Monday, May 30, 2011

The Reader- in progress

It's hot! But I was able to continue work on The Reader. I had her armature done, so I guess I'll show that pic. This is another version of a stump doll.

Her skirt form is a floral styrofoam cone. Heavy floral wire forms her torso arms, and neck.

I marked lines to figure out how long her arms should be. I had to remember that hands are going to be attached on the ends of the wire.

I forgot to take a pic of the felt around the cone. It's now ready to be wet felted. This is my fourth time wet felting. Twice have been short of disastrous, so I was keeping my fingers crossed. This was the first time wet felting over a support. I got directions from Marie Spaulding at Living Felt. After putting and lightly needle felting wool onto the cone, I placed tulle over the cone and then a stocking. Then the felting began. Soap, hot, agitate, cold, hot, agitate some more, cold rinse, hot, cold again, and a little squeeze. I truly didn't know what to expect. If it was a massive fail, I could cover the cone with fabric. As I held my breath, I took off the stocking and was quite pleased. I wasn't ready to get excited just yet. Then I took off the tulle and just about cried like a baby. It had worked. It feels soooooo good when something works.

As you can see, it came out quite well. I'm so tickled and I will most definitely try wet felting again. Now I have to let this dry and work on her head. 


Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Reader

I aided in a workshop with Akira Blount and created some lovely faces. One face in particular was quite lovely and I wanted to finish her and call her the Reader. I wanted to make a series of readers because I love to read and I think that everyone else should partake in the fun. Since I'm working in a new medium and need as much practice as I can get, I thought I'd do her in wool instead of cloth.

Here is the cone that will be the base of her skirt and a papier mache fake book that will be part of her stand.

My friend Katie was nice enough to pose for me holding a book.

I like the position of her free hand and the curve in her stance.

A close-up of her hand with the book. She is quite unusual in the holding of books when she reads. She apologized for it but I think I might use it. We readers are unique individuals anyway.

A different view of her hand and book.

And I like the tilt of her head. I've gotten started with the armature but haven't uploaded the pics yet. I'll probably start needle felting tonight too. Thanks for stopping by.

More Minions

I thought my voodoo doll pins were just the cutest so I'm making more. Soon I'll have an army. Bwahhahaha!

The ones with the striped legs are the last of the voodoo dolls and the light ones are going to be goth voodoo dolls. Black, white, and red. I have so many wicked ideas floating through my head. The first group were fun to do, this group, oh my!  So stay tuned.

Hop To It

I finally finished Hop To It block number three. I know, they were out of order. The previous one was block four. But I've caught up. So enjoy.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wandi Mermaids

Hello dearies. I've gone from the beach into the sea. Finally, I cut out and sewed some mermaids. No longer will I be doing more than four of these Wandi dolls at a time. This group will be the first to be excessively beaded. I don't know if I like the tail or not at the moment, but we'll see how I feel about it after they're stuffed.

This is wonderful upholstery trim that I use for hair. Love the stuff and I get it when and where I can find it. I know exactly how many heads I can dress with one yard. The bits that fall off are collected for my mom and her projects.

I like purple a lot these days, along with the stripes. I'm still working on a design for the dolls that will wear those beautiful stripes.

The blue is pretty cool too. Very sea like.

Some of these fabrics you've seen before. They will be goth voodoo doll pins. That is a mouthful, but that's what they're going to be. They'll be cut out this week. Probably nine of them. I like combinations of three.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wandi Beach Gals

I am cruising right along. Sort of. I'm still a little bit behind. Oh, that thing called life. When it throws bottles at you you just have to duck. I finished these little beauties I started a while ago. Some time ago, I can't even remember when. Say hello to them. They are having fun on a beach somewhere.

Their tote bags contain a towel, flip flops, and sunglasses. The books and magazines are hiding inside. That's the illusion I want to give.

This is Beryl.

Say hello to Bette.

Bonnie is really cute.

Brie is ready to enjoy the sand.

I made their flip flops out of craft foam and ribbon. They were fun to do.

Hop To It -4

This is the latest block for my Hop To It quilt. Yes, I got the number right, it's out of order. I'm still working on block three. LOL Block four was a lot easier to applique. But I will have three done in the next couple of days and then cut out the pieces to block five.

Pirate Postcard

I found some pretty cool stickers at the store and made a postcard for a card person in Russia. We both love pirates. And yes, they are clamoring for me to make some. I'm working on it, them, really, I am.

