hands and said it was the liquid soap. She said she didn't like it either. I asked why she kept it and she said it was for people she didn't like. Gee, thanks. She said that she thought I would use the soap in the shower. Well... no. So my nose is clogging up, I'm coughing, and she starts laughing. It was kind of …

Let's Try This Again

Yeah, I was going to try to get posts done on a regular basis and last week that didn't work out too well. I did have a very good week though. It was the first week in a month of Sundays that I was actually happy about what I was doing. I didn't finish anything and I will work to remedy that even more, but I worked on things. Got some projects a little further. I'm trying to finish two projects a week. I'd like to do more but I'm just getting into the groove of creating again. I finished my first Redwork design, at least the embroidery part and now I have to think about how I want to complete it. I want it to be a small wall hanging. I think she came out quite well for my first time doing this.

Here's my other finished project, a bag, in which I will be getting paid for it. That's even better.

I'm also working on eating better and this was breakfast on Saturday. Homemade hummus. Yum. I didn't make it but maybe I should learn how. I've also lost …

Catching Up

Been a crazy week. My friend painted the bedroom I'm in and it's almost done. I've been sleeping on the sofa in the family room and all I can say is that she's almost done. My back, hips, and knees are killing me and I haven't had a good sleep in four days. I'm running on vapors.

Designed a new doll. I haven't adjusted the head pattern yet. Had to do the tax thing yesterday. But I did manage to get further along with my Redwork piece. I do have some lazy daisy stitches and used a backstitch in a couple of places. But I think she's looking good.

I know that once I can get a good nights sleep, I will be back to creating like crazy. Right now, I'm tired.

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Today was a good day and I'm still going. Even though I'm slowing losing steam. Got up early and did my language lessons, sketched a new doll, designed a pattern, straightened the books on a bookshelf, posted on Instagram, took a walk with my roomie before it rained, and now I'm posting here.

The first new doll of the year. I didn't think I wanted to make anymore cloth dolls but it's what I know. I still will get back to the paper clay figures real soon. This little miss just got to me this morning and I was bound and determined to at least get her together to see if it would work or not. From the first sketch, I made the first pattern. I found some fabric I thought would work but it didn't. And I didn't like the pattern either. So I reworked the pattern (liking it better), cut it out of a better grade of fabric, did the embroidery, then sewed and stuffed it. I did sew her legs on backwards and had to fix that. I like her a lot but will adjust the patter to…


It's April!

A new month. Another start or continuation of the previous month. At this point, I don't know yet. I've been back up north for a little over a month now and I guess I can say I've settled in. I am here for awhile and will deal with it. It's time to put the blankie and bear to the side and get back to work. I'm still learning my way around; I know that will take some time to get used to but I'm glad the weather is getting better.

So... for a new location and month, I've decided to try a new look for the blog. I don't know if I like it or not, but I will give it some time. I love the color of the background.

I'm still working on organizing my work space. It's starting to look like a studio. My studio. I'm trying very hard not to get hung up on not having some things at my disposal that will prevent me from creating. I tell you, moving just takes so much out of you and to get back into the groove of things is difficult. I'd …