Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Back on Track

This is post number 100. It came up on me quite fast. I had wanted to do something special, like have a giveaway, but that will have to wait until after October. That wonderful, glorious, magical month.

Last week my job schedule had changed and that threw me for a creative loop. And not in a good way. I also got sick. I'm back to my normal schedule starting this week and I feel like I can tackle anything. Including Godzilla.

Not only do I have a huge Skele Pirate guy waiting for arms, a warren of witches, a couple of Ghostie Girls, I now have a bunch of bunners and bears vying for attention. Pirates, ghouls, and ghosts are waiting to get off the drawing board.

It's getting close to thinking about the business end of all the creating. Getting ready for the Expo, taxes, making sure I have enough bags, tissue, etc. Yikes!

Plus I'm still reworking my young adult manuscript, 'Map Hunter'. I apologize for no pics this post but August is just about over and hopefully the stifling heat will follow it. Here comes September.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Okay, I kind of don't know where to start. It's been so long since my last post but I've been working on things for the Expo and working on the manuscript to get it ready for a writer's conference. Two friends have seen what I have so far for the show and they say I have a lot. Of course I don't think that way, me being my own worse critic, etc, etc, etc, and I'm thinking that I've got so much more I want to do. Like pirates and some ghost people. I mean, hello!!! Halloween is coming.

I had a nice four day weekend to really get some things done and worked on and wouldn't you know it? I got sick. Yep, a grand sinus infection. There were times I could barely sit up, let alone look at or concentrate on something. I'm a little behind but started to catch up today.

Here is Skele Pirate Man. He's huge. I have so many plans for him and I finally got his legs on. I have to start going through my fabric stash for some clothes.

I started armatures for his arms and hands that will be needle felted. His body is wrapped with wool batting and then covered with core wool.

I finally got all my Wandi Witches put together. All 23 of them. These guys need their bloomers and skirts which will get sewn on this week. The black and white ones are the goth ones. I'll be painting faces all week too. Then I get to go get trim and charms for embellishing these little beauties.

I also started three more Koji bears that will either be pirates or trick-or-treaters. I've got to get arms for the bunners so I can get them dressed. Today has been good so far. I still have time after dinner to work on my manuscript and do some needle felting.

I am so ready for FALL!!!!!!! This has been the summer from the equator and then some. Does anyone smell brimstone?

And I'd like to welcome Karin to the fun. Didn't see a link. Hi Karin!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Working, working it!

Here are some more Wandi Witch bodies. I also did their arms. I have six more to cut out and be ready to stuff. They're going to be goth witches, if that is such a thing. If not, I've made it up. My friend Maya likes the fabric I've chosen for them. Right now I'm in an in between stage. Lots of parts, not much finished but that will change this week. I want to start painting faces.

Here are some underpants. They look like little bat wings.
And here are some skirts. I ran out of black thread today. It was a horrible feeling, I mean, how can you make Halloween things without black thread? Not even a back up. I thought that maybe I would have enough 'til the weekend but no. Not even enough to wind a bobbin. So I had to make myself presentable and run to the store. Another hot and muggy day and I had to get dressed again. Of course the zone had been broken and it took awhile to get back into it. There will be more later in the week. Have a good one.

Monday, August 9, 2010

He's Got Legs!

This will not be his final pose. He looks like he should be in a circus on a high wire or something. What we have here is a wire armature covered with wool batting. Not too sure if I like this brand but it's what I've got. Disregard the wire between his legs. Although he will be given proper parts. Yes, it's late but I had to post this. I have to start looking for a chest for him to sit on or a small barrel. He will be holding a tankard of rum. It's a given.

On the lighter side, I sewed some Wandi Witch bodies and arms to go with some of the heads. I don't want to count how many heads I have right now. I really do think they're multiplying along with the bunners. I also needle felted 3 sets of Koji Bear arms. Now I have to work on chapter 5 of my manuscript a little before bed. It was a good day considering I got a late start and I broke down and turned on the AC. We're going to be steamy the whole week. Fine.

