Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Not to Eat Before Bed

Note to self: Do not eat hot wings, have a glass of wine and a glass of beer before bed. I did that last night and I had the craziest dreams. Do not believe anyone who tells you that we all dream in black and white. Nope. Not this gal. It was all in Technicolor with surround sound.

The Dream
I was in an office building and I started hearing gunshots. People were screaming and running. I ran out of the office I was in and saw a woman shooting people and a man with a very large chainsaw, like for very big trees. I ran the other way and up a flight of stairs to the end of a hall and into a room. Some others followed me. We hid in this room that hadn't been used in awhile because everything in it was dusty. The room was filled with old sewing machines and sewing materials, including some large shears. There had to be about eight of us in the room and we were all catching our breaths, waiting for the cops to show up.

The door burst open and in ran a young man in olive green polyester pants. He was screaming. He shut the door but the guy behind him broke through. The guy with the chainsaw. He ran in and started hacking up people. I looked around and no one was grabbing the large shears to throw at the guy. I ran out the door, poly guy and some others followed me.

We got down to the lobby and there was blood all over the place, but no bodies. I continued to hear gunfire. I started towards the door but it was booby trapped with a large homemade hand grenade, grey in color. Couldn't exit through the door. I told myself, "This is not the day I die." I looked at the windows and decided to break one of them. There were a couple of chairs around. A little voice in my head said that I wouldn't be able to do it. I replied, watch me. I picked up a chair and hit one of the glass panes. It fell out its holdings toward the street. Gunfire was getting closer. I ran outside with others behind.

Now, the people on the street were just walking around like nothing was happening. No cops. Anywhere. Then the lady with the gun, who saw us leaving the building, followed us outside and started shooting people. She ran out of bullets. I don't know what I grabbed but it was big and heavy and I hit her with it. She looked stunned, so I did an upswing and hit her again. She started to wobble and I hit her again and she finally fell to the ground. I jumped her and started shoving her face into the pavement, telling her not to move. Of course she wasn't listening so her face got more pavement. I told poly guy to grab her hands so she wouldn't get away. I had a knee in her back and looked up to stupid people just staring at me. I said, "Will someone call the f****** cops!" Finally heard sirens, then the chainsaw boyfriend came out and started slashing people. The cops arrived and shot him dead. The gun lady was trying to talk. She got more pavement to the face.

My alarm clock went off. I asked myself, what the heck was that? I turned the alarm off and rolled over to...

Dream 2
I was in a school. I had given a presentation earlier and I hear gunfire. I say to myself, 'Again?' I was starting to feel like John McClaine. There's a window with glass in the door of the classroom, about adult height. I look out and see a gunman, dressed all in black heading towards the room with me, a female teacher, and a bunch of scared kids. I tell her to spread the kids along the side walls of the classroom, away from view. The gunman came through the door, the teacher and I slammed the door on his arm, he dropped his pistol. I grabbed the pistol, he pushed through the door and I shot him in the throat. No use fooling around. A male teacher ran into the room and pulled the bad guy out of the way. We told the female teacher to take the kids and run. Half of them made it down the hall and out of a side door, when another gunman came our way. We told the kids to hide in the closet and the male teacher and I started pushing the desk and chairs in front of the door. The gunman broke the glass in the window with a rifle butt and started shooting into the classroom. The teacher and I ducked, didn't get hit with any bullets. The gunman pushed through our meager defenses, saw the male teacher, took aim. Before he could pull the trigger, I shot him in the leg. He went down. The male teacher grabbed the rifle and shot the bad guy in the chest. I asked, "Is that it?" I wanted to add, are you stupid? I then shot the bad guy in the face. Double tap. This guy was a terrorist, probably with a bullet proof vest on. I've seen enough Jason and Michael and zombie movies to know that.

I woke up after that because nature was calling. But what the heck? What does that mean? Besides the fact that I shouldn't have that combination of eats before bed. That my new business venture is off to a great start. That I shouldn't feel down because it's slow going right now. That it's not the time to be a victim but to go ahead, full steam ahead. That what I want is worth fighting for. That I can do it by myself but I'll get help along the way.

I told a friend (the one who took me out to eat last night) the dreams I had this morning. At first he wasn't interested but as I continued the dream (because it was so long, movie lenght), he couldn't believe it. Then I told him the second dream and he finally said, "What the heck was that about?" I said, "Probably to not give up on this new business, don't give up." Then he said, "Or you're tired." He laughed and said, "You're very tired so get back to sewing." Yep, that's a guy for you.

