Friday, May 1, 2009

May- A New Month

April was a very productive month. I made seven dolls, started the jury process to a guild, got back to my manuscript, learned more about where I live, met the mayor of my town, saw a live Bluebird, ate at Pig Pickins restaurant (good barbeque), had a great doll making workshop, and learned that I will be the featured artist in Hampton House Gallery's new online newsletter. April was a good month. I learned how many dolls I can make in a month and still have time for writing.

May will be magnificent. More dolls, more writing, and more opportunities. I got one painting done last month and I will go for two this month. I will continue work on my quilting projects too. I am very excited about this month and what I'll accomplish. Because this is my year.

I wish you all a Magnificent May!

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