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A Breakthrough... Maybe

I haven't been creating much of anything in the past couple of years. I have been quilting but that's my new business. I haven't been designing or making any new dolls or Halloween pieces. Even though I've been doodling ideas, nothing has come to being. I asked myself why? What was I doing or not doing that stopped my producing artwork? I know I had a creative block a few years ago and knew why but this was something different. I looked at my art/craft friends on Facebook to see what they were doing because they were producing work. Whether they made art as their main business or as a second business, they were getting things done. I found that they not only had ideas, but sketches. Those sketches obviously gave them a springboard to do the final piece, whether the final piece looked like the sketch or not. And that was my problem.

I have goo gobs of ideas, some sketched on tiny pieces of paper. I had begun to group them together and got down to three piles. And that w…


I finally finished something this year. My second pair of knitted socks. It took me about three years to do so but they are done and I can now wear them. Good grief. It took me two and a half hours to finish them up. What was I waiting on? I have no idea but they are done and are the first thing on my 'Finished' list. I feel pretty good right now. Maybe I can carry that feeling through the rest of the week and finish something else.


Oh Mercury in retrograde, how I loathe thee. I was doing okay while that planet is doing some crazy positioning in the skies. My writing was on track, quilts were coming in and getting done but then I fell off the writing wagon, need a new windshield for the truck, and I'm just feeling blah. Kind of tired but not really. Not feeling like I'm getting sick but blah. Today it's raining like crazy, it's dark, and chilly. Winter like. And I started on the train of beating myself up. I mean nothing is finished and it's only the second week of the New Year. What was I thinking?

Okay. Pity party is over. I did today at the studio what I set out to do. Finish a quilt that was on the frame. It's a very pretty quilt and I did a good job on it.

I have two things on my list for the rest of today to do. Just two things. That's it. Finish my socks and work on my short story. I'll let you know how it goes.

The First Week

There's one more day, today, left in my week. I start my new week on Sunday. For the first week of the new year, I didn't too to bad. I want to at least write five days out of the week and I did just that. I got my first business quilt, I got the binding attached to two preemie quilts (I'll stitch those down today), I finished my last Sashiko piece and I'm ready for the next step of that project. I cut out and sewed two new dolls for Halloween and I discovered something else about me. I guess kind of an epiphany. Nothing will ever be perfect enough. My apartment, my work area, nothing. For so long I've been putting off doing creative things because of numerous things. Excuses really. Not enough room, I want a separate spot to make dolls or do paper clay or polymer clay. I don't have enough shelving unit space. The list went on and on. The clock continued to tick on and on and I would end up berating myself because nothing got done. I'd see others online who…


What a day! Eegads!

Don't get me wrong. It was a good day. I got quite a bit done. Yesterday I wasn't in the studio because of sinus issues. I'm feeling much better today. I got into the studio, cut out and sewed two dolls; cut, made and stitched binding on my two preemie quilts; and I finished working on my last Sashiko piece. Phase one of that project. But... but...

I was irritable all day long. Everyone irritated me to no end. Kids running up and down the hall, people slamming doors, inconsiderate young woman locked the outer door to the lady's restroom. Seriously? There are two stalls in the restroom. It told her that when she got out and she didn't get it. I repeated it and as to why she had that door locked? Then she got it. She did say a weak "Sorry" but I had to go. Now that I think about it, why would you lock a woman's restroom when there is more than one stall. Ugh! Not going to think about that right now. My blood pressure is finally going…


Yikes! Happy Belated New Year!

I'm going to have to think twice about having a week and a half off for the holidays. Well... maybe not. Anyway, I got back to working on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I'm beat. I think it's because I didn't do anything over the break. Now that I've got the brain active again, my body is yelling at me. My brain is laughing and my eyelids just want to close, with my body under a nice warm blankie. It finally got cold in these parts. And yesterday, I saw flurries. Yep, flurries. Snowflakes. At first I thought someone was burning trash or something but nope, snow. It didn't stick but it's feeling more like winter. Too bad it couldn't have happened last month. I'll get over it. All the neighbors are back from their break because the building is a lot louder and there's more movement. Doors slamming. I will deal with it. Thank goodness for earplugs.

I am so glad 2015 is history. I suffered a broken heart and I'm w…