Thursday, June 28, 2018

Day One

Of my next trip around the sun. Yep, it's my birthday. And so far so good. A couple of off-key renditions of that happy birthday song, which were hilarious. A long talk with a friend from another state. Lots of happy wishes on Facebook; a friend took me out to lunch. I had Salmon Ratatouille and a Blueberry Mule for a drink. Blueberry infused vodka with ginger beer. I wasn't driving.

Bella made it to North Carolina just fine. She picked up some reading once she got there and is ready for her stage debut.

A new year for me. Last year was, well, it was better than the year before so that's saying something. I now have a mission and a bucket list of sorts that I will be working towards. I'm going to do a personal challenge of a piece of artwork everyday for 365 days. The next trip around the sun. Could be anything but probably drawings or paintings. While cleaning up my mother's place (an ongoing process), I found a small sketchbook from when I was in undergrad at university. A... long...time...ago... I'll work on filling that up. It is 4 inches by 6 inches in size. About 30 pages..

Today is celebrating and relaxing and I'm about to binge watch some movies that have been on my list for awhile. Because tomorrow, it starts. The creative movement and that's because I have about eight days off from the other job. Nice huge blocks of time to make stuff.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

That Was Fast

I went to the Secretary of State this morning, also known as the department of motor vehicles in other locations, to renew my registration and get new tags for the vehicle. Twelve minutes. That was a record for me. Now I'm legitimate again for another year.

Last week we had some wet weather and after working the job I saw this pretty rainbow. I never catch rainbows with my camera.

I also got the doll done for the theater production that will happen in North Carolina. She is now on her way south. The costume designer will make her a dress to match the live actress.

Now I'm in the process of cleaning, straightening the art area, a.k.a. dungeon, so that I can get busy with Halloween items and other things for the doll show I'm doing in October. I'm taking a couple of days off from the job so I can have huge blocks of time to get into some kind of flow. The project list is long but at least I know what I should be working on. Have a good day.

Friday, June 22, 2018


Moving along. One of my mid-year goals is to post on my blog more often. Even if I don't post pics, I can talk about what's going on in my crazy little mind. My creative crazy little mind. I'm at the bad point of most of my projects. Finishing. I don't know why I don't like to finish things because I know that if I do, there's a good possibility of me selling the piece. Maybe it's because that's a scary thing. I tell myself that if I finish it, people will expect more. Oh, what a wonderful loop that is. No, it isn't. I'm running out of room and I've got so many more ideas floating around and just sketched out on paper.

One project has a deadline and it must be finished today. That's scary in itself. To release something that I've created. What if they don't like it? But they will. You were recommended to them, so someone likes your work. To some this may sound silly but to other creatives, you know what it feels like to not trust yourself, your work, your own creativity, your passion and you just start beating yourself up over it. Well... for me... today is not that day. It will get done and in the mail. Because I have so much more to do. Oh my gosh! You wouldn't believe the lineup I have of what to do and as long as I can stay out of my way and put fear in the backseat (because it will always be there), I can step on the gas. And my creative dungeon, um... work space is a total wreck and that is also jamming my creative frequencies. Ugh!

One... thing... at... a... time.

So, for now I show you the voodoo doll pins that I have been working on for a very long time. The finally got a little paint, their faces on, and skirts and short pants ready. They are the second project that will be done on Sunday. Next week is my birthday and I'm taking off from the other job to have time to bust out some new work and finish up some old work. I've got eight days. Yeah, I'm laughing now. It hasn't turned maniacal yet but I feel it building. I guess this is a good time to see what I'm really made of. You with me? I'm doing the virtual hand holding right now.

I'm off to a great start today. I think I'm going to need more coffee. Yesterday was the longest day of the year and now they are going to get shorter again. Isn't that crazy how that works? My countdown has begun. 130 days and 14 hours. That shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

Have an exciting day y'all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Still Kickin'

The last two weeks were difficult and I'm glad they're in the history books.  Things got better over the weekend and I started creating again. Got the doll together for the children's theater production and today I will paint the face and add hair. I don't have to dress it because it will have an outfit identical to one of the actresses. I also pulled dolls I had made for an independent film that hasn't left the shelf. The person who is directing the children's stage production is the one who's film is on the shelf. So we have some history and it's the only reason I'm doing this.

The doll is like 23 and a bit in inches. She's got a bottom so she can sit a bit. They wanted her to have fingers. And they want a special hairdo for her and she's got to be able to fit into a backpack. Now I know why I don't do big dolls. They take for-ev-er to stuff. It wasn't until I got her head on when I realized she was kind of cute.

I would say about 90% of the dolls on this table were made for the film. They will be used on the set of the play. I have to wait for the okay of what to send. This morning, after coffee, I will take better pics for the producer and he can choose what he wants. During my move last year, the dolls were tucked away. When I went to look for them, I decided to go ahead and catalog them. I did a lot of work and that I am proud of. My creative mojo hasn't gone anywhere, I just forgot that I had it. Once these babies are in the mail this week, I can go on to other projects and BOY do I have a bunch of projects.

