Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I like to use UFP's for Unfinished Projects. My applique instructor threw out a way to get her and her students to finish projects. Most creative people have more than one project going at the same time. Many of those projects just don't get finished. We are to list 5 projects (each project having a number) and each time we go to class, the instructor pulls a number and we work on that project for a month until the next meeting. So if she pulls #5, we all work on our #5 project.

My five projects are:
1. Southern Album quilt top
2.Easter bunny wall hanging
3.Homage to Matisse wall hanging
4. Celtic wall hanging
5. Wild Blueberries wall hanging

Next month in class my instructor will pull a number. I will work on it for a month and bring it in the following meeting which will be June. She will pick another number. This way, we won't get bored or feel defeated in trying to complete one big project. We will be able to see progress on several projects. I'll keep you informed.

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