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In Progress

Working on getting out of this funk and back into the creative saddle. It's hard when you've had the rug pulled from under you several times in a row. You start to question and doubt things. But you get up, dust yourself off and keep going. Last week wasn't very productive because I was in that pity pool. Then I got sick over the weekend. I did manage to work on a few things.

Here's another Moli Doll in progress. She's screaming for a sweater and I've started two that haven't turned out. I guess I'll try again because she's not budging.

These are sunflowers for my Bless This House quilt. When I'm feeling low, I applique. The repetitiveness of the stitching calms and soothes me. I know that sounds weird but it does seem to help me get back into creative mode.

Another thing I've discovered about me and maybe other art types out there, is that I think too much. Coming up with an idea is one thing. Then there's prep thinking, which is okay t…

Mini Pictureless Post

I know, I'm not doing well posting on a regular basis. I've had another deal go south and it sent me into an emotional downward spiral. This bunny hop type dance is getting old, especially since it's not in my favor. I didn't pull my hair out but asked why and what's going on? I did cry. Not buckets but the alligator tears did escape. I allowed the fear to slam dunk me. It wasn't good.

Then I started thinking of looking for another job. Doing what, I asked? Anything I'm remotely interested, and by that I mean taking a vacation on a remote island with an active volcano, I'd have to go back to school. I've done that. I've had the jobs that were available, the ones people thought I'd be good in, the ones people knew I should be doing because I was so nice. What do I do because the mean life sucking bills are walking up the street to my place. I worked myself up into a good frenzy to the point of being paralyzed, and did nothing. So I went to be…

Krankie's Summer Craft Fair

Okay then. I was at the Krankie's Summer Craft Fair yesterday and it was a success. I worked hard and made enough money to pay bills and get some groceries. It's a great start. There was a very good and steady crowd. They were buying. Not lots but they were buying. I will believe that this is a good sign. I'm not going to listen to the goofy people in Washington, or those who do poles because they don't really ask the real people real questions, or any doomsday depressing people. I am excited about the holiday show and will start working towards that. This is just the beginning for me.

I have new ideas for figures. I'm no longer calling them dolls. People have an unusual idea when you say doll. And when you really look at my work, they aren't play things. I will start working on pieces that will be able to go in finer galleries and start working on getting into juried shows. Continue expanding my online presence and get more items on my Etsy shop.

This is a fan…

Pictureless Post

Ack! Sorry that I don't have any pictures. I was enjoying the brief break in the heat this past weekend. Now it's getting cranked up again. Yuck! I am so looking forward to fall. But right now, it is what it is. Hot. Summer. I went to my local farmer's market here in town and picked up veggies to make Ratatouille. I've always wanted to try it ever since watching the animated movie with the same name. I found an easy recipe from a pal on Facebook and decided it was now or never. I do have to say that all the prep work and cooking time was so darn worth it! My apartment smelled oh so yummy. Now I just have to find an easy bread recipe and make my own bread. This will most definitely be added to the fall soup and stew line.

I will have things ready for the fair tonight and take pics for a post tomorrow. Once again, a teaching job fell through. I asked myself what the heck is going on? Yes, I cried. That was suppose to help out with bills in the fall. But I got over it. So…

Bless This House Block 4

There is no pic of block three because it is very complicated and not done yet. It's coming.

Watermelon slices.

Jeepers! I forgot the Doll!

Just getting a wee bit excited about my upcoming day and forgot the picture of my latest doll. She's the second in my limited edition of Moli Dolls. Her name is Tamarlyn and she's a goth hippie with an attitude. She's also on my Etsy shop. I'm getting more work on there. Slowly but surely.

I just love her belly button bead. And her mole. Don't mess with her.  Okay, I'm going now. My stomach is growling.

