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Bunner Door Hangers- 12 of 20

I still have time to make things for Easter and I finished these door hangers. Or hangers you can put on your cork board or wherever. They are fully appliqued felt and I think they’re pretty cute. Gotta love those bunners.

Money Saving Tip

I usually don’t have these. But I’ve found out that when you think you’ve used up the last of the lotion in a pump bottle or tube, you haven’t. I meant to post this some time ago but forgot to take a picture. So here it is. Do not throw that bottle of lotion away, especially if it’s in a plastic container as most are these days. Take some sharp scissors and carefully cut the bottle halfway down to remove the top portion. When it’s off, you can see down into the bottle and determine if you need to cut more of the plastic. You can then see how much more lotion you have in the bottom of that bottle. They make these things opaque so you can’t see that there’s still lots more you can use, instead of running out to the store to buy more when you think the thing is empty.As you can see, there’s a lot left in this container. A good couple of days worth, if not more. So, take the time to see how much more lotion you have in that bottle before tossing it. After taking the top off, cover with a …

On My Table

One of these started out as an art postcard but I decided to turn it into a door hanger. Or something to hang, wherever. I decided to do five to see how they come out. Here’s what I have so far.

Bunner Bat Ornaments- 7 of 20

Here are some Bunner Bat Ornaments for Easter. They are a part of my own personal art challenge for Lent. The rat doesn’t count just yet because he isn’t dressed. I love bats and I love bunners, so here’s my combination.

One Rat Done

I finally finished a needle felted rat. It’s not totally finished because he will be dressed and have accessories. So technically, he’s still in the works. I used Sara Renzuli’s technique and I will be tweaking it to make rats that look closer to live rats. Have lots of ideas for these guys.


I’ve gotten a bit further on my Halfsies. They have been fully covered with Rigid Wrap. I like using that before I use Creative Paperclay because the Rigid Wrap gives the piece a bit more strength. It’s just me. The process is not written in stone. But it saves on using tons of CP. I also started some bunner ornaments and although part of me wants them to be traditional bunnies, that little weird streak in me is saying, ‘creep them up’ a bit. We shall see. Right now everything is drying and I’ll turn my attention to the rats. See ya soon.

More on My Table

I’m still working on my rats but I’m also working on some scarecrows and other Halloween pieces. So here they are.

On My Table

I’ve decided to get back to needle felting. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it. I’m working on rats. I like rats and if they didn’t have such a short lifespan, I would have one as a pet. I’m learning new techniques from Sara Renzuli of Sarafina Arts. that I’ve started with her technique, I now know what I want to do with the next three. I’m not looking to do realistic rats and because I’m the artist, I can give you my take on what I really want to accomplish. That’s the thing about technique. You learn it from someone else, practice it and apply it to what you want to do, so that your style comes out.They look like skinny moles but that’s okay for right now. There still is much to do.  Also on my table are scarecrows. I cut up old breeches and a waistcoat I got from the costume shop. The fabric is worn and laundered and ready for me to turn them into something sweet and/or creepy. Stay tuned.Technorati Tags: ,,

1- Columbian Doll

I finally finished her. My first Gail Wilson doll kit is done. It was interesting putting her together. Learned some new techniques and what I won’t be doing again. I’m looking forward to the next kit.

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7 March -No pic post

Gonna make this short but it's happened again. Last month was okay with a big online art challenge and getting other things done. It was great and the adrenaline was coursing. I was happy and excited. Well, things ended February 28 and the adrenaline went away and I crashed. At least this time, I didn't crash and burn. With a couple of explosions thrown in for good measure. It took me two days to get back in the swing of things and looking back on past experiences, that's pretty good.

I like having challenges. Something to work towards or for. If it helps me out in the process (financially), that's a bonus. But when the event is over, or the deadline met, I feel lost. The rush is gone and it takes a long time to build it back up again. There's nothing like getting into your zone. It's exciting and freeing and it makes you feel like you can solve all the world's problems and conquer the universe. But when the task is over and the surge of adrenaline is gone.…

March -No pics

Yes, it is March but there is no spring. At least just yet. I don't like the teasing Mother Nature is doing right now. One day it's snowing, the next 68 degrees, then the next freezing rain. A little consistency would be appreciated. I'm having a bout of cabin fever and I await spring. Like so many others.

I accomplished my challenge of 29 Faces. It was fun doing it, trying to keep up with it all. I didn't get a chance to try as many different media that was part of the prompt but I finished it. I can always go back and continue to work with pen and ink, more watercolors, and color pencils. I'm good with getting better using those things. The thing is now, I have no adrenaline rush going on. Once I had my 29th face done, the rush was gone. Ack! Now I've got to build it up again. Right now, that's a challenge, especially with the crazy weather. I will have to work through this soon.

What I am going to do is make 20 pieces of art for Lent. The time period of.…