Yes, get back to sewing. I've got a Nine Patch waiting for me. Coffee is almost gone. I may need some more. So, avoid that food combination before bed. Then again, it's... Never Give Up, Never Surrender. Galaxy Quest.

Have a FANTABULOUS day y'all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh My!

This month is going by way fast but I'm determined to enjoy and work one day at a time. Plan a bit for the future but I'm only guaranteed today. I've been working very hard on my new quilt service business but I will also be making quilts for sale. So while I'm waiting for the longarm service part to increase, I'm working on a Nine Patch in green and white, an Irish theme. You know, St. Patrick's Day is coming up.

I've also started on my last Gail Wilson doll kit. Because I'm itching to make a doll. My eyeballs won't let me quilt all day and I miss making dolls.

I have been reading and may hit my three books a month goal. I still haven't written anything but that will change today.  A sketch too. Because it's my day and that's the plan. I also have some alien ornaments that need tending too, so I guess I better get started. And the laundry. See ya later.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Nine Patch

Here are my scribbles for my Nine Patch quilt. Graph paper and color pencils really help.

Happy Monday

Yes, it is another Monday. I've been working very hard on my new business venture, my longarm quilting service and making quilts. Today I will start a new quilt, a Nine Patch. I've also started my last Gail Wilson doll kit.

You can barely see the pencil lines but the body parts are there. I am in the MAIDA group, one for making and collecting primitive and antique cloth dolls. One of the members decided that she was going to work on something for her everyday and not at the end of the day. I think that's kind of cool. So this is my project for the day, for me. To get this little lady sewn. I'll stuff her tomorrow.

Another project for me is to write a short story. 2015 will be the year to "Finish My Sh**" according to Chuck Wendig. I have many stories started and now it's time to work and polish them and get them done. So three things for today:

  1. Start the Nine Patch
  2. sew the doll parts together
  3. write my short story
Time for me to go. See ya soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No Pic Post

Gah! Midway through the first month of the New Year. Can you believe that? Didn't we just celebrate the New Year? Well, time waits for no one. I'm behind on certain things but I've been quilting up a storm. That's good. I will remedy working on other things on my list, like Kid Medusa who has been giving me the side eye but she understands that  momma needs to pay the bills.

A friend has brought me some of her scraps of fabric. She's got four granddaughters. Lots more creating will be going on.

I went to my quilt guild meeting last night and one of the members did a presentation of her quilts. Wow! She does art quilts and is so nice, she said that if I wanted to try it and had any questions to just email her. Is that nice or what? I'll probably attempt one at some point. But right now I have to put binding on my two scrappy quilts. And I will be preparing to cut out a nine patch. Onward!

Quilt 7

I'm numbering all the quilts I do on my longarm. This one is #7 and for someone else.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Next Quilt on Deck

Red scrappy quilt is ready to be stitched on the longarm. Moving right along.

#longarmquilting #scrappyquilt

No Picture Post

Gah! This month is cruising right along and I'm behind a bit. Truck had to go into the shop for a couple of days. The repair cost was huge but it no longer leaks and smell of oil and no more smoking from under the hood. That is a good thing. Poor Maxwell (truck) didn't want to start this cold morning. 9 degrees here in NC. Not normal temps at all. But I'm back to getting things done for the new business. Another scrappy quilt will go on Leonidas today, binding is being cut for the blue scrappy quilt and that will go on today too. Haven't been sketching but I have my sketchbook with me, so we shall see. Pics soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scrappy Quilt

I got my first scrappy quilt done on the longarm. I have three more quilts on deck. Why is the month going so fast?

#longarmquilting #scrappyquilt #blue

Friday, January 2, 2015

Second Scrappy Quilt

Here's my second scrappy quilt. It needs borders and I have to go out fabric shopping to get the fabric. And for the back.
#scrappyquilt #red

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

It is 2015!

A new year and a new day. Well, today is my first day off of the new year. Right off the bat and that's okay because it's out the gate tomorrow morning. It may be movie day on Netflix, or book reading day, or clean up day, a combination of all, or a just do nothing day. I am celebrating a new year. I got a good running start though by putting the borders on my first scrappy quilt.

I have to get some backing fabric and then I can put it on my longarm machine, Leonidas to quilt up. I've got lots more fabric to turn into quilts before I can start buying more fabric. Makes sense, doesn't it? Yes, I'm laughing to myself.
#scrappyquilt #blue

Now it's November

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