Monday, July 19, 2010


Can you believe it? I finally finished a project. A small one, but done. It's my first 'believe' sign. I had read about it on another blog, how the author/artist put up 'believe' all over her place, so that she would be reminded all the time to do so. This one is displayed in my living room and another is not too far behind. I traced Celtic letters from the book 'Celtic Knotwork Designs' by Elaine Hill. Painted in acryllic, with a few splatters and outlined and shadowed in color pencil.

I wanted to really get this done so that I'd see it at all times. Believe. I can do the creative things I want. I have everything that I need to do so. I have to believe in me to get started. So I did so today. A late start but I started.

My Wandi Witches have their underpants and skirts on. They should've been done a few weeks ago but, well, you know, goofy things happen. I will put their arms on tonight and draw their faces on. I have to look for ribbon for their belts and sashes. I'd like to find some Halloween type buttons for their waists. I will make faux witch hats for them too.

I think they're turning out quite well and can't for the life of me figure out why the procrastination. I can't wait to see what new Halloween fabrics come out this year. They will be able to sit (propped up) or hang on the wall. I've been working on several projects today and still have a few hours to keep busy. Arms, faces, underskirts and pants. One baby step at a time. I have a small flame now and it's just Monday.


Kim said...

I had to click your sign and get a good look at it- it's gorgeous! I love the colors you chose (of course, my faves :) ) and I love the design too. Your Wandi Witches are moving along- they're too cute already! Glad to see your fire is burning :) Have a productive week my friend!

Abi said...

Fabulous sign... love it... and the dolls are looking amazing :O)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Thanks Kim. I was afraid the detail wouldn't show up but I'm glad it did. You have a great weekend.
Thanks Abi. Their faces are drawn on and ready to be painted.

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