Monday, August 10, 2009

Good to Go

July just blew by me. I totally don't know what happened but it's gone and now I'm into August. Was July a mid-year lull? It was truly a blur. Was it a belch? What? The beginning of the year was a mad dash. Many projects got done, goals accomplished. Had a great time for my birthday and now back to reality. Was July a break from the first part of the year?

Well now, the blink is over. It's time to get revved up for the last part of the year. Halloween, Christmas and the independent film I'm working on are all on the docket. All are doll/figure related. New designs. Designs to challenge me as an artist. Designs to help me get to what I really want to make.

I have a couple of friends who like Steampunk. Researching this genre, it seems as if I've always liked it but never knew it was called Steampunk. The one series that comes to mid that I really liked was 'The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.'. It took place in the old west but they had so many things that weren't invented at the time, made up and in a way to make it look like those things were from that era. Western Steampunk. The 'Wild Wild West' is like that too.

My sci-fi short story is being edited and I have ideas for a few more. Steampunk like. Why not? I have ideas for Steampunk dolls. Finish editing my kid manuscript and I'll be good to go.

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