Wonderful Wednesday and a Doll

Hello! It's a glorious Wednesday and it's raining. Yay! Still gotta work on the humidity but it's a lot more comfortable in my apartment and studio. I may be able to be in my studio a lot longer today. That is so fantastic. I'm doing better at enjoying each moment of my day. I'm also getting better at enjoying what I do each day instead of what I didn't get to on the list that can go around the world. I now giggle when I think about what I've accomplished for the day. It's pretty awesome. That feeling of being in the moment.

Okay, today is going to be busy because tomorrow I'm going to a museum and movie with the gal pals. This will be one of the long days I'd been talking about. Remember? Have one or two knockout, creatively killer days during the week. Or at least one. I think this will be it.
I've got to work on an applique block. Getting behind again. Work on another Moli Doll, they seem to be happening right now after being unfinished fo…

Works in Progress

Things are moving along. Still not where I think I should be but at least I'm moving in the right creative direction. These pieces are for an upcoming local craft show. Like two weeks from now.

More voodoo doll pins. They seem to do well. I do have ideas for new ones. They will be evolving in the near future.

Angel ornaments that are being transformed into faeries. Don't you just love the colors? They may also be getting a new design soon.

Something totally new. Foil forms for polymer dolls. Scary, yes. It's not like I haven't done polymer dolls before, I'm just not confident in doing them. I have sold two since I've been here in North Carolina, so this may be a good thing. I'm putting it out there so if you don't see any progress within the next week, you have permission to bug me.

I guess I'll go do something creative now. Have a great day!

One Step

I'm late, I'm late. So sorry. It's just been so horribly hot and the brain was malfunctioning a bit. Getting back into form though. Last week I had one step back and two forwards. The step back was one of the shops I have my work in isn't going to be carrying crafts anymore. It is what it is. She has to do what's going to get more business into her shop to stay viable. I get that. I didn't fall into a vat of poo or despair, or get upset, or angry. I'm getting a lot better with disappointment and deals falling through. I told myself that something else would come up, even though I really didn't believe it at the time. Bad Wendy.

Two steps forward. I was asked to put work in a new gallery in Rockingham County. I'll get a contract in the mail. I was told that they didn't have dolls at that particular store. Great! Yay me! I will have to come up with something unique for the holidays. The other step forward, I got Smitty's Notes 2012 Best Local …

Moli Doll - Peach

I started a group of dolls a million years ago when I was going through a stripe phase. I finally got one done and her name is Peach. The doll is an enlarged version of my voodoo doll pins. She had always wanted a hat and shawl and no matter how much I tried to put at least a vest on her, she protested. As you can see, she won and has a hand knit hat and shawl with a leftover Halloween candy button. I think she's cute. I know, still with the cute stuff.

She will be on my Etsy shop today. Have a wonderful day!

Works in progress

I have a craft fair coming up in three weeks. I'm making easy things and things that aren't very expensive. It's summer time and people are on vacation. I get that. Enjoy the family and kids. I was about to lose my mind about what to make and Maya suggested I turn my angels into faeries. Now why didn't I think of that? I'll keep the angels for the winter holiday. I will make a few more voodoo doll pins, fish ornaments, some alien plushies, and a couple of hand puppets.

I'm back to having fun after a small disappointment yesterday when some kid's camp classes were canceled because of lack of interest. It was a small blow but I rallied back and told myself to keep going. I didn't break down and fall into a pit of despair like I could've done, I made faerie skirts, and cut out my next Regency project.

I will have 20 of these little ladies.

I'm making a mock up of my short stay. A friend was kind enough to let me use her pattern. Unfortunately, she&…

Hello July!

This year is just zooming by! What's up with that? No matter. It was a good day today. Got two hand puppets with working mouths done as samples for kid workshops. I was bound and determined to do so. I also got my 500 new words in for the day and now I'm going to sketch. Lots to do still but off to a good start for the month.

I really like these guys. Aliens! And they are ready to enjoy the summer.

Yesterday I finished reading a book. Wonders are starting to happen. I started the book last year. It's really amazing and a good feeling. I'm working of finishing one for this month. I've got quite a few stacked up to read. I'd like to finish one a month for the rest of the year. We'll see what happens. I'm already laughing.