Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Yep, here we are in a new month. I guess I just have to roll with the waves because things are just weird. I did get the front page to my Bullet Journal done. Boris Bigfoot and what may be his camping adventures for the month. Yep, Bigfoot goes camping.

Last week was my birthday week. One friend took me out to breakfast. Another friend took me to Port Austin, MI on my birthday and it was wonderful. Such a unique little village that is pro-artist and musician. The waterfront is beautiful and there's a lighthouse close by. You have to take a boat to get to it but I did see it in the foggy distance.

Public art.

The Bank is a restaurant in an old bank.

Port Austin Lighthouse. This is the type of lens used in the lighthouse and the miniature model that was made of it. It's in the Visitor's Center/Chamber of Commerce.

This was an old barn that has been turned into a living space and studio/gallery for the artist in residency program.

And this is art town. Another program for artists. If you think you want to have a brick and mortar place, instead of spending tons of money to see if it will work, you can rent a shanty for the summer and give it a go.

Even though it was overcast and sprinkled a bit, it was a great birthday day and gift.

Still February

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