I am feeling pretty good right now. Bad Wendy is becoming a whisper. Creative Mojo Man has his hood on and looking like an Art Deco scarecrow. Didn't take a pic because I don't know if I like it or not. He can't say anything 'cause he's got a hood on.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Skele Pirate

Here's another critter I started some time ago. His head started out as a body for something, so it's totally different now. Love re-purposing. He's my biggest needle felt yet and I don't know if I'll do another so big. Right now he's at 11" and will be in a seated position. I've already got bullet holes and dagger slashes planned for his shirt. He'll be going to the expo.

This is him next to a bunner. Bunners are between 8.5 and 9". So this guy is huge. I hope he doesn't scare me when I go potty in the middle of the night. LOL Grim Reaper is happy to have another guy to talk to, along with Creative Mojo Man. GR was feeling a bit outnumbered.

A new warren is forming. I will get these covered tomorrow, then arms, and I can dress them. I forgot to take a pic of my Koji Bears. Three of them now have heads. I guess I'll get a pic when they have arms. They're going to be in sailor suits. I will be making three more armatures so I can dress them in Halloween outfits.

Stay tuned.
I'd also like to welcome Linda of

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Working It

I got home from the job yesterday and wasn't feeling it at all. But around 8-8:30 on the pm, I asked myself if I wanted to be mediocre for the rest of my life? If so, do nothing. If I want to be on that beautiful beach in the Caribbean or on a New Zealand wine tour, I had to do something that would get me closer to that goal.

So I picked up my sprite pieces and closed up the seams. I had gotten into some sort of zone (could've been Twilight), when I stopped to look at the parts and thought that I had so many limbs compared to bodies. It began to unnerve me, that maybe I made a mistake in counting. Then my mind came back and I told myself (I know you know where this is going) that there are usually two upper limbs and two lower limbs per one body. Is that goofy or what? I had to laugh at myself. It was my Dr Frankenstein moment.

I will cut out their bloomers and sew them today.

I read on another blog that one should always have small achievable goals at all times. My 'believe' sign was one. Here is Creative Mojo Man almost wrapped. I think he will have some funky felt boots on and he's got to have wild hair. The fabric is scrap from a totebag a friend made me. The fabric was going to be a blouse but that never happened so it's now a totebag. I get so many compliments on that bag. Well, CMM is feeling very happy right now. The Wendys are getting a bit jealous and I'll have to start them soon too.

On the docket for today along with the bloomers:
2 more Koji Bear heads felted
3 sets of Koji Bear arms felted
complete torso of pirate formed
chapter 4 of Map Hunter

I'd like to welcome Lainie of Love your fish tank with the not-so-little fish.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Bunners

These will be long kimono bunners. Just something a little different. As you can see, Creative Mojo Man is in the background.
Here are more Bunner armatures. The ones with legs will be pirates. Maybe they'll have carrots as pistols and celery as daggers.

Here are the Halloween Sprite parts I forgot on the last post. A friend said they were my creepy chorus line. They are almost caterpillar like. I'm so excited about this month. I can't wait to show you the strange and unusual things that will spring from my mind.
I'd also like to welcome Gail Burton of . Hey Gail, love your pooches.

Awesome August

Here are a lot of parts. I stuffed all but 3 of the bodies today. I should really be getting some muscles now. They are a small portion of what's in store for the expo. I'm getting very excited about it. So many things to do and I've got 2 lists going.

These are Wandi Witch legs. You can see that there are more in the first pic. I keep losing count so there are about 30 something pairs.

Wandi Witch heads and yes, they were rolling today. Try corralling several heads that kept falling off the table. And disappearing. Good thing I swept or they'd be wrestling dust bunnies. I missed a pic. I'll put it on the next post.

The evening is still young. I'm done with stuffing for awhile though. I will work on my skele pirate armature. He's going to be big. A big challenge.

For the expo, I'm going with a crypt by the sea theme. Gotta do the Halloween peeps and pirates. I want to get all body parts and bodies done this month and costumes next. Of course this is subject to change depending on my fancy or neurotic tendencies. Or both. Plus, I'm working on my manuscript. Call me crazy!

Still February

Working hard to get back in the groove of blogging. It's a way to get my feelings, ideas, and dreams out of my head and into the world. ...