Monday, June 9, 2014

It’s Me Again

Yep… once again behind schedule but that’s okay. This is going to be a kicking month. I will make it so. I have a art/craft show next month and I am getting busy. First on the docket, it’s for me, are three pairs of easy shorts. Now that it’s summer, I usually wear shorts in the apartment. I had a pair that used to be pants. Wore them as pants for about a year, then cut them off and wore them as shorts. I would only wear them out to go down to the mailbox or out to take trash. Well one day, I reach behind and felt a hole. No problem, I can fix that. Took them off and oh- my- gosh! It wasn’t just a hole, it was a gaping hole that exposed a good portion of my backside. YIKES! How long had it been that big? Who else saw it? What kind of underwear did I have on? I was embarrassed for a minute. Ha! Then I started laughing. So I go through my fabric, as I don’t have a stash, and I found enough to make three pairs of easy shorts to wear around the apartment while I work. Here’s the fabric.

shorts fabric

I’ve re-fluffed the stuffing from the large doll legs and made up a boot pattern. I’m ready to sew the new legs and re-stuff.

new boot pattern refluffed stuffing

I started to repaint the small prim dollie faces. I don’t know exactly what they will be. Witches or voodoo ladies or zombie types, don’t know. I will work on it. My latest Gail Wilson doll has been repainted and antiqued. Pics later. I’m working on her dress and when I get it done I will dye her whole wardrobe along with fabric for the small prims. My scarecrows need to be painted too (everybody has been giving me dirty looks) and they need shirts. So, I guess I better get going.

base painted prims

Still February

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