Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Back!

It has been a long time since I last blogged. 2014 has been a very strange year and I'm glad it's almost over. This was the first year since the first year I moved to North Carolina, that I didn't create much of anything. And that's very sad. Very, very sad. I'm also still dealing with health issues and once again, car issues but I won't allow those things to deter me any longer. Because I hadn't been creating, I haven't been selling anything. Not very good for the coffers. The mental health started to go downhill because I didn't know what to do. So I stepped back, reevaluated things and decided to take a different direction. Sometimes you just have to do that. Seeing that office type jobs are not my forte (I like playing on my own playground), I had to think of something that would bring in a steady income.

I decided that I would try my hand at longarm quilting. I had thought about it years ago but was a bit chicken about the whole thing. Of course, I was seeing work by people who have been doing it for years and not thinking as a beginner who would have a learning curve. I have taken quilt making (piecing) classes and applique classes, so I know how quilts go together. The next thing to do was to research machines. I found a really nice machine representative who works for APQS. She helped me find a used machine and then I had to set up a business. Good grief. It was one thing after another. Many trips back and forth to downtown, filling out paperwork, not having what one person said I should have. I would get that information, take it back and another person would say I needed something else. I was about to lose my mind but have been so grateful and blessed to have a very special friend who helped me through the last bit of the setting up a business process. It was nice seeing the business license with the business name on it. It was nice getting my first batch of business cards. It was nice when I finally got the machine and it was set up. It was nice having my first class on the longarm, sew my first three sample quilts. It was not nice getting my first business bill before I even got the first quilt on the frame but it was nice to have my first paying job. It's all a process and I'm still learning.

This new venture will enable me to live and still make dolls and figures, and write. I will be starting a new blog just for the quilting and get back to posting on a regular basis.

Oh, my new business name is Wendy B Quilts. Because it will be all about quilts. See ya soon.

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