Everyone have a great day.

Friday, June 15, 2018

A New Doll

I'm working on a doll for a children's theater. I have size specifications to work with and they wanted fingers too. I will cut it out after lunch and sew it together, then turn it to be stuffed after the job today. Hopefully me getting out of my creative way will work this time around. At least for awhile. I'd truly forgotten how much I liked designing, pulling fabric, making a pattern, and then sewing the doll together. Stuffing... not so much but then there's the painting of the face.

The doll will be 24 inches tall and be flexible enough to go into a backpack. Don't ask, I guess it's part of the story.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Yes, after a horrid last week, I'm finally getting back to making things. My voodoo doll pins finally have arms and started painting their faces a bit (next pic) so I can do embroidery work. I'd forgotten how I enjoyed making these little guys and gals.

I continue to tell myself that I am a work in progress. That I do have to work. My ideas won't come into fruition if I don't put the work in. Easier said than done but it's another start. I just love falling off that tractor and getting back on again.


Monday, June 11, 2018

No Pic Post

Yes,  a no pic post. Sorry about that. Last week was horrendous. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. I didn't know of K. Spade but she was my age. I wasn't a Bourdain fan but started watching his programs again. His death was a shock. Then two days after his passing, a friend of twenty years died. I didn't even know she had been in the hospital. She drank herself to death. There were many days I cried last week and the weekend. So many talented people checking out. I was not in a very good place so I called a good friend. I woke her up. I apologized but so much was going on in my head, I needed her to listen. And she did. We were both laughing after an hour. It gave me time to look at things in a different perspective.


Today, back to my mother's to continue clearing out my stuff. Geesh! I've got a lot of stuff. I found quite a few porcelain dolls I made years ago. And they were big dolls. I'm not into porcelain dolls much these days; I will keep a few but will probably take apart the others and sell as kits. Looking at the craftsmanship, I worked my little fingers off. But they've got to go. I found my first doll I saved up my allowance to get. I was maybe like twelve. Gonna keep her. And my Madame Alexander dolls. That's going way back. I even have a Hulk Hogan doll when I was way into wrestling when it was the WWF, World Wrestling Federation. One big bag of trash, brought back some fabric for my new witches, stacked more boxes to break down, started going through my old file cabinet (stuff should have been shredded ages ago), and mom gave me food. That is always a good thing. I also got a lot of my hair chopped off. No fuss summer hair. If I can get a decent pic I'll post it.

The month of my birthday and I won't be doing much because I forgot I had to get new vehicle tags. I did the last payment on a huge bill, so I'm thrilled about that but my birthday gift to me will have to wait until next month. For this new week I will finish my voodoo doll pins, get clothes on my witches, finish up some pen & ink drawings, and do a doll for someone else. That's it for now. Have a good evening.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

June, June, June

I kind of don't know what to expect this month.  I have a couple of things I need to get done. Which I'm kind of dreading. But if I put my nose to the grindstone I will get them done and out of my hair. Speaking of hair, my hair isn't doing anything right at the moment. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, or diet, or what but I'm thinking of cutting it all off and starting over. I just don't want to deal with it right now. Had a yard sale yesterday. I won't be taking a cruise anytime soon. Ha! Everyone was saying, "You don't have what I'm looking for." Seriously? Okay, why say anything at all? Just look and go. And the weather has been kooky. We went from winter to a quick spring, winter, summer, and fall. Yeah Mother Nature, you're drunk. At least now the sun is out. I guess all I can say is, "Whatever." Can't control it and I'm in Michigan. Wait a few minutes and the weather will change. Like it or not.

So tomorrow will be a trip to Salvation Army to donate things that didn't go yesterday. I just want it out of the place. I ca't use it, maybe someone else can. For the rest of the month, I will continue to downsize and clear out my mother's place. What fun.

The plan is to get back to creating. Anything. I've started out with my front page for June in my Bullet Journal. I like these little creatures and will continue to work on them. I'm going to have to straighten the dungeon so I can get back to work. At least I got the tables that I used in the yard sale back up again. See ya.

Friday, June 1, 2018


Okay then. May kind of sucked. I didn't accomplish as much as I'd wanted to. Getting passed over for a position on the job was disappointing and it sent me down into a hole. I've dragged myself out and now it's a new month. I do have to say this about me, I don't give up. I can receive a 'Hulk' type beat down but will get back up again. That's the thing about life. It's not dull, always challenging. Even when you think you can't handle anymore. There are times when you just want to say, "Watch me."

So I take a deep breathe. Well... a couple. Or several. I drink my coffee and look at the green stuff out the window. I am alive. I am fairly healthy. I have a safe place to stay. And I have a little job that does not define who I am.

I'll keep going. Try this again. It's a new month. My birthday month. Summer has come early. I really wish we'd had a real spring. I miss those. Now it's hot with the AC on. Halloween is 152 days away and I'm so looking forward to it. Until then, there is June. See ya soon. Oh, and if you're viewing this from overseas can you please leave a comment and let me know if you see the cookie notification? Thanks.

Still February

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