Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue/Yellow Angels

Two more additions to the film bunch. They were suppose to have wings but me being the artist, it's my discretion that they don't. They still look angelic like and I feel good about that. I so love the fabrics I used for their arms and legs. I wonder if I left the manufacturer on what's left and then I can look for more. I'd loved to have a lap quilt. I usually go for bright and jewel tone colors for quilts but every now and I like traditional colors.
I used soft pastels for their makeup, cheeks, and lips. Along with color pencil to highlight and outline the lips. The eyebrows on the brown doll are done out of Pigma pen and the lighter one, her brows are of brown color pencil. Their hair is upholstery trim. Love the stuff, it comes in an assortment of colors and you unravel one end and get this massive hair thing going on.

I had to paint the brown one twice. I mentioned that she had come out splotchy at first. I wasn't satisfied with the second time around after I started doing her makeup. But those goofs were hidden by the pastels. Love those things. I've got to get better brushes for application.

She's quite elegant, don't you think? I had a different trim for under her bustline but forgot about it until I had the gold on. It still works. I can use the blue for something else.

I'm really working on getting better with my pic taking. Especially with the point-n-shoot that I have. Something else to go on my wishlist. I love her modest pose.

This pic doesn't do her eye shadow job justice. Her lips are nicer too. Oh well, I just have to keep at it. My creative list just got shorter. Thanks for stopping by.

More Skull Ornaments

Here are the rest of my set of ten skulls. I still have to make the crossbones but I wanted to show that I've gotten back to work after the week from down below. Oh what a horrid week it has been. Bad days just take everything creative out of you. You question yourself again and again as to why you are even doing this.

But then you have to. Creating is like breathing. No matter what happens in real life, and life does seem to get in the way, you still do it. Take a piece of nothing and make something beautiful, fun, colorful.... Just because you can. When you feel all battered and bruised by life, your paints, color pencils, fabric, yarn, it's all waiting for you to let go and get back to the amazing.

I want to thank my followers for their support. It's great knowing that I'm not alone on my creative journey. I will try not to disappoint.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Aliens are Here!

They've just arrived and have apologized for missing Mardi Gras. They are quite happy, this family from around Orion's Belt after making a left. Momma Zaina, pops Tamran, and the kids Purka, Grenna, and Oron are glad to be here. They don't want you to worry about them because they are off to party some more. Doing the Cha Cha and Conga around the 3rd Rock from the sun.
You can see the beginings of these fun guys, if you are so inclined. Go back to my blog, Wendy's World Date, Oct 15, 2009.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 Little Buggers

Sorry there was no post yesterday but it wasn't a good one. Eegads! But I pulled it together today and finished 5 of the 10 skull ornaments. I feel much better now, knowing that I accomplished something. They each have their own personalities and I just want to start naming them. I've got to get something so I can tag them in the back. I love them. And I like how when I hold them up, they move like bobble-heads.

These guys are on my little tree that I keep lit. I haven't taken off my orange and purple Halloween lights yet. I think they work quite nicely. The angels have been pushed to the back or center of the tree.
Don't you just want to name these guys? It's like they're all up to something. Ha, ha!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Needle Felted Skull Ornaments

Here we go now. Remember those cocoon things not too long ago? Here's one finished. My first Skull ornament. I think he's kind of cute. Not as scary as I had thought he was going to be. More mischievous. Like he's hiding the good rum and we should see him when the pub closes. There are small Pony beads that separate him and the crossbones. They're a good size and I have embroidery floss as his hang thread. I think I will try a thin pearl cotton. It would be nicer I think.
Here's another guy, maybe a gal, waiting to come to life. The crossbones are like little dog biscuits. LOL There's nothing like getting the first one done to see what can be improved.

Several more just waiting. Now that I'm not afraid of them anymore or how they would turn out because I'm my own worse critic. I'm really excited. Getting poked by a felting needle through the fingernail is not cool. It hurts. This time there was no blood. But my creative spirit is flowing through these critters.

