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Wrapping It Up

Yes, the end of December. I am astounded how fast it went.

Longarmed 8 quiltsOne commissioned quilt doneOne Sashiko piece doneOne preemie quilt top done2 Books readWrote 9 times - journal or storiesDay excursion to Krankies Craft Fair8 World of Wendy Lu blog posts6 Wendy B Quilt blog postsWatched Netflix 6 different timesStuffed a doll's head and body that has been sitting around for a year I do hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve. See ya next year.

Made It

Yep, I made it; survived Christmas. It didn't work out like I'd thought. I was very excited to be in the holiday spirit this year. I was really looking forward to it and then bam! I got sort of blind sided. By what, you ask? The crazy weather. I enjoyed driving the streets at night, looking at the decorations. I got ingredients for a nice dinner. I had pot roast, red potatoes, and carrots. Fixed that on Christmas Eve in my crock pot. The best thing was the crock pot liner. Those things are amazing for people who like one dish meals and don't like to clean up afterwards. I was all set. But the weather did something to me. I was out of sorts. Not necessarily depressed but kind of confused. All of a sudden I wanted Christmas to be over. Then I heard from several others and the news that people were feeling the same thing, out of sorts. Because of the unusually warm temperatures. Yep, that would do it. So I rallied and bounced back a bit so I could enjoy Christmas Eve and Day.

No Pic Post

I forgot to take pics at the Krankie's Craft Fair yesterday. I used to do this fair religiously but the past couple of years, I haven't been able to make it. One, I didn't have any new work to show, and two, I'd recently started a new business. The Fair was in a new location, with lots of natural light coming in, lots more space for a variety of artists and crafters, and lots more parking. It was wonderful, people were buying from local artists the weekend before Christmas.

It was nice to see many of the artists I did the show with. It was nice to see new people there too. What was really interesting were the comments from friends and artists who were disappointed that I didn't have a table there. That really made my day. That I had work that they admired and missed. I told them that I would most definitely be there next year. I am ready to start creating again. It's been awhile, like two years of creative drought.

Stay tuned.


Or is it the end of the week? I'm confused. I guess the 'true' mid-week was yesterday. Wednesday. Yeah. My days are running together and I don't know if that's good or not. I picked up two more quilt tops to longarm this week, which is great. On Monday, I went to my quilt guild holiday meeting and it was pretty fun. Lots of wonderfully, silly women who deal in fabric, scissors, and thread. The food was pretty good and because I hadn't been in a couple of months, some ladies stopped me to say that they missed me being there. That they were following Wendy B Quilts on Facebook. Wow! That felt pretty good to hear. I am also trying out making a preemie quilt. The guild, Forsyth Piecers and Quilters, makes preemie quilts for a local hospital. So this I can do. My way of giving back. And the quilts go home with the babies, also cool. I thought I'd try one to see how it goes and well... not so well. It's a scrappy preemie quilt. Good thing it's small becau…


Yes, wow! When I talk to friends these days and we discuss what we want to do next year, next year is in like, less than three weeks. Three weeks! And we'll have another year to deal with. I still have this month to deal with and right now, today, I'm feeling pretty good. I will be back in the studio today to longarm a small quilt, someone will pick up their quilt and then I have my quilt guild holiday meeting tonight.

I won something in an online giveaway. I rarely win anything and I love this artist's work. Her name is Diana Rader Shrome. I got a wonderful little doll in a peppermint dress and bow and she through in some Halloween guys because she knows I love Halloween.

And another friend sends me ornaments she paints every year. I'm going to need a bigger tree. The table top one is filling up. She also send me a fountain pen (which I've wanted for a long time), and miniature items. A truck and pen set for my miniature roombox that I'm working on.

Nice, earl…

A little Bit...

I promised some friends snail mail art. I've got tons of tiny sketches, I now have to put them on nice paper and paint or use color pencils to finish. Here are the first two.

Staying Busy, Staying Sane

Okay. Business is steady. I'm grateful for that. Slowly things are getting paid. Once I'm on the longarm, I lose myself in following the pattern. I enjoy the different fabrics, pantographs, and thread that I choose for each project. The down time is another story. It's like, what do I do? Well, I've been writing. Nothing special, just getting words down on the page. I've been catching up on Netflix viewing, which may or may not be a good thing.

Someone likes Bigfoot.

This quilt was done yesterday and is supposed to be some mathematical equation.

The quilt below goes on the frame today.

Having a business is most definitely on the job training. I have many cheerleaders and a couple of shoulders to cry on. At times I do ask myself, what was I thinking, but then I ask, why not? Things are getting better and I'm able to fit other things that I like to do in. I still have about three more weeks in this month, this year. I'm ready to surprise myself to see what el…

The Last Month

It's December. The last month of 2015. Time is like the blink of an eye these days. Been busy longarm quilting (gotta pay bills) and almost done with my second mitten. Gotta keep knitting. It is very relaxing and I don't want to forget how to do it and follow patterns. I didn't make my NANO goal but I am still writing which is the point. I've prepped to make some holiday door hangs. Here's the quilt I'm working on now.

I also needle felted more dryer balls. I had two and they did the job okay, but for towels and sheets I needed more static fighting. So more balls. I haven't bought dryer sheets in almost a year now. I toss these into the dryer with wet clothes.

Hey, I've got some kind of a color scheme going.

November Wrap Up:

2 books readstarted NANO, lots of journal writing10 business quiltslongarmed my Bargello quiltdid one Tula Pink quilt block5 World of Wendy Lu blog posts7 Wendy B Quilts blog postsviewed movies/series 7 times on Netflixwent to the P…