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It's the end of a month, again. My mind has exploded. Time can't be moving this fast. But I guess it is. Once again, I'm still working on getting some type of balance in my schedule. I didn't really come close. The quilt service is getting better. Summer vacations will be over soon, kids will be back in school, and adults will be getting gifts ready for Christmas. Which means more work for me, which is great.

So, my wrap up for July.

7 books readfinally finished the rough draft of my short story5 business quilts longarmed1 wall hanging quilt top done1 Sashiko piece done8 World of Wendy Lu blog posts11 Wendy B Quilts blog posts7 days of practicing Esperanto1 movie on Netflix Not bad but I can do better. Something to look forward to. Getting better at not beating myself up over not finishing or beginning things. I'm good. I'm also ready for fall. So done with the heat and humidity.
I've started my list of things I need to get done, what I want to get done, and…


Uh oh! I've been slacking a bit. I have been busy though. The longarm business is picking up. I longarmed two baby quilts last week. The first one shown was done by an eight year old. Her very first quilt pieced with the help from her grandmother. Good to see the tradition being handed down.

The next one was pieced by someone who didn't know what she was doing, ten years ago. She didn't want to toss it, so I got it to longarm.

At the beginning of the year I took a workshop to learn a new technique. It's called Square in a Square by Jodi Barrows. I thought I would do a small quilt, not a wall hanging like in the booklet. I chose the pattern Pumpkin Hallow and cut the pieces out. Well, the pieces had been sitting for awhile and I told myself to either put the thing together or throw the pieces away. I decided to finish it. So far so good. As you can see I still have more trimming of blocks to do.

I've gotten back to my Esperanto. I'm learning that from Duolingo. 

I Haven't Forgotten

I haven't forgotten you and I haven't forgotten me. Business is picking up and I have three quilts in line for longarming. Very exciting. I love to see what people do with their fabric. I have also been working on my Sashiko. I'll have to get another kit soon. Lots going on right now. I'll do a longer post soon.


I've been trying to do better with posting but it's not happening. So I shall continue to get better, which means I will have to get better at working on things. So, here we are, and I have pics of doll pins finally stuffed. I also started a new Sashiko piece. I have gotten back to Esperanto and I'm almost done with my short story. I had to hook up my tower again because I can print off my work on an old printer. I won't have to go to Kinko's every time I need to have pages printed off. Now that I have it hooked up again, no excuses. I mean, I'm just about done with the rough draft. Geesh!

The doll pins are about 5 1/2" tall.

And here is my second Sashiko piece. A bit more complicated design but I like doing them. They are very soothing once you get into a rhythm. I still don't know what I will do with them once they're done. I've seen these pieces turned into little purses. That's an idea. Time for breakfast, some coffee, and get busy. Hav…

Halloween Cat

I designed a Halloween Cat a couple of months ago and started it. At first I was going to machine applique it but was way too complicated for me so I appliqued it by hand. Then the piece sat. And sat. And sat. Until I got tired of looking at it. So I embroidered some detail on and put on borders. The top is finally done and it was my first piece to be finished for the Trailer Stash Fabrics Finish It Challenge. It feels good to get something done. Now to put it on the frame and attempt to do my first custom stitching.

Once it has been quilted on the longarm, I will bind it in black.

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

I've been in a creative funk lately, even though I had fun celebrating my birthday month. I was bound and determined to turn this year around and do something, so I straightened up my work space. This type of straightening wasn't procrastinating because when my work area gets to the point where I can't find anything, it needs to be fixed. Once I could see things, my mind felt clearer. I could even breath better. And the following morning, the dreams came.

We all dream. We may not remember them, but we all do it. When I was younger, I studied dreams and all scientific things going on about dreaming. I disagreed with them on some points. Since then some things have changed. They used to say that you only dream after you reach REM, about an hour once you fall asleep. Um... yeah. I can be asleep for ten minutes and have dreams of epic proportions. That's where I get most of my story ideas from. Dreams.

Another thing they used to say was that dreams were only in black and w…


Okay, I mentioned that I was having a hard time creating in the past month. I don't know why I forget why it happens on occasion and what my remedy is. My work space has been a mess. Couldn't find anything. I knew I should clean up. But the procrastination pixies were running rampant. So instead of sinking into a pit of melted marshmallow mixed with peanut butter and crude oil, I decided to do something. About the mess. With the longarming of my own quilts, I had a pile of batting leftovers. I went through them, separated them, and put them into see through (that's the key) plastic bags and labeled them. The larger pieces I measured each piece, labeled, and nicely folded. They can be used for some nice size wall hangings. The next size pieces were too small for wall hangings but could be used to make some ornaments (I guess I should get going on those because you know what holiday is approaching), those also went into a labeled bag. The pieces that were too small for ornam…

July, July!

No pic post today. I do hope everyone had a nice, wonderful, or uneventful 4th of July. Mine was uneventful. I house and pet sat for a friend. Latte stayed by my side through the booming storms and fireworks. She does not like them and at one point, neither did I. They were loud. Like canon fire. But it's all good. Over until next year.

It is July! Half the year is definitely over. The summer solstice has come and gone and the days are getting shorter. Yep, I said it, shorter. Some people are not having a summer yet and with time flying by, they may not get one. I feel sorry for them. Here in North Carolina, we are definitely having summer. And rain. And today, it's humid. My curls have curls and I just give up with the hair thing. Even though I was born in the summer, I've never really cared for it. Except for growing things, When I was younger my aunt had a vegetable garden every year and I helped take care of it. Now that I'm older, I deal with it. I love fall, then…