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A Night Out

I was able to get out, away from my dolls, apartment, and town and go to the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina. Invitation only, the First Gentleman Robert W. Eaves arranged a reception for his project of celebrating NC Craft.
The mansion itself is wonderful and so is a part of the gardens that I did see. It was my first time in Raleigh and loved the architecture of the large Victorian houses. I have to go back just to look at the architecture and go to the museums. Can't forget the restaurants.

I went with my travel buds Gary and Meredith.

Two crazy gals outside the mansion gates. Yes, we had to go through security and show I.D. to prove who we were. I was waiting for Gary to set off the alarm, seeing he just had a hip replaced. Don't tell him that.

Me and Governor Beverly Purdue. She is a tiny thing and very pretty. A lovely lady.

Here I am in the sun room. A reason why I don't like taking pictures.

Me and Meredith in the Gentleman's Room.


I'm Still Here!

I know it's been awhile since my last posting but I'm scrambling to get things done. I'm on track, which is good and I'm so excited about what I want to do and what I have done so far. The tall pieces are my Ghostie Girls. The little one laying down on the right is a peg leg bunner. I can't wait to get him done. The goal is to have all bodies done this week so I can spend time dressing and embellishing.

Here are some of the witch faces. Painting is done on all of them, now I have to do the detail work with color pencil. Will be picking up some fall and Halloween charms to decorate them and their hats.

This pic didn't turn out very well. These are fabrics chosen for my Skele Pirate. The multi-color stripe fabric is for his pants, the dark stripe is more of a charcoal color and will be his vest, the lighter stripe will be for his shirt and the red go around his head under his hat (maybe). He will be sporting an eye patch too.

I've started staying up late this…

Barely Made It!

Oh my gosh! Barely made it for my first post for September. I'm still holding it together, even though I'm not all there on the job. But that's okay. This little miss is a Ghostie Girl. I just love her little legs. Yes, she does have a big head but she's going to be cute.

Here are some of the Goth Witches, with their beginning paint job. Their eyes are a dark purple with light purple and yellow highlights. Their outfits are killer. I wouldn't mind a couple of those dresses.

Lighting isn't great but look at what time it is. LOL

As you can see, I have witches all over the place. These two are on my sewing table.

These three are on my chair. I've got to get another shelf. Ooooh! Under the gun.
Will also put in an hour or so writing.