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Not the Best Pic

Been sick for almost a week, a really bad cold this time with a dose of another infection dealing with kidneys and bladders. Ha, ha! Yeah, I went there. Anyhoo, feeling much better and I'm working hard to salvage the rest of this month. I finally got my pirate/skull vest done. Buttonholes and all. It looks way better on and I will have to get a pic of me in it. Until then, here it is.

It's lined and I just love the fabric. Feeling pretty good right now because I got something done, this year. I know, it's still early but this month was starting to freak me out because I had nothing creative done.

Close up of buttons.

I've also been back to writing and finally broke through a block where I couldn't figure out how to start the story. I've had many scenes written, lots of background info, and stories to fill several books, but I didn't know how to start the darn thing. Or where to start it in the main character's life. Before I got out of bed this morning,…

Progress on Gail Wilson Doll

I've been busy, still at the costume shop at Old Salem and working hard to get home to create. Writing has been lackluster too. So here's a quicky. The next stage of my Columbian Doll. I couldn't believe how much stuffing went into that head. And it is hard. Note to self: don't clip so close to neck seams no matter what instructions say. I busted out a few seams and have camouflaged them with modeling paste. Poor baby.

I gave her two base coats of gesso and now I'll have to give her a light sanding before I start painting her with acrylic.

And here are my buttons for my pirate vest. I've been eyeing them for almost a year and was so happy that my bead lady still had some in stock. You know that adage? If you like it when you see it, buy it. I got lucky this time.

I'm in Germ Magazine

This year hasn't been going like I had planned.  I didn't jump out of my creative gate and the procrastination ghouls have been appearing.  I was about to start pulling my hair out because I had so many plans and nothing was getting done. Not good enough, who will like my stuff.


Someone does. I really hope I can get this link up right.

I has a spot in a brand new online magazine for pre-teen and teen girls.  There's art, writing, music, videos, all that will help them be empowered.  And I'm a part of it.  At the beginning.  From the ground up.

THAT... is pretty awesome.

At first I didn't think so.  I found everything that was wrong and began to beat myself up.  All of those past demons of not being perfect, good enough surface from some stinky dark and gooey pit.  I called a friend because I should have been excited.  She said it was up to me to be happy about this and not wo…

On My Table

Working hard to get this month off to a good start.  Heck, the whole year off to a good start.  After I finished my NANO story, I wasn't satisfied with the end, so it will be getting a little longer.  The crazy lady has to get crazier and mess things up for the love birds who thought they were going to have a happy life. Ha! I just love it.  I also re-did an outline for Zaylie the Zombie Slayer and I'm liking the story better.  I've changed the age of the main character, rearranged events which makes it way tighter.  Will be ditching lots of previously written stuff and I feel okay about it because it just wasn't working.

I'm working on some new doll designs.  Did two today and I may combine them to make one decent pattern.  And on my table as of today are heart ornaments made out of cotton and a batch out of felt; Frieda Kahlo ornaments out of felt; St Pat's Sugar Skull ornaments made out of felt.

I've decided to post once a week for sure on this blog.  If…

Hello 2014!

Four days into the New Year and I feel like I'm already behind.  Never fear, just take one day at a time. First I'll start with my Good Things Jar.  Remember that?  Take an empty jar, decorate it and when good things happen to you during the course of the year, write them down on slips of paper and put them in the jar.  On December 31, take them out and read them.  We always remember the bad things that happen to us, but rarely the good or nice or sentimental things.  Breakthroughs, accomplishments, etc.  Well, I did that for the whole year and read my slips of paper on New Year's Eve.  Some things I forgot had happened and I'm glad I wrote them down.  I've already started 2014 with 2 slips of paper.

I ended up with 47 slips of paper for the whole of 2013.  I won't share everything because some things are personal or you just wouldn't get it but I will give some highlights.

had an artist date at a local museum - saw Romare Beardenfirst time experiencing torr…