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This Is It Folks!

The last day of 2012. Can you believe it? I don't care to know where it went, I'm just glad that it's gone. It was better, a bit, than 2011 but 2012 is outta here! Don't let the door hit ya! Oh my goodness!

So what am I doing? Cleaning my apartment and studio. So far I've got two very clean and organized closets. Two trash bags of stuff. I couldn't believe why I was hanging on to some of the crap that I had. Now it's gone.

I don't have a pic of the other closet but will get one.  Then I cleaned the living room section. I dusted, even moved things, and cleaned off baseboards. There was a fearsome battle of dust bunnies going on. I won! Then I swept and mopped. My place is clean. At least the front part. I'm still working on the studio, kitchen, and bathroom. But it's a start.

My studio is a mess. Yep, that's it, a mess. I'm trying to work on getting a few things done while rearranging things so I can really get started January 2. I just l…

Again, No Pics

I am doing my best wrapping up 2012 and a few more projects before I blast off into 2013.  I didn't get to as much as I wanted to but I ended up doing and finishing other projects.  I'm good with that.  Not quite balanced out but I'm fine with what I've accomplished for the year.  I will amp it up for next year.  This year wasn't bad and it was better than 2011.  I'm good with that too.

Now I have to finish up those projects while blitzing the apartment and studio.  It is a daunting task but one that has to be done.  I want to start new projects January 1, 2013 as planned.  But I need to be able to find things.  I have to clear out part of one closet to move things around in another closet, so that I can organize things better and be able to find things.  I'm trying not to cackle like a crazy woman while I'm trying to figure other things out.  So I'm going to have to mess things up a bit more in order to start cleaning.

I had a very nice Christmas D…

Well, what do you know?

We're still here.  Those Mayans... what jokesters. Hardy har, har.

Well, I'm glad I'm still here.  Got lots more creating to do.  I'm glad you're still here too.  Welcome.  Yesterday Maya and I painted a mural on a friend's nursery wall.  It's for Amanda's baby who will be here in March.  It was also Amanda's Christmas/Birthday gift from me and Maya.  This was planned back in November, on Thanksgiving Day between me, Maya, and Dennis (Amanda's husband) all while Amanda was in hearing distance.  She didn't have a clue.  Maya had an idea and told me and then I came up with some ideas.

I got up stinking early to get myself over to Maya's so we could get to Amanda's. We had to make a coffee stop or were just weren't going to be any good that morning.  We got to the house, pulled out our supplies and Maya had forgotten her sketch. It didn't matter. But then the wall she was going to put the mural on was packed with baby stuff. Den…


Yesterday morning on my way to the shop Olde Mill Eclective, the sun was shining and it was quite balmy at 52 degrees.  It looked and felt like spring except for the semi- and leafless trees, and piles of brown leaves on the ground.  I had to remind myself that it is December.  I don't mind the mild weather but i had to slay a stink bug the night before last.  I've kind of had enough of them this year.  Be gone!  I need a break. Which means we need some cold weather and snow.  Which we won't be getting for Christmas.

The Krankies Holiday Craft Fair was very good.  I won't have to live in a box quite yet.  Thank goodness for the credit card reader.  Whoever came up with that, I hope he/she is living it up.  That little program made my weekend.  It took me almost two days to recover and I still picked up a bug. I have one more show this year.  It's a late one but I'll take it.

At the Krankies show, there were a few people who thought some of my work too creepy.  …

Still No Pictures

But I'm still here. It's been crazy the past couple of weeks.  Heck, months. I've been challenged yet again and back to treading water. I've finally gotten to a point of not worrying about anything. Lost a commission. Some ideas have fallen through.  It doesn't mean that they were bad ideas; I succumbed to doubts and other things like not exercising.

I finally got a Smart Phone and the learning curve has been deep and extremely steep. Especially since I just wanted to use the thing to accept credit cards at craft shows. I was worried because I hadn't gotten the credit card reader and still learning how to use the phone. I have been back twice to my phone provider and after all is said and done, would have visited each location in town. I finally got the reader and tried practicing swiping a credit card. Yeah right. My thumb doesn't like it one bit. So I panicked and did the crying thing and the name calling started up again. I am so techno challenged and fe…

Pictureless Post

Here's a quickie. I am now in the 21st century. I have acquired a smart phone. I didn't want to but I want to be able to accept credit cards at future craft shows, so I had to make the plunge. The learning curve is steep. I feel like I've got gloves on when I use the darn thing. I will probably have to go back to my carrier and get some lessons. What happened to detailed instruction booklets? I haven't figured out if I can set an alarm. I did that with my old phone because I don't have a clock. And can I add tones for individual people who call me? Not that I get a ton of calls anyway.

While trying to figure some things out, I called a friend in another state. I thought I had stopped the call before it went through but I wasn't fast enough.  She called me back in a couple of minutes asking if everything was okay because I don't call her midday.  Ever.  She said she was about to gas up her car and make a drive from Michigan to North Carolina. I apologized fo…

My first Christmas Card

I received my first Christmas Card. This one is hand painted by the wonderful artist Eden Carnes. She also makes lovely dolls and dragons and as soon as I can, I will post her info. Starting in January I will post pics of artists I like along with their info.

Please enjoy but remember, this is copyrighted work.

Yes It's December!

And I'm late. What else is new? Right? But at least I'm here. I am grateful I have been given another day and hopefully, another month. November is in the books. As I wipe my forehead and roll my eyes. Treading water and not sinking. That's a good thing. I've got a week before my first December show, so I may not post as much as I'd like but I'll give it a shot. The cold is history and I will just have to work through the pain of my thumb. It is feeling better and motion is improving but I've got to get going. I have good news.

She's going to a new home in Michigan. I'm sad and happy at the same time. Maybe this is a good sign that I will do well the rest of the month.

Here's my work table at the moment. The balls are forms for ornaments. Aliens, monsters, shrunken heads, and such. You know... the usual holiday fare.

I better get going. I've also got to put some words to paper while watching zombies on the telly.