Friday, May 22, 2009

Walking the Walk

Yesterday I finally made it around the park twice. This morning I got up and went around again. My rear end is talking to me. But I have to keep going. The days are getting lighter earlier. I have no excuse not to get up and walk in the morning.

Now I'm starting to feel better. I'm still getting the kinks out of muscles and joints, that will take time but I'm doing something. Moving my butt. I'm in control of my health. It doesn't matter how long I do it but that I do it. I'm not in a race against anyone else and could care less if people don't think that I'm doing it right. The point is that I'm moving and being consistent at it. That's pretty good.

UFO Project One

My applique teacher had a student pull a number for our first project and I'm am to work on my Bunny wall hanging. The top is done and I have chosen fabric for the backing. I also have batting but I need fabric for sashing and binding.

I would like to hand quilt it, primitive style which I think will work well. Plus it's a small piece and the hand quilting should go fairly fast. I have a month to finish it and then I'll be able to hang it properly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feeling Great!

I am feeling great! I can't remember when I felt this good and for such a long time. Almost two months. It has taken awhile and I'm still a work in progress. I like me! I'm working on the love but I genuinely 'like me'. I like who I am. Where I am. What I'm doing to make my life better. Working towards where I want to be.

I get it. I am in control of my thoughts. No one can make me feel anyway I don't want to feel. Yes, crap happens. That's life but it's how I handle it. It's okay to get upset about some things. Better to vent than to keep it bottled up inside where it can fester and make you sick. Acknowledge it; vent; if it's a problem, think of a solution, deal with it, let it go. Move on to other fantastic things. Life is way too short to hold onto anger, guilt, frustration, hurt. It's up to me to make a difference.

Dog gone it, I get it! It is up to me to create my own life. To enjoy my life. To soar with the eagles. I can do whatever I put my mind to. If I have a big project, break it down into tiny pieces. Then I won't feel overwhelmed and give up.

Be grateful. I am so grateful for my mom, my cousin Tam, my other family members, my real friends. Those gal pals who are like my sisters. I am grateful for my apartment, my truck, my computer, even my bed because I use to sleep on the floor. Hardwood floor. I am grateful for getting up every morning because it's a new day and I can start all over again.

The only limitations are the ones I put on myself and right now, they're being kicked to the curb. There are no limits to what I can accomplish. Can't has been removed from my vocabulary. There is no can't, only can. I can do whatever. Some projects may take awhile longer but I will attempt and do. Why not?

Nothing happens without an attempt. Results don't come about unless you do. Man!!! I get it. The light bulb of life has finally turned on. What a beautiful glow.

I am surrounding myself with like minded people. People who do. People who are on the go to make their lives their own and touch someone in a special way on that journey. I promise myself that I will do at least one thing I like to do everyday. One thing that brings a smile to my face. One thing that can lead to a bigger thing that will make my life better.

Exercise helps. I'm not really big on exercising. Don't particularly like it but it's something I have to do. Push ups. Walks in the morning to start my day or after dinner to clear my mind. On days I can't walk, I pop in an exercise tape. Anything to move. Keeps the weight down, the heart healthy and the mental pathways clear. I think better if I'm exercising on a regular basis. I probably won't get crazy about it although I would like to do more Tai Chi or Hawaiian dance. I will not frte about not going to a gym. There are other ways to get fit.

I am in charge om me. I am in charge of my actions and the way I feel. It feels good to really 'feel good'.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching Up

I don't really understand how to set up my posts. I can never seem to get my pics where I want them. Okay, I will let it go. But I'm not too happy right now.

I have finished two more dolls. My goal for the month is six dolls and I have three more to go. My goal today is to work on three heads today. I've already picked out fabric for two. I have two weeks to get the three done. My personal goal, building up a stock for an upcoming show.

These are flat face cloth dolls with painted faces. They have pearl cotton joints and wired, individual fingers. Yarn hair, upholstery trim headbands, and beads for accent. I'm trying not to make too many more of these because I want to take my designs in a different direction. I want to get away from the play doll look. These dolls aren't meant to be played with anyway but some people think that they can be.

I'm striving to elevate my design to a more of an art piece. Capturing a segment in time, a gesture, an emotion. I think I will always make a flat face doll but I'm doing more 3D pieces. And will eventually get back to needle felting which I truly love and want to master.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally, another doll!

I had started this doll many, many moons ago. I had taken a workshop with the wonderful Christine Shively and it is from her Tribal Woman pattern. All I had to do was to add more beads. That was it. The doll had been languishing for many years, waiting patiently for me to finish her. Well... here she is. She now has a spot hanging on my wall above my computer area. Yay me!

I just love her belly button bead. Her name is Tya and she comes from an island of sand, lush greenery and flowers big enough to sit under. She is dressed up in finery for the Meet and Greet Festival where the available men on the island strut their stuff.

I am behind on my doll numbers for the month. I still have time to get to my six. Now that I have her done, I believe I can do it. I have to. I told the world that I could do six in a month. So there. Hmmm... six.... different pieces. I've got a little over two more weeks. It's on.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I had a really big project to complete and I had gotten stuck. I couldn't bring myself to do anything on the project to get it done while my deadline was zooming close. A friend suggested that I do something else that was creative to help get the creative spark back into what I was really suppose to be doing. So I decided to paint.

I am schooled in watercolor painting. A traditional painter, nothing abstract for me. I had some canvas board a friend gave me as a going away gift. They weren't very large but the size 10x12 terrified me. I did have a smaller board, so I used that one. I started the painting, not knowing what to do because I was using a different medium. Acrylic paint is something I'm not familiar with at all. The only thing I know about it is you can cover a whole painting and start all over and it dries fast.

Acrylic paint is so forgiving. So I attempted my little painting and when it was done, I could see all what was wrong with it. I could have fixed it but that wasn't' the point of the exercise. The point was to jump start my creative block, not to pick apart my latest creation. And the exercise worked. I was able to enjoy what I had produced, knowing that what I found at fault with it, could be addressed in another painting. I'll have it to see my progress as an acrylic painter.

My creative block was unblocked and I finished my big project. Now onto the next painting.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May- A New Month

April was a very productive month. I made seven dolls, started the jury process to a guild, got back to my manuscript, learned more about where I live, met the mayor of my town, saw a live Bluebird, ate at Pig Pickins restaurant (good barbeque), had a great doll making workshop, and learned that I will be the featured artist in Hampton House Gallery's new online newsletter. April was a good month. I learned how many dolls I can make in a month and still have time for writing.

May will be magnificent. More dolls, more writing, and more opportunities. I got one painting done last month and I will go for two this month. I will continue work on my quilting projects too. I am very excited about this month and what I'll accomplish. Because this is my year.

I wish you all a Magnificent May!

Still February

Working hard to get back in the groove of blogging. It's a way to get my feelings, ideas, and dreams out of my head and into the world. ...