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That Darn Engine

Still working on getting that creative engine fired up and running consistently. Eegads! March has not been the best month for anything. It isn't over yet. I did get some more down on my short story but I haven't finished the rough draft just yet. Maybe tonight. I have been reading though. Finished another book. I got it from the dollar store believe it or not. So far, it's my second pick from said store and I've enjoyed both books. I got a dollar! Death of a Prankster by MC Beaton and Star Spangled Murder by Leslie Meijer. I like murder mysteries and have started several myself.

I helped a friend clear out his backyard, in prep for spring and he's going to let me take over his raised garden beds so I can plant some things this year. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bush beans, and herbs. It was good to be outside and smell the dirt but I was way stiff that night and the next day. I do feel the creative juices starting to flow again. Maybe that's what I needed to help me o…

Friday the 13th- No pic post

It's Friday the 13th. I love Friday the 13th. My mom was born on a 13th and I love it when her birthday falls on one. I am not superstitious in that way. It's another day that I've been given. And I'm going to start a new chapter in my life book. I've started a new business that's slowly growing. Please check it out at

The new chapter is to get back to writing. A few years ago, I was writing like gangbusters. The words were flying out of me and onto blank pages. I was getting things done. Kid stories, Sci/Fi stories, mysteries, women's stories, fantasies. It was amazing. Then something happened. I guess it was a gradual thing, or not. Can't remember but I lost my zest for writing. I had begun to read so many negative things about women writers, writers of color, who would read my work, who would buy my work, I'm too old, and it went on and on and I stopped. Instead of finishing what I had started. A great body of wo…

No Pic Post

Six days in and only two posts. But I have been posting on my Wendy B Quilts blog. So by all means, please hop over and take a peek. I had to take apart the top for one of my Halloween dolls because it just wasn't working for me. I didn't like the print, it was too loud, so I finally took it off the doll and now she's just staring at me. Sorry kiddo. But... but, my creative mojo is coming back. It went away the last part of February and I ended up in a slight slump. Say that fast a couple of times. I am really working on my patience and business is slow. At that time I started listening to all the Bad Wendy voices ad nauseam and I finally told them to shut up.

I am okay. I've decided to live one day at a time. Enjoy my moments of quiet, creativity, just being. I am working towards something to better my life and things will happen. If I give them a chance. There are just some things that I cannot control and I need to stop trying. I am working on eating better because …

Merry March

Okay, I don't know how merry this month will be but one can dream. Most of the country is frozen solid and warmer temps are way into the future. But... we do what we've got to do. Keep on keeping on. Last month was a so-so month. At the end, I kind of got into a funk. The kind when you work hard and things don't quite turn out the way you want them to. You shed a few tears, regroup, lick your paws, crawl under a blankie, and prepare for the next day, the next month. I'm still getting out of my slump and looking a back at last month, it wasn't that bad. As far as being creative.

February projects completed
1- Gail Wilson doll kit (I finally got all four of those kits done, yee haw!)
2- Wendy B Quilts jobs
1- Personal quilt top done
1- Book read (out of 3, got to get that number up this month)
1- Day trip to the Fearrington Folk Art Festival
1- Machine applique design
10- World of Wendy Lu blog posts
8- Wendy B Quilts blog posts

For a grand total of 24 projects, goals…