I have the greatest group of women in my applique workshop. Sheila crocheted these beautiful bookmarks for everyone. I'm normally not a pink person, this one is kind of mauve. Desert Rose. Ha! That's an artist for you. Not just dark pink. I love it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Purple Crazy Quilt

Here it is. I finally stitched down the binding and got all the straight pins out. I only got poked once. Woo hoo!
This is a close-up and you can see the spider web and spider in the upper right corner. I had fun doing all the stitiching eons ago and finally it's done. Crossed off my UFP List. What a good feeling. Now for the others. LOL

Had my applique group tonight. I love those ladies and how much we laugh. Laughing is good. Show & Tell was very good tonight too. Everyone had something they had been working on and some pieces were finished, ready to be quilted. What a talented bunch. I have my UFP/UFO for next month's meeting. My Celtic Knot wall hanging.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Yesterday was great. I laughed with friends just about all day, at the job even. Not much got done on the creative front once I got home, although I did some sketching (of a small one bedroom house, based on the farmhouse in Ratatouille) and went through old miniature magazines. That CaseyMini lady is bad news. She's gotten me interested in miniatures again. Oh so wrong, that woman, but I oh so love her blog. She cracks me up.

Not only do I have a boat load of projects slated for the month, I have to show that I am doing something. Also, to prove to myself that I can stay focused in the "Land of Finish Me" so I can get to other stuff, like minis. No, no, I can't, must stay focused.

Today, rather tonight, I will update you on some of these projects. The first one:
Aliens- These are the kids. I started the whole family awhile ago and this week I finally got their faces on. What was I waiting for? I cut out different shapes of black felt for their eyes and little round grey pieces as pupils. They are aliens after all. The mouths are red felt.
I arranged the eye parts on their heads differently before gluing on, because they each have their own pose and personality. I picked a purple, velveteen like fabric for their clothing. It has sprinkles of green, red, orange, and yellow all over it. The sprinkles didn't photograph well, so you'll have to take my word on the description. I will try again when the critters are finished.

Blue and Yellow Angels- I showed these lovelies before too. I repainted the brown one because her first paint job was very blotchy. She looks much healthier now. I glued on the trim around their neck, bust line, wrists, and the hems of their dresses. I had another plan for part of their outfits but can't remember what it was and I won't spend anymore time figuring out the design. I want to get them done. I will paint their faces this week, add hair and some beads. Maybe on the beads.

Old Man Winter Voodoo Doll- Give him the boot! I got this idea of a voodoo doll form the cover of "Skirt" magazine. At that time winter was becoming a bother (it's not getting any better) and it would be great to have an Old Man Winter Voodoo doll. To toss around, kick him, poke him when you're tired of the mess of snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and slush.

I will make him out of cotton and use fabric paints to make him blue, gray and just downright gnarly. I've got blue, clear, and white beads along with snowflake charms. Also he will get stamped with a snowflake rubber stamp all over his body. A frigid mess. I want to make several stick pins with suns on the end. To melt the little winter monster. You can't have a voodoo doll without pins, now can you?

Spring Faerie/Angel- I am so ready for spring. I can taste it. Smell it. Feel the warmth of the new season sun on my face. These little ladies will help to get rid of the cold, old man winter. Just in case the sun pins don't work. Some people like angels, some like faeries, some like both. It's that 'two birds with one stone' thing for me. Don't tell them because they fly too.

It's a simple pattern, the body and legs are one part, a separate arm and head pattern. This way the body can be done out of fancy fabric while arms and head out of a skin tone of my choice. I have also designed two wing styles. I can dress them up or down (with embellishments) as much as I like. Yay spring!

Here's the first pattern drawn. Eyes were for something else I started to think about. Attention span of a gnat.

Here's a cleaned up pattern.

The Reader- Her head has been stuck on a double pointed knitting needle for almost a year. She has been very patient but I'm getting tired of looking at her sans body. I took her head and measured out her body which will be in four parts. At least right now, to make her more 3D. This body style is called a 'stump doll'. Love it. Don't have to worry about stuffing legs and it goes on a base or stand like a dream.

There are two halves that make up the front and two for the back. The back section angles out a bit because I didn't want to make a structure undergarment to give the effect of a train. I'll deal with her arms once I get her body done. I will start off by making a mock-up out of muslin to see if the pattern will work or have to be altered. I'll take pics of that process too.

Today was a long day. It didn't start out well because I told myself that it was my day off. I knew I needed to do something so I had a cup of Chai tea (yum) and got busy. I also worked on needle felting, my skull ornaments. Will have pics of a completed one in a couple of days. I've got ten going.

