Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Kick in the Pants

Procrastination... I can write volumes on it. Why it's done, how it's done, what you can do to get away from it. But then things happen and you know that they can be better. You know that you want better things in life, a better place to live. Then you procrastinate more. You get so worked up over what's now working that you the universe finally kicks you in the pants. The light bulb of life goes off, your eyes are finally opened. All that you wanted to do and you know will work smacks you in the face.

I read from author Larry Winget. If you don't like your job, change it. You don't like where you live, move. I get it. Again. Sometimes it takes more than once for good information to get through one's noggin. I can change things to benefit me. It has taken other events in my life to get the fire back. I'm now working on grabbing hold of the tiger again.

I have received another kick in the pants. Sometimes I just brush it off. Other times I listen but still do nothing. Today, the flame is growing. Change is the key. It hurts to change. But if it will make things better, do it. Grab hold of the tiger, increase the flame and the desire to do better. I can't remember how many times the fates, furies, goddesses, deities and the universe has kicked me in the pants. This time I am more conscious of it and will work hard to make it stick.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Out

Being an artist/writer is a lonely business. If you're working on a project or two at a time, you're lucky if you see daylight. you do have to take care of yourself and nourish your mind and body. It is okay to take time out and be in the company of others.

I have been quite diligent with my creative work for the past couple of weeks, that at times it has been scary. When I was invited out by friends to have a beer on St. Patrick's Day, I said yes. I'll be there. It just so happened to be a nice early evening and I went after work. I got my beer and sat with friends in the sun.

Talking to others who are like minded is a wonderful thing. Others who have gone to university, traveled, have goofy family members, are current in the world's events and are also creative is a feel good thing. It felt good to be away from studio walls. It felt good to laugh at my own stories and the stories of others. It felt good to be around people you like/care about and they like/care about you in return. I'm still getting use to it. But it's okay to take 'Time Out' for me.

Friday, March 20, 2009

On Again, Off Again

I'm still working on bettering my creative output. I have 'on days' which can be very good and 'off days'... well, they're off. Sometimes there are more 'on days' the 'off' and that's a good thing. But when there are more 'off days' than 'on', that's when I start to worry. I wonder what's going on. Has fear secretly crept back into my subconscious because I've been doing so well? Is it my bad pixie telling me to sabotage my progress? So what do I do?

I step back to look at the whole picture. What I've accomplished in a week. It may not all be on writing or dolls, it could be something else like my applique or quilting. I've been told by another artist friend that when you feel stuck on one project that you should be doing, that it's okay to be creative in another area.

Today I will start a painting. Squeeze out some paint and put it on a canvas board. It doesn't have to look great, I don't even have to show it to anyone, just go through the process of creating. That should jump start the creativity where I need it to be. I will get back on track and keep moving forward.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here We Go Again

Okay, so March started off fine and then ended up in a heap. The second week I got sick with a sinus infection and was down for three days. Figures. But I'm feeling better now and getting back on track. I know where I stand in my world right now and I don't like it. So I've got to fix it and make it work for me. When the world knocks you down, laugh and get up swinging.

One day at a time. One baby step at a time. If plans fall through, rework them. That's where I am right now. Plans have been put on hold for one thing and I was about to panic. But I'm better than that. I stopped and got quiet. I asked myself that if this plan has to be put on hold for awhile, what can you do to keep going in the direction you need to go? It did come to me quickly. Work in my new medium will be put on the back burner and I will work on something I know I can get done. My old medium. I'm on a deadline and I've got to do what I know I can get done. The new medium and designs will percolate for now. And I'm okay with that.

So... onward!!!!! I'm not down or out. Way to much to do and accomplish. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy March

Okay, short February is over. I didn't hit my doll goal but that's okay. It's a new month and I have new goals. Still making dolls but with everything else on my plate, the bar has been lowered. Five dolls a month. If I go over fine. Sometimes things have to be adjusted to continue the move forward. And I feel very happy right now. I feel great. Even though it snowed, the sun is out.

Yes, we got snow. Down south in North Carolina. I thought I had escaped but we got hit. And not just snow, there's ice underneath the snow. Oh yeah. Reminds me of home. Except that up north, it would take a lot more to shut us down. I'm enjoying this day, even though it is my day off.

I am looking forward to this month. Why not? It's a new month. Hope you enjoy my snow pics.

Still February

Working hard to get back in the groove of blogging. It's a way to get my feelings, ideas, and dreams out of my head and into the world. ...