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Yesterday I longarmed a preemie quilt and started a client's quilt. I made Frank a body, found my doll ears I've been looking for for about six months (I did a good job on those ears and really liked them), worked on a paranormal short story which seems to be turning into a novel, and sketched some bears.

Today, I finished the quilt, worked on the paranormal story, and prepped the next quilt which is on the frame right now.

I still have a few hours left until I give up for the day. I didn't do anything on Sunday, it being the holiday and all. But I've kind of made up for it the past two days. Tomorrow is Wednesday. I thought today was Wednesday but it isn't. Hopefully I can rectify my flip flop days. A new month is almost here. I'm only thinking about the rest of the evening.

Day 1

I was using today as the first day to break out of my comfort zone. The first part didn't go so well. I didn't get started until about five PM. But I got started and finished the first part of a new project. That's what I told myself that I would do today. The first step. The other project to work on is my writing which I will do that after I post this. I have no idea how this will turn out. It's something totally new. So we'll see.

Comfort Zone

I have slid into a comfort zone and I'm having a hard time getting out of it. Back in February, I wanted to have a project done a week. I did it. I was working on some old things and started some new things but I got four projects done. This month, not so great. My subconscious was telling me to knock it off. That things were getting a little uncomfortable. That's what change is. Uncomfortable. So I did nothing. Why rock the boat? Why have people look at me and question why I decided to do new things. Yes, it sounds stupid but I've found out that it goes all the way back to being a kid. I wasn't challenged to be great with my art. So I did just enough to make good grades. I didn't rock the boat. I didn't push my artwork because I was told it wouldn't get me anywhere. That art wasn't a viable career. So I coasted and fell into a comfort zone. That has plagued me until this day.

I am not done yet. I don't have a time machine to take me back to talk to…

Better Than Yesterday

Or last week. Got a quilt longarmed today. It was from a repeat client. I got good news about my taxes, bad news because my shoes fell apart. Yep, not one shoe. Both shoes. I'd had them for over nine years so I guess that's a good run. Still, I wasn't expecting that or had new shoes in the budget. I wanted to cry but just laughed like a mad woman. Lady Macbeth mad. Then people continued to remind me of Easter holiday coming up. Sad because I wasn't home with family, because I got an invitation from someone I sort of knew. I couldn't explain to her that I'm an introvert. I thanked her for the invite but barely knowing her and not knowing anyone else, and not having anything to wear, and the shoe thing, I declined. So I went to the grocery store and started to get things for my own Sunday dinner.

Back to writing. I've got to start typing up one story so I can continue working on it. It's a mystery. I like cozy mysteries. I used to read hard boiled detecti…

Moving Right Along

At the beginning of the year, I said that I was going to make this my year. The past few years hadn't been great and I'm looking for a change. It's still early on and I will continue to work on it being my year. I'm not a fortune teller and have no idea of what will truly happen but I will work towards something very nice. I deserve that. I have quite a few friends on Facebook who are having an awfully hard time with this year and they want it over already. My hearts and prayers go out to them. It's been a strange year so far. Illnesses, deaths (in family and not), separations and divorces, those losing jobs, having cross country moves... I can't wrap my head around it and I don't know if I should try. Last week was a bump in the road. The change of seasons and the weird weather, the time change, and allergies. Those things kind of knocked me down and the doubts tried to set in. So for three days, I did nothing. I'm grateful that I could do nothing. I w…


I'm so grateful I live in an area that boasts many things to do. I went to a free gelli print demo at Enchanted Cottage yesterday. Very cool. But I had to hold back. I can't do everything, even though I'd like to. I really like the Copic markers and will save up for more of those. I will be going to the local art museum soon to see an Ansel Adams exhibit. There's a small fee for that one but that's okay. I'm planning on not missing that.

My quilt guild's guest quilter was Judy Lilly. Oh my! What a wonderful lady and quilter. She does landscape quilts that look like paintings. Some of her pieces were painted and then stitched. Truly amazing. I didn't attend her workshop but I was able to ask her questions and she was kind enough to answer them. She said that she could see the wheels turning in my head. I had to laugh. These are the best pics.

Close up of pic below.

This one, the flowers were painted and then stitched around. Judy told me what paint she u…

Still Waiting

Yes, still waiting to adjust to the time change mess. I'm glad I was able to come home early and take a nap. There's still a little brain fog hanging around but not like earlier this morning and yesterday. I did manage to vote. I hope you all exercised your right to do so.

Trying to keep up with the bear sketches but until the brain gets to working again, not counting on it. But here are a few.

I wish I could find all of my animal photos. They are somewhere safe in my apartment.

Time Change

I am so dragging. I so dislike the time change. It really sucks. I'm all out-of-sorts and there's so much to do. And my laptop is doing weird things, so I can't even watch Netflix. Seriously? I will plan out my week and it will be a doozy. Right now I don't want to think about it.

Yesterday I went to my first writer's talk. Chris Roerden who wrote Don't Murder Your Mystery and Don't Sabotage Your Submission spoke about showing vs. telling in your writing. I did learn a bit. I learned about creative non-fiction, which is to take a real life event and weave a story around it. I had no idea but I found out that I was reading a story like that. The main character was Flannery O'Connor, an actual writer, who left New York to move back home to Georgia when she got sick. That was the real life event and the author, Ann Napolitano wove a story around it. A fictional story. Interesting. I hadn't seen Chris in years and she remembered me. I used to belong to …


I got another page of a few sketches of bears. I am on the lookout for all the bear photos I've pulled from magazines and calendars. I have lots and of course, I can't find them. It would really help with practicing the drawing.  But I will work with what I've got. That's what I get for cleaning up. Those pics are very safe.

Moving Right Along

I've been crazy busy the past couple of days after a huge anxiety attack. The sun was out, it was nice and all I could think about was that I was stuck in my apartment. When I was younger, I would gas up my truck and hit the road, go to a park, whatever. Now, I don't really like going places by myself. Then the downward spiral began and well... it wasn't pretty. I told myself to stop it. Put my big girl britches on and do something. Anything to make the mental funk go away. I made up messy mix to cover a couple of dolls I'm working on. Remember Verity? Well, I got over not doing the next step. Deanna Hogan came up with this combination of modeling paste and gel medium to hide the stitches from needle sculpting the features. I've put on two layers. I sand in between and I will put on a couple more. I repainted the alien feet. The little green guys lying down. And put Creative Paperclay on my two Halloween dolls. When you don't work on things you've always do…

Learned Something New

Today, I took a workshop using alcohol inks. Very interesting. I have many ideas that I would like to work on but for now, I will continue to learn the medium. It's actually pretty cool. And can be a bit messy. I'm all for that.

Hello March!

Month number three. A quarter of the way through 2016. Are you grabbing it by the horns, hair, tail? Whatever? I tell you, I am working on it. Already, this year is different from last year. A lot different. I've already finished several projects. I will have to take a pic of my done list. A couple of times I had to remember to write down the project on the done list. It does make a difference to see things done. At the end of the year, I don't have to try to remember all the things that I'd finished. It's easier to remember everything that I didn't finish, so that won't happen this year.

Right now, I'm still excited. The fear hasn't totally disappeared but I continue to shove it to the back of mind little mind. One of my big projects is under way. I will be able to show pics, hopefully, in a few weeks. My second big project is to update my wardrobe. I'm not a clothes horse or fashionista but I want a few items that I can wear and feel good about my…