Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goodbye November

That's all she wrote. November is outta here. Unbelievable. I can sit here and wonder where the time went but I won't. It's gone and I keep moving on. I was able to get an apron made for my upcoming craft fair. I've always wanted one to put things in so I won't have to look for them on the table when I need them. I have pockets for my cell phone, pens, my credit card reader, and a pocket with a flap and snap for money.

Working on my witch doll and I took a poll on which hair color to use. Red or blonde. Believe it or not, I got more votes on using both. I've got to make her hat and add some embellishments.

I got the first part of some felt skull pins put together and now they are ready for some embroidery.

I have other pieces in varying degrees of being finished. Three scary cupcakes, three box heads, six holiday table pieces, three zombies with elf hats, and a Krampus ornament for a group swap. Pics coming soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


The Piedmont Craftmen's Guild had their yearly show last weekend. I try to go each year because it's a time where I can see friends that I haven't seen, well, in a year. Even though some of us keep up with each other on Facebook, it's nice to see them in person to talk to them, share some laughs, catch up with life, and the best thing of all... to get hugs. Hugs are the best. Sometimes you just need a good hug. I got several and I'm ready for another year.

Along with seeing my old friends, I met some new ones and even got some advice from Wendy Allen who does wonderful felt hats for when I make hats for my dolls. That's one of the wonderful things about meeting artists, is their willingness to talk to you about what they do. PJ Floyd who does wonderful needle felted dolls, and Amy Flynn who makes Fobots. Found object robots.

And a friends puppy is getting bigger. Her name is Lucy and she loves puppy rubs. It gets one hind leg moving fast. She's a Bulldog maybe Beagle or Terrier mix. She's a sweet little pooch.


Yes, it's Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful for the place where I'm living, that it's warm and safe; for the food I have to eat; for my wonderful friends; for my family; for my ability to think and reason; for my creativity and spark; for my determination to make things better for me, others, and the planet; that my truck is still running; and that I'm still a work in progress.

It isn't only about the history part, because there are those who don't celebrate. But it's a day to give thanks. For many things in your life. So have a wonderful day. Call someone you care about. Say hi or give a smile to someone you don't know.

Friday, November 18, 2016

So Far

It's been a good day. Even with grocery shopping in the morning. Running errands usually wears me out and I'm not productive at all for the rest of the day but I was determined to work on several things. I finally got back to some clay work. My new medium is Creative Paper Clay. And yes, I'm terrified. Afraid that things won't look right. But who cares? I'm doing something new and it takes practice to get things looking appropriate. I've got the heads started on three small dolls, two ornaments, one 'make it suck' piece, three box heads, and three cupcakes. Oh, I also covered the head for another doll and she's hanging up somewhere to dry. I started another two pages in my Cosmic Smashbook, and another face in my sketchbook.

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The Next Big Project

I know, I know. Starting another project before the first 85 are complete. Ha! That's not how this lady rolls. Actually, I started this project some time ago and it never went anywhere. I have always loved playing with dolls. Making clothes for them, writing stories for them. And then I turned thirteen and my mother thought I was too old to continue to play with them. That kind of hurt. I let it go and pursued other things. But guess what?

It's come back full circle. Now I just don't have baby doll, Barbie, and others I can't remember to dress and play with. They have dolls called Blythe and the Bentley of the wonderful dolls are BJDs or ball jointed dolls. I used to work in the theater too. Making costumes for others to wear. Watching them enjoy the limelight in one of my creations. Now, I can still enjoy the limelight of new costume creations. Only this time, the dolls don't talk back or jump if you stick them with a pin. And they're a lot smaller.

Until I get my own doll, a friend has allowed me to use her little one to get started with. He's an elf and I will start off with some elf/faerie/sprite outfits. I watched The Santa Clause yesterday and did some very rough and preliminary sketches. The movie is really cute and I remember when it first came out, how I fell in love with the elves. So, here are my first sketches. Thank goodness for the pause button.

These are in another sketchbook that needs to be filled. Maybe that will happen soon too. Have a good day.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Oh my goodness! I am doing things. I just keep forgetting to post. My brain is a bit scattered because I'm trying to finish off some things for an upcoming craft fair and get my grey cells wrapped around a new project. Plus I'm behind on NaNo (word count today is 13,278) and I'm glad there's a write-in at a local restaurant that is close by. The second holiday of fall is next week and I may or may not have an invite. If not, I will make chicken bog. I'll still make chicken bog because I'm having a taste for it. I've just discovered chicken bog. It's like a thick chicken soup. Some people just use broth, chicken, and onions. I will add some mixed veggies and then the rice. That's what makes it boggy and thick. I had no idea but it's yummy. So here we go.

