Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Been Busy

I think that's a good  thing. Or, the realization that my doll show is in a little over two months has stoked the fires under my creative butt. More go-to items cut out and ready to be stuffed. One older design doll; I cut out and sewed more of them for the show. I designed a new doll today and cut out two just to see if the pattern will work. And I finally got a top pattern for the mini witches made and their fabrics ironed and ready to go.

The new pattern is the long doll with the stripe legs. I love, love, love that fabric and bought what I could when it was around. I don't know if I'll ever find it again or anything like it. But I will search. the little doll next to her I've made before and sold most of them. They are cute little primitive dollies at a very nice price. Have to have something for everyone and in different price ranges.

The mini witches have their selection of fabrics ready. I still haven't gotten to any clay dolls. Cloth dolls are so much simpler and I know I can do them. Ugh... it's a creative mental growth block. I mean, I've done dolls in polymer and air dry clay before but I have a design in mind and I don't know if I can pull it off. Fear is not my friend.

Okay, gotta go turn some bodies and get to stuffing. Gotta go to the other job in the morning, switched with a co-worker who nabbed a doctor's appointment. You know how precious those appointments can be. Take care!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hello There!

I'm really working to do more posts on my old blog but I am being challenged. The doll pins I recently finished, well, I sold seven of them so I will cut out more tonight. The next project to work on are my six mini witches. Yes, I get to a certain point and nothing gets done. Completed. I'm working on that too. I did pick out fabric for their outfits.

Not a very good pic color wise but I'll work on that too. But you can see the fall color theme I so love. I'm debating on coffee dying a few things. I know I will have to dye their bloomers because they are way too bright. I have also been sketching some new pieces too and forgot to take pics, so that should make me come back either tomorrow or Saturday. Well, time's a ticking. See ya soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Finally getting some pieces done. A new batch of voodoo doll pins are ready. I forgot how I like to make those little guys and gals. October is going to get here way too fast. So on the docket for this week are my mini witches.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Bella has her costume for her stage debut which was yesterday. 'Learn To Speak Doll' opened at the Hanes Theater, produced by the Peppercorn Theater at Kaleidium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Here is the set with my other dolls. And I'm in the playbill.

Not a bad way to start off a new month.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


I finally got a project done. It is for my mother's church lady group. They wanted some aprons so I obliged. It's been marked off the list. Not my creative list but the master one. It was nice getting back to sewing human size instead of doll size. The sewing machine has been cleaned and needle changed. Next will be to finish the voodoo doll pins. I can't believe we're well into the first week of the month. Wow!

The aprons tie at the neck and at the waist. There are two pockets. I love the fabric my mother chose. I also have to straighten a bit so I can get to the next three projects. Have a good day.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

I Take That Back

Today is Day One of my next trip around the sun. The last two days were spent having fun. Now I'm back to creative work. I have quite a few projects for my new year, deadlines, goals, and a few things on my new bucket list. I don't know how much I'll reveal along the way or just tell you when things are done or I'm ready to jump on a plane. Some things you have to keep close to the vest.

Last month was okay. Yes, I'm still a wee bit hard on myself but I'm human. I did get a large project done. The doll and sent a load of other dolls to North Carolina for a theater production. Yes, I have to look at the small things the I did and not the five page list of things I didn't do. I was able to get my front page to July's Bullet Journal done. I got the idea from christina77star. She's on Facebook, You Tube, and Instagram. She did not have the skellie guy in her tub. Or the rat. Those are my additions. Still working on my handwriting too.

And I finally made it to a farmer's market. The Oakland County Farmer's Market and it was very nice. Here's my haul for $18. Beets, bok choi, green beans, zucchini, and Whitefish pate`. Gonna eat healthy this week.

So, it's a new month and a new day. Gonna prep my veggies for cooking so I won't have to worry about meals for the rest of the week. Have a nice day y'all.

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