Tuesday, April 15, 2014

13 & 14 of 20: Second Gail Wilson Kit

This little doll and her doll were a challenge to make. The kit didn't come with a dress pattern so she may or may not get a dress. I didn't like how the bloomers turned out and again, she may or may not get some new ones. I didn't like putting sand in the hands and feet and if that shows up again in another kit I will eliminate that step. Don't like the finished effect. Had to make the tiny doll twice because I had a blow out in a seam on the first one. Very interesting. Doll is 8.5 inches and tiny doll is 2.5 inches. Onto the next one.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April- No Pic Post

April. Here we are again. A new month. The fourth in the year and I feel so behind. But, I have a whole new month to create new things. I didn't work much on writing and that will have to change if I want to get something finished. And I'm already thinking Halloween.

I am ready for spring though. This year I want to go outside more. Go on more walks, go to the park and enjoy the birds and plants. I intend on spending more time out-of-doors and with friends. I see more one day trips in my future too. I will not dwell on what didn't get accomplished last month, even though I wonder where March went? It kind of doesn't matter because it's gone.

I started off the month by getting a commission for four Christmas ornaments. Yes, Christmas. And I got a deposit, which is great. For April, I want to finish and work on a lot. I will put it all on my list and see what happens. I still have my Good Things jar and I can't see the bottom anymore, so I guess I'm off to a good start with that. I've made 12 of 20 pieces of art for Lent and I have eight more to go.


  • 3 rats
  • 2 Gail Wilson dolls
  • 7 aliens
  • 4 bunners
  • Regency romance short story rough draft
Work on:
  • Halloween sketches for witches and other scaries
  • summer blouse for me
  • 3 scarecrows
  • 3 paintings
That's my update for now. I'll be reporting back in on a regular. Take care.

Still February

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