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Works in Progress

I've been working on several projects at the same time. Crazy? Maybe, but that's how things are going right now. I'm working on samples to two doll making classes coming up. Behind. Yup, but still doing it. I seem to get a block and have to stop and think things through. One of my patterns wasn't working out, so that had to be redone. And it got redone again. Just love the creative process. You keep hammering at it until you get it to look the way you want. Emily is a pattern I used for a doll in the Delta Arts Center Exhibit. I like her a lot, so I'm going to offer her as a class.

Here's a brown Emily. The ones in the exhibit were tea dyed. The students will have a choice of putting a stuffing pellet sack in her bottom so she can sit better or not.

Two Emily dolls, Garnet and Garner twin dolls.

Fabric chosen for the Emily dolls.

Fabric for the twins, Garnet and Garner.

Zombie Blanks

I'm calling my dolls that are put together but not actually done, blanks. I think I may have to have a finishing marathon soon. Here are my regular and bunny zombie dolls. I can't wait to get started on them.

I'm working on being more consistent with my blog postings. I'd like to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here we go!

Pillow Doll Blanks

I was driving myself crazy with all the things I have to do. I stopped and picked one thing that was jamming my creative frequencies and that was the upcoming workshop with kids. I had started making the blanks and I knew I had many more to go. I spent all day yesterday making them.

My trusty machine for heavy duty sewing. I've had it since high school.

Here's a stack waiting to be sewn.

I was going to sew half yesterday and the other half today but wanted them done. I got 20 made and did a count. Along with the four already done, things were good. The bodies are done out of upholstery samples. Up cycling at its best.

I ended up doing another four, so my total is 28. Twenty five kids have signed up, so I'm good to go.

Catch Up! Catch Up! Catch Up!

Three months into the year. Where is the time going? It's not  just marching on, it's speeding ahead like a bullet train. It feels like I'm being buried by my work. I'm not complaining, I'd rather be busy creating than not but something has been bothering me.

I have so many projects in different stages of being complete. I have a doll commission to do, a doll for a themed show, two doll workshops with kids looming, and two adult doll classes scheduled. That's just doll related things. I won't go into quilting, applique, and sewing for myself. More on that later. I'm still working on me and I am a work in progress. What I do like is how I'm responding to ... well, everything from things that go well, to things that don't, and things that get canceled. I'm not to the point of freaking out but I'm a bit perplexed. Maybe. I don't even know if that's the word I want to use. I do have to still work on patience. Good things come to thos…

Thank You Card

I received a thank you card from the kids at Brunson Elementary School for when I presented my dolls to them.

Cute huh? It's on my board over my sewing machine in my studio.

Sample Doll

I have doll workshops to go along with the exhibit at Delta Arts Center. Two to be exact and right now I have 24 kids signed up. Here is my sample doll. Made of upholstery fabric. A good friend gave me a lot of her stash of samples and they are the right size for the dolls.

Adair and McKinnon were kind enough to be my test subjects. The perfect ones because they didn't know how to sew. I taught them a whip stitch and a running stitch. This worked out quite well. I timed how long it took them to stuff the doll and do the sewing. I will tweak the process for the upcoming workshops.

Busy at work.

Once the dolls were stuffed, they chose the buttons for eyes. Worked well seeing that they had watched Coraline again the night before. And the fun part was embellishing their dollies. I want the kids to spend more time on decorating their dolls than just stuffing.

Adair and Lulu.

McKinnon did add a mouth to hers. They both had a blast and so did I. I believe the workshops in two weeks will …


Here's my latest pincushion from my applique class. I may give it to the mom unit for her birthday or Christmas. You just can't have enough pincushions. She'll love it. I'm still working on my Hop To It blocks. I don't have many more to go and the class will be starting a new design this month. Yikes!

This piece is going onto a wall hanging. I made the wall hanging years ago and the owner wanted parts of it changed. The home for it is a cabin so I drew a bear, fir tree, and moose and appliqued them onto the red fabric. The piece will be stitched onto the proper spot on the wall hanging. I'll take a pic of that when it's done, which should be today. Stay tuned.

What Month Is It?

Jeepers! It's finally here. Another month has gone the way of the Dodo. Part of me wants to say it sucked, February that is, because I didn't get done what I wanted to get done.  Then I smack myself once I realized that February was a rocking month.

Accomplishments- I got all of my dolls made for the Loved Through the Years: Three Centuries of Black Dolls exhibit. They look great, the show has been well received, I was interviewed on the radio, and got into the paper again. How often does that happen? I talked about dolls and my creative process to a group of 5th graders, I got invited to  my first art show (where I'll be in a booth selling my work) of the year, I've scheduled several doll classes and a doll camp and I managed to finish reading one book. I wanted to read two for the month but I'm happy with finally reading and finishing one. I even heard my name mentioned again on the radio, advertising the exhibit at Delta Arts Center again.

I know, I know, I'…