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It’s Me Again

Yep… once again behind schedule but that’s okay. This is going to be a kicking month. I will make it so. I have a art/craft show next month and I am getting busy. First on the docket, it’s for me, are three pairs of easy shorts. Now that it’s summer, I usually wear shorts in the apartment. I had a pair that used to be pants. Wore them as pants for about a year, then cut them off and wore them as shorts. I would only wear them out to go down to the mailbox or out to take trash. Well one day, I reach behind and felt a hole. No problem, I can fix that. Took them off and oh- my- gosh! It wasn’t just a hole, it was a gaping hole that exposed a good portion of my backside. YIKES! How long had it been that big? Who else saw it? What kind of underwear did I have on? I was embarrassed for a minute. Ha! Then I started laughing. So I go through my fabric, as I don’t have a stash, and I found enough to make three pairs of easy shorts to wear around the apartment while I work. Here’s the fabric.I’…