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In Progress

I finally have enough pieces in progress to post. I have pieces for the indie film and pieces for the art festival and upcoming holiday season. The latest new designs are my genies. I have my staple of angel ornaments (above) and new angel designs (below) which may turn out to be folk angels. Haven't decided.
I have also started a very large doll, her head is 6". She's going to be a fortune teller and I even plan on making ears for lots of earrings. She'll have individual fingers for lots of rings too. Two will be made. There will also be witches, fairies, sprites coming soon. I also put on my list, mermaids. The next couple of months should be exciting.
Will have to work on photos too. Everything is a work in progress.

Fabric, fabric everywhere!

After waiting on budget money for a month to buy fabric for the dolls, I finally got it. Paperwork, banks, lawyers. Blah, blah, blah. Nathan was a wee bit upset that his main designer, me, was behind schedule. The main component, dolls, of the movie was not getting made. I refused to get upset. What was the point? The money for me was finally there, now I just had to be able to access it.

I got access and my dear friend Maya, went shopping with me. She's very good to take along fabric shopping. She watched as I pulled different colors and textures, amazed at the process and taking joy in the gleam in my eyes. She was also great at hauling a lot of the bolts for me too. Love you!

It was a good feeling to be able to buy whatever I wanted. The fancy fabrics I normally don't buy to make art. The colors, textures and patterns not usually used. This was my chance to show off. Every time I pulled a different bolt of fabric, Maya would say how she couldn't wait to see…

The Film

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by movies. Movies with stop motion animation, my favorite being 'Jason and the Argonauts'. The sci-fi movies of the 1950s, I would sit there and figure out how they did the special effects. Whatever book on sci-fi and fantasy films I could get, I did. Like so many others, I told myself that one day, I was going to make movies and animated films.

I was told that I would have to go to Hollywood or New York. I attempted Hollywood several times. The first when I was accepted to UCLA for film. I wanted to be a matte artist. Loved the work of C. Bonesteel. Couldn't afford to go. The second time, the same reason. The third time, 911 happened and I lost my job, along with my savings. Disappointed? You bet, but I filed that dream away. I refused to let it go altogether. That was my dream.

Fast forward some years and I'm in a new place emotionally, a new part of the country, a new state and a new town. I joined a …

Good to Go

July just blew by me. I totally don't know what happened but it's gone and now I'm into August. Was July a mid-year lull? It was truly a blur. Was it a belch? What? The beginning of the year was a mad dash. Many projects got done, goals accomplished. Had a great time for my birthday and now back to reality. Was July a break from the first part of the year?

Well now, the blink is over. It's time to get revved up for the last part of the year. Halloween, Christmas and the independent film I'm working on are all on the docket. All are doll/figure related. New designs. Designs to challenge me as an artist. Designs to help me get to what I really want to make.

I have a couple of friends who like Steampunk. Researching this genre, it seems as if I've always liked it but never knew it was called Steampunk. The one series that comes to mid that I really liked was 'The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.'. It took place in the old west but they had …