Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not the Best Pic

Been sick for almost a week, a really bad cold this time with a dose of another infection dealing with kidneys and bladders. Ha, ha! Yeah, I went there. Anyhoo, feeling much better and I'm working hard to salvage the rest of this month. I finally got my pirate/skull vest done. Buttonholes and all. It looks way better on and I will have to get a pic of me in it. Until then, here it is.

It's lined and I just love the fabric. Feeling pretty good right now because I got something done, this year. I know, it's still early but this month was starting to freak me out because I had nothing creative done.

Close up of buttons.

I've also been back to writing and finally broke through a block where I couldn't figure out how to start the story. I've had many scenes written, lots of background info, and stories to fill several books, but I didn't know how to start the darn thing. Or where to start it in the main character's life. Before I got out of bed this morning, a scene popped in my head which led to the start of the whole story.  Book One. I am so excited, I jumped up and down for a bit. It's been several years since I've been working on this story and now I've got a beginning down. Amazing, simply amazing. Working on some dolls/figures and will get some pics up soon.

See ya!

Stay warm!


Abi said...

Hope you keep getting better Wendy.
The vest is amazing! I love the collar.
I hope to read a book of yours one day :) I would have absolutely no idea how to write one. It seems like an amazing gift.
Take it easy x

Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Wendy
Get over being sick really fast!-such a waste of time.
Great looking vest and those buttons were made just for you. Love your "Germ" presence and you!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Feeling lots better Abi, thanks. I hope you get a chance to read my books too. I'm working on them.

Thanks Steven. Yes, being sick is bad and a waste of time.

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