Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Happy June!
Yes, it's my favorite month of the year after October. A wonderful month to be born in. It wasn't always that way. When I was a kid, I didn't like my birthday month because it never got celebrated during the school year like other kids. No cupcakes for me in a classroom. I'm still a bit traumatized. A bit. I guess by the time I buy the creative spread in the sky, I'll be over it.

I'd like to welcome new follower Debbie. The creative ride has been fun so far this year. I'm going to shift it into the next gear. Hope you have fun too.

Seeing that this is the 2010 midway point, instead of listing what I'd like to do, I think I'll just surprise you guys and gals. Don't worry, I've got my list(s). LOL I'm learning that even with the lists, it's okay to deviate from it. That does keep things interesting when a wrench is thrown into the works. I will still post in progress pics and work to focus on a series this time.

I am so loving Halloween. I've pulled out all my itty bitty sketches and doodles and ideas I've written down through the flowing sands of the hourglass of my mind. Right. Okay, I'm getting back into my fantasy manuscripts. Did I mention I had a list or two or three?

The mermaid tails are flapping in their container, looking for their upper parts. Hmmm... goth mermaids. Oh the possibilities. I can't wait to use my black and gun metal like tulle, beads, and lace. We shall see.

I am also going to get serious about losing this last ten pounds that's been lingering around my middle regions. Eegads! Bad Wendy is laughing quite hysterically right now. I will have to do a proper introduction.

Last month I was creative 30 out of 31 days. Yeah, that shocked the heck-out-of-me. A new month awaits. I'm getting excited. I'm going to go for the 30 out of 30. Wish me luck.


Abi said...

Goog luck with shifting those pounds and getting creative every day!
Thank you for popping over to my blog too, I appreciate the support and feedback :O)

Have a creative day :O)

Kim said...

Wendy- your birthday is this month? Mine too! Are you a gemini? I hope you have a fabulous birthday! I wish you luck- kick bad Wendy in the butt! 30 days!!!! Holy cow girl- your rock!!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Kim, I'm a Cancerian but I have a cousin who's Gemini. Thanks for the rock off. Now I've got to get into June.

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