Tin Pincushion

Had my applique workshop for the month and again, had a blast. We had a small project to work on and we made this tin pincushion. My teacher found the petit four tins on Ebay, the white part and flowers are out of wool and there are pearl cotton French knots in the center. I love make it and take it projects because some of my other work can take awhile to finish.

I think I'll use this one for my applique needles. I love pincushions. I'd also like to welcome Golden Eagle to the party. You can find her at

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cholla Doll

I got an art doll kit from Living Felt Felting Supplies. I've started the doll and got her attached to a piece of cholla wood. Not that I haven't needle felted dolls before but you can always learn something new. There is also a method to my madness which you will see unfold in the next couple of months. So here she is in all of her headless, hand less, and naked glory.

She looks like she's dancing. We'll see what she's doing once her head is on.

First Miniature Project

Moving right along. I have chosen my first miniature project. Very simple, actually. It's from a pattern from the old Nutshell News that I kept. The pattern is by Eleanor L Hudacsek and this was from May 1994. Wow! It's small and not too complicated. I have to ease into this miniature thing. Like I need another thing to do.

Here are the fabrics I've chosen for the first bonnets. I don't know what I'll do with them once they're done but the first thing is to get them done. Stay tuned.

The Teaser Trailer

Okay, I'm still not savvy with the whole techno computer link stuff but if you click on the title of the previous post, it will take you directly to the You Tube video. Sorry about that. Still some learning to do. That's what life is, a journey of always learning. I hope you like it. Every time I see it, I can't believe that's my work. So exciting!

Teaser Trailer for The Quad

Clean Studio

Finally! After three days of trying to post, I can now post. Hi peeps! When I had things to post, I just wasn't able to but now I'm back. After finishing the dolls for the film, and the teaser trailer is done, my studio was a mess. I was even afraid to go in it. So I blitzed it. Took everything out, dusted, cleaned baseboards, and mopped. Rearranged things back, got fabric collected in numerous bins, flowers are together as well as ribbons and other trims. I even cleared off the art table. It's so pretty, I don't want to go in there, again. LOL But I must. New creative pieces are waiting to be birthed.

So let's take a look see of the neat area before it gets trashed again.

I can see the table. It's so exciting.

And a clean floor.

Fabric is all nice and neatly put away. One container has fabric for dolls I want to do in the near future. I still have to go through a bag of scraps but at least I know where they are too.

Oh, I will work on getting the trailer link up soon.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Voodoo Minions

I told myself I was going to do better posting on this blog. Silly me. I've had my last show for awhile and got my minions done. Next big show is in Oct with a small showing of sorts in August. But October is Halloween time.  Yay!!! So for now, say hello to the kids.

The Gang.

The girls in their skits.

The boys in their shorts.

A sassy girl up close. Don't you just love their legs? I ran back to the store to get more of that stripe fabric and got the last five yards.

Girls up close.

Boys up close. All of these lovelies double as a pin (to go on jacket, hat, bag, whatever or wherever) and a string to hang (on the wall, rear view mirror, cork board). Or hang them in a bunch, like bananas. I had fun making these guys and they will be joined by goth cousins. I'd like to welcome Sarah to the party. She has an Etsy shop. Check her out at Have a good one.

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May!

Don't you just love life? You can make plans and at times, they just don't go anywhere.They decide they will not do what you want, when you want, so you have to change course. I didn't get much on my list done. What I did get done were the dolls for the film. What a time it was. There were tears; periods of uncontrolled laughter; times when I asked, 'What the heck am I doing?' but I finally got everything done, including the main dolls and the director is very happy.

And I'm happy. Thrilled. Yes, the adrenalin is subsiding but I don't feel as bummed out about it as I have in the past when huge projects are over and done with. I still can't believe it's done, a nice red mark is through that project, that was on my long list of things to do. Maybe it's because I have to get ready for a spring craft this Saturday that I'm not feeling sad. I don't have time. This time around I've got to get back in the saddle ASAP.

April was a good month. Dolls for the film- done, participated in Empty Bowls, went to the River Run Film Festival, saw Oklahoma on stage. A very good and happy month.

What I've decided to do for this month is to write down the projects I need to work on instead of individual items. Let's see how that works out. Plus, I really have to start thinking about my show in October and start working on those items. October will be here sooner than I think. We're almost mid-year! That is so scary.

So, here are my projects. Some are immediate, others will be worked on over the next several months.
-Krankie's Spring Craft Show
-Apply for a grant
-Yadkin Arts Council Exhibition
-October/Halloween show & sale
-Send off manuscript
-Beef up Etsy shop
-Start miniature project
-Get back to sketching on a regular basis
-One painting a month

I think that should do it. What's on your list?

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