Before bed I will start to stitch down the crazy quilt binding. It'll be done for show and tell tomorrow night for applique class. I need to pick up some clips (they actually look like hair clips) to hold the binding down as I stitch it in place. Now I have a gazillion straight pins in it. Yes, I will get poked, but once it's done, it will be beautiful and then I can use it. You can never have enough blankets, lap quilts, or throws.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Name

A couple of moons ago, I use to do wood carving. I designed this little miss and she got stuck in the "Land of Finish Me". I pulled her out after having rearranged my closets and decided to change her fate. Will I ever get back to wood carving? I don't have a clue but I can finish her. She needs to be painted and will have a marble in her hand, a crystal ball of sorts. I think I had some elf maiden in mind.

I wanted her in an emerald green dress with gold and red belt. She was also going to be a red head. If anyone one wants to try naming her, please be my guest.

I watched the opening Olympic ceremonies and really enjoyed them. My boss said that she felt as if she was invited in. I agree, that's Canada for you. It was like being in their home. I wish all the athletes the best of luck. #12 on my bucket list is to attend an Olympic opening ceremony.

My art reception was last night too. A lot of people showed up which was great. The food was really good and I had a great time. I also had a few inquiries about Koji. I am ready to make the next Koji Bear. After dinner tonight, thar will be skulls to deal with. See ya.

Friday, February 12, 2010

More Needle Felting

I have been neglecting my posts but I guess that's what happens when life shows up. Oh well, I'm back for more. These little guys are going to be skull ornaments. They have been wet felted and I don't know if I like it or not. I suppose it depends on how they turn out. They look like huge cocoons. Those would be some huge moths coming out of those if they were. Not quite Mothra size but you get where I'm coming from.

They are going to be skulls with corssbones because I have a thing for pirates right now. Yes, everyone thinks of Johnny Depp but my love affair started with Yul Bryner as Jean LaFitte (sp). Those tight pants, yowza! Maybe I'm really dating myself here. Doesn't matter, I'm happy with me and all the great things I've been through. I'm looking forward to more great things.
These unusually shaped balls were suppose to be friends of Oswin. The results of my first wet felting mishap. The thing was to put the balls into a stocking and into the hot wash. Well, my apartment washer has one hot wash cycle and it's heavy duty. Not good for what I wanted to do. I am looking forward to the day when I have a very nice place to live with my own washer and dryer with different settings.
Any hoo, the apartment washer just massacred my wonderfully felt balls and shrank them several sizes. Yes, I almost cried, because it's not like I had a lot of wool to work with. Then I started to laugh and tried to figure out if I should toss them or work with them.
I didn't toss them and stared at them several times (months) before deciding to finish them. The long pointy things are arms and legs, also wet felted. Man, you've got to really get the feel of wet felting. I will probably try doing it again because I'm just creatively stubborn that way.
Grocery shopping has been done and now it's time to get creative.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Reader

This is The Reader. I started her a long time ago during Akira Blount's workshop. I kept her because I like her face too. I didn't know how I wanted to finish her for a long time, but continued to look at her and wondered what she would be doing. Finally it came to me, she looks like she is deep in thought while reading a book. Hence her title.

Her face is needle sculpted ( from my pattern). Now I have to make her body, arms, and hands. She will be a stump doll, so she won't have legs. Sometimes that's easier and maybe I'll get her done. In a way, I'm looking forward to making the book she will read and she will probably be standing on books.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue & Yellow Angels

Blue & Yellow Angels. I know, not very original. I started these sometime ago when I had taken a workshop with Akira Blount. I had this nice blue and yellow print fabric that I wanted to use, so I created them. I created my own pattern and needle sculpted their faces. Then I let them languish in the Land of Finish Me.
So I brought them out and painted their faces and hands. Yes, their arms are propped out by legs that don't belong to a body so I wouldn't get paint on what is their dress. I have the fabric and trim to finish these ladies but hadn't painted them. That was the next step which for some reason I just didn't feel like doing until now.

You can see the nice expression on this one's face.

