Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tiny Faces

Yep, some things are getting worked on. The full body doll pins have faces. They are pretty tiny but I think they are cute. Tomorrow I look for hair and start dressing them.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


At some point, hopefully, I will get things at full speed ahead. Right now, it's starts, stops, and bumps along the way. I've been having a rough time at getting creative again but hopefully I'm on the right launch pad this time. Here I've started painting the doll head pins that I started a couple of weeks ago. Eegads! They should have been done by now but I'm a big goof. I'm working on changing that, really, I am. I put down the basics with acrylic paint. The eyes and lips. Next I'll go in with color pencil to do a quick makeup job, finishing off with permanent pen.

For the full body pins, I used clothes pins to keep their legs separated while I painted their shoes. For larger dolls I use the toe separators you use when you paint your toenails. Those things hold and separate doll legs quite well. And as you can see, clothes pins work for smaller pieces. You use what you have.

Below you can see better the beginning of their paint job and how the pins are holding their legs.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Late But Still Here

Yes, life does some really unusual things to you. And you've got to roll with it. Still working on getting things together. I have a huge two year plan started and will be working like crazy to stay on track. So here are some more drawings I've done. I have a lot of these wood coffins hanging around. I told myself to either do something with them or get them out of the place. I'm getting back into a declutter phase. Downsizing once again. Rather, going through things I just threw in boxes when I moved four months ago. So I did some sketches. Plus, this will help me get ready for Halloween. Which isn't that far away.

A friend posted this bread pic and I just fell in love. I think I will have to start collecting bread recipes. I really want to learn how to make bread. Good bread. Healthy bread. As I get older, my tolerance for store bought is going down. The healthier the bread, the better the body feels. Doesn't it look yummy?

Monday, July 10, 2017

And We're Off

Now that birthday celebrations and the summer holiday are over it's time to get back to some creative business. I have doll pins in the works to ship off to a shop and did some sketching along with working on a couple of short stories. Was getting back to my daily walk too but today, a very loud thunder storm ran me inside before I got to finish. And it's been raining all day. The plants need it. So I'm good. Sketches for doll hat pins.

I've got doll hat heads and full doll pins ready to be painted.

Here are some other sketches of heads that may or may not be turned into 3D figures. We shall see. The week is still young and I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's July!

Wow! That was fast. I added another day of celebrating for the birthday. I went to a cool fabric store with a friend and then she took me to lunch. And then there was the holiday, July 4th, and I just kind of chilled out. Now I'm getting back to business. I had a nice time off to enjoy and reflect the rest of the year. Because, the year is officially halfway over. The days are getting shorter. Eegads! So here are a few things I've done the past week or so. Some new forest folks based on an alpaca wearing a leather bomber jacket. It was on a greeting card. Which I can't seem to find. Moving sucks.

I did a few more sketches but it doesn't seem like I took pics. Will rectify that shortly and put in my next post. I will be working on my Raggedy Ann doll and get some doll pins painted. The next holiday (so-to-speak) is in September.

Tiny Faces

Yep, some things are getting worked on. The full body doll pins have faces. They are pretty tiny but I think they are cute. Tomorrow I look ...