This is Ambrosia. I started her awhile ago. Like over a year. She's been staring at me and wondering when she was going to get the rest of her outfit, so today, she finally got sleeves and we have another date on Friday to finish her clothing. I actually had fun making her sleeves. She's ready to be finished and I'm ready to finish her.

While online, I saw an article about a museum in Japan that has rocks with faces in them. All naturally done and I thought that was interesting. I quickly sketched what I saw on the rocks and will use this as a jumping off point for something else. I don't quite know what that is but it will be a lot different from my initial sketches. This is another one of my sketchbooks that needs to be filled. This year is almost over.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Still Going

Still working on my sketchbook. I may just get this one filled by the end of the year. I'm practicing my watercolor and still getting used to my new Ink Tense paints. I'm really loving pen and ink and black markers.

I also finished up my little knitted stocking. This will be for Mesmer. I have enough yarn to make him a scarf and hat. I'll get some tiny candy canes to put inside and wrap some boxes for him. My tiny way of decorating for the holidays. The stocking is about 4 1/2 inches tall.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What's Up

I'm proud of myself for finishing up a project and able to cross it off my long list. Now I'm on to other projects and keeping up with my sketchbook. I'm trying to figure out what to do with toilet paper rolls. I saw someone else do a thing, so I'm going to try my thing. If this works, great. And I just threw away a bunch of these.

Here's my start to my latest face in my watercolor sketchbook. I also used the salt technique on wet paint.

I get fresh eggs from a friend. She got new hens and they finally started laying. Can you tell the difference between the new hen and the more mature hen's egg? I think it's just too cute. Both were yummy and I can't wait until the get bigger. The green is spinach and there are some shallots in there too.

I am behind on my NaNo but will continue to catch up. Right now the word count is 9325.

#sketchbook #watercolor #fresheggs

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Again. I got something done and can cross it off my list. I finished 16 Bat Hat ornaments. I had started them some time ago and for the life of me, I didn't finish them. Now they are done and I can move onto something else. I do feel good having them done. Now it's time to tackle something a bit more challenging. After all, I do have a craft fair coming up.

And I'm still working on filling another sketchbook.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I'm late, I'm late, I'm late. Unbelievable that we're in a week into another month. Yikes! Okay, I'm trying to keep up with NaNo and a bit behind but plan to catch up today. Word count right now: 4759
I just got notice that I got a spot in the Krankie's Craft Fair in December, so I will be working like crazy to get some things done. Still working on some challenges: a book challenge (personal) through Goodreads and get my next two sketchbooks filled by the end of the year. I'll be working on my Cosmic Smashbook for awhile yet but it's time to get in-progress pieces done.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Well what do you know? It's another month. My, my, my. I'm a little shocked. A little saddened because this year has gone by so fast. A little relieved that it's getting a little better since the crash and burn a month ago. Do I get a little hopeful? Or do I stay in skeptical mode? Or do I say, whatever and work towards something new? The adventure is still on. I've hit a couple of bumps but nothing catastrophic. So I will take a deep breath and move forward.

I have a nice list for November and I'm a bit of a coward and probably won't show it. I won't say it's massive but there's a lot on it. If I stay focused and enjoy the process, I should get most of it done. I am not going to wait for the New Year to continue to make changes in my life. I will keep doing it starting today. I mean, why wait to make a change? Do it now. The thing I want to get back to is enjoying the process of creating. Yes, I want to make things to offer for sale but I want to have fun doing it. I will continue to work on being kind to me. Give myself time to grow, to learn something new. To finish off some old projects and to look forward to the future. Not dwell on the future. Live in the moment, think more about today. Take time to do one thing I like to do each day. It can be for five minutes or thirty. I deserve that.

Now that the weather is cooling down, I want to walk more. Wanting is good, doing is better. I went for a walk with my friend Kate. I got tanned. Really? It was beautiful. Blue skies, some puffy white clouds, a slight breeze, and the leaves are finally starting to change color. I want to walk more.

I will continue to do monthly challenges. I've done and pretty much completed four this year. Not bad. The challenge this month is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrimo). I haven't made my goal of 50,000 words in the past two years but this time around, I will succeed. I'm working on an adult fantasy but have other stories in the wings in case I get stuck. The point of this challenge is to get a rough draft done. I met with my region's writers last night. At least some of them. They seem like a nice bunch and we will encourage each other to finish. There are a couple of write-ins scheduled too and I will try to go to most of them.

Last month I won a nice Jack 'o Lantern guy from an online giveaway. I was quite shocked. I normally don't win anything. He's cute and he lights up. He's made by wonderful Halloween artist Pat J. Gill.

I also got two preemie quilts longarmed. They might be my last two for awhile because I may have to give up my machine. I hope not and I'm working to keep it.

And I'm still working on my Cosmic Smashbook journal which is part of my adventure.

It's a brand new month. And today is a new day. I've got things to do and I will enjoy. I wish you all a wonderful day too.

Still February

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