This one is a bit more content. Their bodies are made out of upholstery swatch. If you can find those, they make great outfits such as vests, skirts, hats, or bodies. Usually independent upholstery places just throw them out. You can ask them to save the swatches for you.

A nice aerial type view. I have to paint the brown one over. Way too many splotches on her neck. Today I will start adding trim. These two will hang on the wall and probably go into the film.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gingies- Boys

Here are my Gingies, boy version. I did the girls earlier and these guys were you-know-where.
I just had to make pants, put their bow ties on and their hair. Nothing big, the hard part was done (sewing and stuffing) and they just sat. Silly me. Now they are done, ready to join the girls and their close-up for the film. I think they're cute. I don't know why I hadn't finished them earlier. Hmmm, let's see, procrastination, fear demon.
I think I need to make a fear voodoo doll and just poke him when he decides to get ugly and ruin my creative day. Or projects. I know I want to make one for Old Man Winter and give him the boot.

Crazy Quilt

This is my crazy quilt I started about 100 years ago. Okay, maybe not that long ago but it does seem like it. I finally got the backing on and you can see a little of the crazy colored binding that is sewn on but has to be hand stitched down.

I used many jewel toned fabrics and there are many cool things embroidered on it. I have a spider and web which is suppose to be good luck, my name, and individual letters of my name in different areas. Plus a huge assortment of embroidery stitches. I was busy on this thing. It is a lap size and I just wanted to get it done. Way too many unfinished projects are hanging around, languishing in the land of 'Finish Me'.

I didn't post yesterday because I was on a low. I was in my flow while I was finishing Marlow but when I finish something I feel a little low and it lasts a long time. Not good for creative types, leads right into procrastination. This time I quickly wrote a list of things that need to be finished and those that need to be started, so my low hasn't lasted long. You know, it's the adrenaline of the deadline of a project that drains away when you're done.

Any hoo, the binding is something that can be done in front of the TV when I'm tired and I don't have to think about doing it. Really working hard to find more projects like that. I will finally have this project done, this month.

I'm on a roll. Woo hoo!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marlow & Jesserina the Rat

Here they are! I'm so happy the way they turned out. The one thing about a prototype is that you learn what works and what doesn't work. You learn about short cuts, and what not to do the next time. Main lesson, do the head and face first. Way different approach from when I make cloth dolls. For me, the face is the last thing to do.

Marlow has her purple spider print bloomers on with a black wired ribbon sash with bow. I love wired ribbon. Her eyes are purple and she has a bright green stump in the top of her head. Her hair is dyed green and purple mohair which I've had for ages and will have to use up soon because it's doing weird things. She also has bead earrings.

Jesserina (Jeffrey's cousin), was a lot of fun to do. Yes, she's on the Rubenesque side, but she's in my world. She has a gold ribbon collar with a dark green bead (stylin'), wool feet and ears, fancy yarn tail (extra long for grabbing cheese), and nice beady red eyes. Marlow loves her to bits.

They are off to a professional photographer, so in the near future I'll have a really good pic of the two of them. I've written down all my steps and will rearrange the order for the next one. I'm so excited. Studio is a mess again and the cycle continues. Mess up, clean up.

I stabbed myself over six times with the felting needle. Holy smokes and drew blood twice. Sporting a bandage right now. But it was worth it and Marlow is truly my baby because she has a bit of my DNA. I wonder if I can wear a carving glove next time. Hmm. Maybe not. Too clunky.

I hope you enjoyed Marlow's journey. I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation of the next project.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Marlow Too

Marlow is moving right along. Rough day today, so I didn't get to her arms. Got the rat started though and will finish them up tomorrow. She will have a black ribbon sash. Her bloomers have spiders and cobwebs as the print. Just love Halloween.
Her black top, legging stripes and shoes are needle felted.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Here she is with her fat legs. This needle felting is going to have some learning curve. Getting these guys to stand without a stand is a challenge. Right now she's standing by herself, she's such a big girl. Getting February off to a great start.

I don't know if she'll have orange stockings with stripes or black stockings with stripes. Guess it depends on what colors I have available, huh? Ha! I am so tickled by my little imp. Will have to go through my small wool stash. I love her little tummy too.
Stay tuned.

Still February

Working hard to get back in the groove of blogging. It's a way to get my feelings, ideas, and dreams out of my head and into the world. ...