Wednesday, October 23, 2019


October is zooming by and not going according to plan. I am working on dealing with it. Still getting the knee better, back to work on a limited basis, and trying to get back to creating things. Anything on the regular. It's been hard but I tell myself it's only been about two months since my surgery and to cut myself some slack. Working on it. But it has turned out to be a wonderful fall. Cool temps, gusting winds, rain, colorful leaves... it's been a true fall. Going for walks and crunching leaves; I can't remember the last time that happened.

The colors have been great. I'm enjoying everything and filing it in my head and I think I will have to get some of these pics printed off. Now if we can have a decent Halloween night. No rain or snow or freezing temps. That would be perfect.

Below are some more Frida dolls finally painted and ready for clothes. I guess I should take another pic because their faces are done. I will be painting other dolls today. I have been doing tiny sketches on a calendar all month long and will show those soon. At least I'll get 31 days of Halloween.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

It' Fall Y'all!

The knee is getting better and I was able to take a longer walk this morning. Boy was it nice and brisk. The wind slightly blowing, the sun was out, there was the crunching of leaves underfoot. I even had my new gloves on. And I got some pretty pics.

My little niece in North Carolina, well, she's not that little anymore but she's way into dolls right now and I am so very happy about that. She has an 18" doll in need of a wardrobe. So I borrowed one from my mom as a model and I got her cleaned up, her hair washed and a little trim. I also repaired her backside. Now she's ready for some clothes. I think I will make an old-fashioned Halloween outfit. That's about all I have time for but there's still Christmas coming up and more clothes.

I was also able to get some Halloween stamps. Yes, I still do snail mail and I'm so excited I was able to get some. When I got there, to the Post Office, I was told I was the fourth person to ask for them. This was a little after opening. Who knew there were other loonies like me out there? I was shocked that the PO put them out so late but that's okay. Usually they are sold out by the time I get stamps.

Last week wasn't the greatest with getting a single project done. But the new week starts today. I've got my list and I'm ready. I've got to be especially since I'm back on limited time at the job. And the holidays are coming up. Until next time, take care of yourselves.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Best Laid Plans...

Yes, indeed. The best laid plans don't always get you laid the way you planned. Love that quote. Can't remember the lady's name who said it. But that seems to be the way life goes. Anyhoo...

October, my favorite month is well underway. My creativity is inching along. Last week was spent going back and forth to my mom's. She fell again, and I went with her to her doctor. A few X-rays later and nothing is broken. Thanks goodness. I made a big pot of veggie soup for her so she wouldn't have to stand a cook. Went and picked up some breakfast things for her to eat when she gets up. Yep, she wasn't eating in the morning while she took her medication. Which made her dizzy and why she fell. Ugh! Two doctors got on her case. Thank you doctors. Did six loads of her laundry and we continued to clear out stuff in the house. Two more trash bags.

Today I'm feeling pretty good. Got my exercise in and even went for a walk. A little farther than the previous walk. It was a beautiful morning, a small wind, brisk temps, the sun shining, just great. I will have to pull out my gloves for the next walk. I got in and did a small drawing for National Octopus Day. October 8th, get it?

I also was able to finally, finally finish a doll. My first Frida Kahlo doll. I couldn't believe it. It's been so long since I completed a project.

And I started some larger hexies to mend my favorite pair of pants that I've had for 20 years. I love those pants and they don't make them like that anymore. I was going to just patch them but I don't like store bought patches, they don't always stay put. Then I saw on Facebook where they were talking about mending items of clothing. So that's what I will do. Mend my pants and stitch on lots of hexies to make my pants fancy. Maybe I'll get another couple of years wear out of them.

I'll be making some green ones today. The pants are a khaki green color. That's my update. Yes, still a little behind but I'm feeling so much better and I'm going to just ride with it.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Here we go!

Sometimes you just need to talk to a good friend, who really knows you, to help you get back on the creative wagon. Things keep happening that want to derail me being as creative as I want. My mother fell again last week. The second time this year. I went into her hometown on Monday to check on her, the house, and I made her a big pot of veggie soup and some rice on the side. I bought her some frozen breakfast sandwiches, frozen chicken and turkey breakfast sausages, and breakfast bars. Why? Because she won't eat breakfast. Then later in the day, she'll get dizzy. And then comes the fall. So I got easy and small things she can eat in the morning to get something on her stomach. Today I go back because she's got a doctor's appointment.

Back to my friend. She helped me get out of this little rut that was about to turn into a canyon. It's the same old negative loop. I have a list of things I want to do. I get a great start in the morning. Then right after coffee, things go haywire. The doubts seep in. Why work on something and it won't turn out. Or no one  will like it. No one will buy it. No one will buy anything because nothing's finished. Then I get freaked out, think about my mother, getting a new job, and it just goes on and on. My friend told me to stop it. Find a beautiful picture of Scotland and put it where I can see it everyday. And tell myself that I need to work on and complete things so I can get there. Yesterday was a good day. Got more Frida dolls stuffed and put together. I didn't get to all on the list, but I got to that.

See, they look like aliens. This is one point where I would stop and do the bad thing of beating myself up. So when I get back from mom's, I will paint pretty faces. Have a great day y'all. Someone should.

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