Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Wrap Up

Well, well, well. July was a doozy, it was hot and humid, and threw me for several loops. But once again, I rallied and got things done. I'm done with the film and feel great about that. Now I've got to bust my you-know-what to be ready for the Doll & Teddy Bear Expo. Two months. Is this crazy or what? Yep, it is, but I'm a bit off anyway.

I got my bunners done and off to a new shop and gallery. I have more in the works and some will be bunner pirates along with Koji Bear pirates. I edited the first three chapters of my young adult manuscript, which is coming along quite nicely. I'm very excited about it. Things are looking great because I can now work on things for me.

And Halloween is coming.

I will have pics of stuff in the works tomorrow.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Almost a Warren

My Bunners have started to multiply. I know I need to get my new camera but it's been so hot, I don't want to sit in my car or traffic to get to the store. Maybe in another week the temps will be back to normal. I've been busy. I knew I needed to get off my rear end to get things done. So I started, again, doing just one little thing at a time. That then developed into a few more minutes, and then just outright doing the project and finishing. And when I put their ears on, I couldn't believe how cute they were. Why had it taken me so long to finish them?

This is Sachi. She was one of the two I had started eons ago. I had her dressed but she had no face or ears. You may remember her pic. But now she's done and oh so cute. The tongue sticking out is a Koji Bear thing and I'm sticking with it.

This is Miko, the other half of the first duo. I didn't know if I would like her but once her face was on, I picked her to keep.

I had sketches of the faces and different ears, so I would have something to go by and they aren't very much off. I surprised myself. These two still need their stands.

This charming pair are Ryoko and Keiko. They have their stands and are off to galleries. Keiko, in the stripes was giving me problems with her stand. I don't think she wanted to leave me. I didn't want to see her go either but bills and more supplies yelled at me.

Isn't her face just adorable? I feel like a new mom.

This is Sachi and yes, she's got a wonky ear. I did have a bunny like that in real life. Her ears kept going in weird directions and never the same way. I love her big cheeks. She was more behaved on her stand and ready for her new adventure.

All of the Bunners are needle felted with an armature. The faux kimono design is my own. I've several more in the works but now I have to blitz the apartment. Only because I have a friend coming over on Saturday and I don't want the dust bunnies (pun!) to chase her away. But once that is done, along with laundry, I'll be free to create some more. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
I'm getting excited again.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Can you believe it? I finally finished a project. A small one, but done. It's my first 'believe' sign. I had read about it on another blog, how the author/artist put up 'believe' all over her place, so that she would be reminded all the time to do so. This one is displayed in my living room and another is not too far behind. I traced Celtic letters from the book 'Celtic Knotwork Designs' by Elaine Hill. Painted in acryllic, with a few splatters and outlined and shadowed in color pencil.

I wanted to really get this done so that I'd see it at all times. Believe. I can do the creative things I want. I have everything that I need to do so. I have to believe in me to get started. So I did so today. A late start but I started.

My Wandi Witches have their underpants and skirts on. They should've been done a few weeks ago but, well, you know, goofy things happen. I will put their arms on tonight and draw their faces on. I have to look for ribbon for their belts and sashes. I'd like to find some Halloween type buttons for their waists. I will make faux witch hats for them too.

I think they're turning out quite well and can't for the life of me figure out why the procrastination. I can't wait to see what new Halloween fabrics come out this year. They will be able to sit (propped up) or hang on the wall. I've been working on several projects today and still have a few hours to keep busy. Arms, faces, underskirts and pants. One baby step at a time. I have a small flame now and it's just Monday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Working It

Wow! The past month and a half have been a challenge. Lost my creative mojo, then found it but the momentum is still eluding me. I have quite a few deadlines heading towards me like a runaway bullet train and I only have a spark under my butt to get out of the way.

I want my flame back! A roaring bonfire, a raging five state forest fire of productivity. I have been creating lately, it's just been with words. I'm working on finishing my YA manuscript so I can take it to a writer's conference.

I finally got my project board back on the wall. Dollies are back in their respective spots and are a lot happier. If it falls again, it will be nailed to the wall. Pieces for the expo are slowly getting done. Where's that blasted lighter and kindling? Creative mojo man is mocking me. He's stuck on my work table, I will not allow him to disappear anytime soon.

The 'want' and 'believe' factors are on the rise. I want to travel more and I beleive, in my heart that it will happen this year. I beleive that I will get it together for the expo and it will be a success. I believe I will get my manuscript finshed, polished, and find an agent. I want to have fun. There are so many things to epxlore and I want to start doing things on my bucket list.

I believe that things can be different and the only limitations are those I put on myself. So I will draw my sword and banish them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Double Irish Chain

Yeah I know, the pictures kind of suck. 1000 apologies but I just had to show my quilt top. Mine. It belongs to me. I did this for me and it felt good. For me, not for the film, not for the expo or anyone else. Little 'ole me. I started about 4:30 yesterday and finished about 12:30 this morning (most parts had been cut out). Then I wrote for another hour. Amazing!!!!!!!

The color isn't the greatest and it's bigger than I thought it would be. We'll do the borders at the next meet. The size is called twin coverlet. Good gift size. It can cover the average person's parts while watching the tellie. I will make another for a friend's 40th birthday next year.

I am so proud of myself. Reading quilt directions takes a degree but I got through it. I think when I make it again, I'll have more confidence.

It's a Double Irish Chain because of the outer row and inner row. I love this pattern now. Had meatloaf, brown rice, and stir fry veggies for dinner. I think I'll needle felt now.

Creative Mojo Man

I have been in the dumps something fierce the past month and I'm starting to come out of it. I think. I don't want to count those chickens or put that horse where I think it should go at the moment. Any hoo, last week I had had it and went looking for my creative mojo. Good Wendy had him cornered so I decided to grab him and make him. It's a start. Got the fabric ready to cover him; leftovers from a tote bag a friend made me. I want to have him done by the end of the week. He's screaming for Wendys too.

I wrote about me changing my work table and that I should take a pic. Well here it is. Pretty cramped right. I've got Grim in the back for inspiration. He's waiting for buddies to party with. I told him that scaring old people wasn't a party. Maybe the neighbors. My writing books are at the ready as well as my needle felting implements.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jam-packed Jazzy July

Yes, that title is a mouthful. I'm not going to list what I would like to get done but just do it and share with you. Another month, boy how time is flying, no, speeding like a jet plane by. I guess it's okay to have a down month. Life happens right? Only 23 creative days last month. But I got to see my little niece and her fat cheeks.

Creative mojo isn't on the blink and has been spotted lurking in corners. Good Wendy is trying valiantly to coax him out. I've rearranged my work table and now have inspiring past works on it and my writing reference books. I guess I should take a picture.

My 'believe' factor is improving. I read that one person wrote 'believe' in different ways and posted them all over her house, in her car, and office. It's one thing to say it but another to feel it. It is scary but I know what I want and it's coming. So I believe more now. I'm beginning to feel it in my heart that I can accomplish more to be able to live the life I want to live.

Let the games begin!

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